Monday, January 28, 2008


I signed up today. Back on the Elite Recovery volunteer team for the Boston Marathon. I get to hang out at the hotel, away from the elements, which is perfect because the weather on marathon day is rarely perfect. I should know. I've run the race about 5 times and it's never been good.

I also get to eat off the table that the elite runners will be eating from. That means it's a regular banquet!

And we don't have to hang out all day. Usually 3pm at the latest. Elite people are usually really fast. So, they finish earlier. And toward the end, they don't need all seven of us.

And we get to meet the winners as they come through. Rubbing elbows... hanging them water... yup.

And I also heard there may be some celebs coming through. I was thinking I might be able to get close and person with... ummm... Lance, maybe? Yup.

Yup yup yup.

It's gotta be the best gig in town. Seriously.

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Week 4 Training Recap

Ok. Just as I predicted, last week was a bit tough. I had three days of offsites that I was running and I couldn't be late and I couldn't leave early. I did manage, however, to finish a whole day early so Friday, I could work from home. So I tried to keep the week together and to something.
Monday: Run 30 minutes. SWITT.Ran 30 minutes. Strength Training.
Tuesday: Bike 30 minutes.Done.
Wednesday: Run/walk 30 minutes. Walked for 20 minutes.
Thursday: Bike 30 minutes. Took a rest day. Took the gang to dinner last night and got home late. I am running on empty right now.
Friday: Run 30 minutes, swim optionalRan in the morning and swam at night.
Saturday: Bike 45 minutes, swim optionalRan about an hour and had SWITT.
Sunday: Run/Walk 60 minutes, swim optionalBiked for 10.5 miles

Total Running Miles: 12.6(record: 26.9 miles)
Total Biking Miles: 18.2 (record: 67.8)
Total Swimming Yards: 1600 yards (record: 3300)
Total Strength Training Days: 2 times
Total Workout Hours: 4:26:04 (record was 11:00:19)
Well, that looks bad. Next week, I am ramping up again.
Monday: Run 30 minutes.
Tuesday: Bike 30 minutes, swim option
Wednesday: Run/walk 30 minutes. SWITT in the PM.
Thursday: Bike 30 minutes.
Friday: Run 30 minutes, SWITT in the afternoon, swim option
Saturday: Bike 45 minutes, swim option
Sunday: Run/Walk 60 minutes, swim option


Day three of Starvation Diet - err Phase II

And I do not feel any thinner.

I think this is a buncha rubbish.

The first three days are supposed to be the toughest.
Hasn't been too tough up to this point.


Sunday, January 27, 2008

Note to Self: Never tell the truth to a trainer

Today I hurt. This is the worst I've felt since I start training with ITT.

Next time he asks how I felt after a workout, I must lie and tell him it hurt like daggars.

Otherwise, he will increase the weights, increase the reps, and make me work really really hard and it will hurt for days afterwards.


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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Food stupor

I have eaten myself into a stupor today. I hope I remember this comatose feeling next week during starvation phase.

Did I mention the new food plan?

So, ITT is working over time for me. And my Hunny Bunny is definitely getting his money's worth.

Last night, I get the usual pre-workout reminder, "don't forget, we have a workout coming up, you're doing great, keep it up, see you then, sis boom bah, rah rah rah...:

This time, I also got another food plan attached to the email.
I didn't know there would be MORE food plans.
I thought the one that I was on was enough.
But no.
There are phases to this food plan thing.
And I was only in Phase I.
And so, yesterday an attachment with food plan Phase II arrived.

Today... I can eat anything I want. ANYTHING. I an Glutton Out if I want. Although, I am finding that ITT has practically RUINED me. I found that freshly baked butter (heavy on the buttery) croissant didn't taste as good as the first bite. Or that the Big Bowl O' Rice was not as satisfying as I thought. And when it came time to have a slice of pizza after meeting with ITT, well... I just didn't feel like it.

The only good part is that today we are on our way to A&G's for A's birthday party. There will be lots o' scotch and lot's o wine and lots o' food to be sure! Talk about timing!!

Anyway... onto the food plan Phase II.

I am basically cycling. The first week, I eat nothing but protein, fats, and carbs that are veggies. Not starch of any kind. Just vegetable cellulose. And I need not remind anyone how UNSATISFYING that can be. Yah. Oh and I have to endure this 5 times a day. FIVE. TIMES.

The second week, I can add a fruit or some beans but I can't have banana. I can also add a quarter cup of sweet potato or get this... one-eighth of a cup of brown or basmatic rice. ONE. EIGHTH. Do you know how little one-eighth of a cup is? Yah. It's like a tablespoon or two. Can't remember exactly. But suffice it to say that IT IS NOTHING!!! Why bother???

The third week, I add a little more. But I can't even being to look that far in advance.

Anyway, he explained that it is to reset my leptin levels. By doing this, my leptin levels won't be craving all the carbos and this is the fastest and easiest way to do it.

And so... I comply.
And why shouldn't I? Friday, I hit the lowest weight in about 2 years. Something is working.

And Joseph just laughs and says how happy he is that he is getting his money's worth.


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Friday, January 25, 2008

Height Weight Charts

Okay. According to the standard height/weight charts, I should weight about 111 to 124 pounds for a small boned person.

And try as I might, I can't get myself into the big boned category.

I am so unhappy.


On the way down!

So far so good. In two weeks I've lost two pounds. Not bad. That was on yesterday. this morning, I thought for sure that my weight had fluctuated UP, but when I got on the scale, another 2/10's of a pound down. Hmmm... It's hard to argue with the numbers. And even it's hard to stick to, the scale is making me stick with the plan.

My knee is good, my adductor is recovering nicely, and I am starting to get back to my old cardiovascular self. This week was difficult because I had 3 days offsite meetings, all day, that I was leading. It's up north in New Hampshire which meant I had to drive over and hour each way and I had to be there by 8:30-8:45 which mean I could not leave the house later than 7:30 am.

On Monday, I had my ITT session. My calories were slowly creeping up and he got noticeably pissed off in his usual smiling kind of way. I felt so bad because he is so nice and I didn't want to disappoint him. He said that diet is 2/3 or 3/4 of any weight loss program and without the diet, everything I am doing is only so much effective and after a certain point, you won't lost weight. At all.

So, there you go.

Anyway… I am resolved to eating right. Of course he pointed out that I had 3 cheating moments last week instead of the one that I am allowed. I was like, WTF? He's for real?? He also doesn't care about cardio. He said that if I start losing too much weight as a result of all my additional cardio, he will adjust the calories up. But he has to see evidence of it and won't do it before it happens.

He also mentioned that in a week or two we will start cycling carbos. Hmm… sounds hard.

The good news is that I am not as piercingly hungry as I was the first week, when I thought that a knife had been plunged into my insides and someone was twisting it around just for grins.


Monday, January 21, 2008

Week 3 Training Recap

It's been a slow week due to recovering from the knee and then a new adductor issue due to some weight lifting I did. So, I did what I could and kept moving forward! I think that is the most important thing. Just. Keep. Moving.
Monday: Run 30 minutes. Strength with Ian the Terrible (SWITT).I walked and the knee didn't hurt. Tomorrow I try a little running. SWITT in the evening.
Tuesday: Run/walk 45 minutes, swim option Run/walked for 45 minutes. Knee didn't hurt but have twinges in my right top adductor due to straining at the reverse chops yesterday. It's always something...
Wednesday: Run/walk 45 minutes. Run/walked for 50 minutes. 4 miles. Slow. But I did it.
Thursday: Run/walk 45 minutes, SWITT. Run/walked 61 minutes for 5.15. This brings up another 300-400 calories I can eat today! YAHOO! SWITT in the evening.
Friday: Run 30 minutes, swim optionI decided to take it easy and run 30 minutes. Didn't make it to the pool.
Saturday: Bike 15 minutes, Run/Walk 45 minutes, swim optionThis was a good day. Swam 20 laps, biked 4 miles to test out the knee which didn't hurt (yeah!) and ran 6.5 miles (Yahoo!)
Sunday: Run/Walk 60 minutes.Swam 41 laps. Then went home and biked 11.5 miles

Total Running Miles: 23.2(record: 26.9 miles)
Total Biking Miles: 15.5 (record: 67.8)
Total Swimming Yards: 3050 yards (record: 3300)
Total Strength Training Days: 2 times
Total Workout Hours: 7:21:54 (record was 11:00:19)
This week, I am running a 4 day offsite so... we will see what happens. This is what I have so far for goals.
Monday: Run 30 minutes. SWITT.
Tuesday: Bike 30 minutes.
Wednesday: Run/walk 30 minutes.
Thursday: Bike 30 minutes.
Friday: Run 30 minutes, swim optional
Saturday: Bike 45 minutes, swim optional
Sunday: Run/Walk 60 minutes, swim optional


Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Perfect Vacuum

I am on the hunt. Yes. For the perfect vacuum.

Right now, I have about 3 vacuums if you include the hand held.

I need a vacuum that is gentle on the hardwood floors and will suck up the smallest of minute particles without spraying it everywhere.

I need a vacuum that will suck up all the dirt and dust from our rugs, including the tumbleweed mounds of STUPID DINGLE DOGGIE HAIR that clings to the rugs like VELCRO!!! ARG!!!! And one that will not clog the vacuum hose or clog the brush-like roller so that I don't have to stop every damn ten minutes to clear the foul hair from the machinery!!! GAH!!!!

I swear I am gonna shave her one day.

I would like a vacuum that is not heavy so that lugging it up and down the three floors won't be like lifting weights!

Anyone know of a vacuum like that? Maybe you can save the stupid DINGLE DOGGIE from a fate worse than death!

Yeah. DOG SOUP!!!


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Almost back on track

Today was a good day. A very good day.

I managed to run 6.5 miles without any trouble from the knee or the adductor.

Then I decided to get on the bike to see how the knee managed. And after 15 minutes and 4 miles, no pain or twinges.

Joseph and I also ended up going to the pool for the 12:00-12:30 lap swim time slot. The schedule through March 2, is 12-4:30 for adult open and lap swim. But today, the recreational swim team was having a meet so we only had 30 minutes available to us. I managed to eek out 20 laps in 27 minutes. I am not complaining about that at all.

Tomorrow, I hope to get in another run and another 40 laps at the pool.

So far the diet has been okay. It's been a struggle to eat more fat and protein. It it continues to be hard, I might just swallow a tablespoon of olive oil every morning and evening and see if that helps! Seriously. I am almost at the point where I am thinking of blending it into my smoothies!

Protein has been easier as long as I make a conscious decision to include it in every meal and reach for it at snack time.

My weight has been up and down - but I am still down a pound or two from two weeks ago when I first started this program.

Tonight will be my cheat night. We are going to a Chinese Cultural event and I signed up for prime rib. I intend to eat all of it. Every single last bite. Even if it's 10 ounces. YES!

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Random Thought: Nuts

Half a cup of nuts is a lot of nuts.
It's hard to eat it all in one sitting.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Week 2 Training Recap

First full week of weight training last week. Okay. One day was just a fitness work up but it was HARD! So I am counting that as a session. I am having issues with the knee which started a couple of weeks ago. It came to a head this week during a biking session.
Monday: Run 30 minutes. Walked for 30 minutes. Pool is not open
Tuesday: Bike 60 minutes, weights. Done. 15.3 miles. Took it easy because of the abductors and my knee. Did not swim because I worked in the RI office and I spent the time driving home.
Wednesday: Run 75 minutes, swim. I only biked for 44 minutes. Around 11.5 miles. Knee pain came in a hurry. I think it's the bike causing the issue, not the running.
Thursday: Bike 60 minutes, swin or weights. Took a rest day due to the knee.
Friday: Run 45 minutes, swim or weights. Training session with Ian the Terrible.
Saturday: Bike 30 miles, swim. Swam 30 laps, or 1500 yards.
Sunday: Run 16 miles.Swam 36 laps, or 1800 laps.

Total Running Miles: 1.6(record: 26.9 miles)
Total Biking Miles: 26.8 (record: 67.8)
Total Swimming Yards: 3300 yards (new record)
Total Strength Training Days: 2 times
Total Workout Hours: 3:43:25 (record was 11:00:19)
I have no idea what next week will bring because of my knee issue. So I can't possibly project. I'll just reporting in what happens next week instead until I get back on some sort of schedule. Tentatively, I have the following outlined.
Monday: Run 30 minutes. Strength with Ian the Terrible (SWITT).
Tuesday: Run/walk 45 minutes, swim option
Wednesday: Run/walk 45 minutes.
Thursday: Run/walk 45 minutes, SWITT.
Friday: Run 30 minutes, swim option
Saturday: Bike 15 minutes, Run/Walk 45 minutes, swim option
Sunday: Run/Walk 60 minutes.


ITT Report

So last night, I had another session with Ian the Terrible (ITT).

The first thing he says to me is, "the fats gotta go up."
"The fats gotta go up. Your protein level is good now so keep that up. But your carbs went up and the fats went down."
Blink blink blink...
"Add good fats, nuts, olive oil, avocado. Bring the fats way up and the carbs down."
So, what do you want me to to, drizzle fat on all my food?
"Uh... yeah... if yu have to. Only good fats."
"And lower your rice intake."
"Cut it back by a serving."
Have only 2 servings?
"Hmmm... no. Cut it back to one serving a day."
A DAY???

First you take my Pizza. Then you take my Rice. Do you not realize that I am KOREAN??? I eat rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner and two snacks. And if I am hungry I have a cup with some hot sauce on it. RICE IS MY MILK, POTATOES, BREAD!!! Can't you tell that I am ASIAN? ASIANS EAT RICE!!!

"So remember. Up with the fats, down with the carbs, keep the proteins the same, and cut back to one cup of rice."

So, I am now relegated to ONE CUP of rice a day. ONE CUP. First he takes away my pizza and now he takes away my rice. ARG!!! ONE CUP! That is like taking potatoes away from the irish and bread away from the French.


He said that the culprit that gets people fat is not fat. It's portion control and over eating. People do not get the right amount of essential nutrients in the form of fats, carbs and protein which exacerbates the issue of weight gain, insulin resistance, low metabolism, etc.

He also said not to worry about glycogen rebuild because your body does it automatically and it doesn’t just use carbs, it uses everything. And some things may be harder to convert but it raises you basal metabolism. He also said that the goal is to get enough nutrition to fuel the workouts, fuel the rebuild of muscles, fuel the replenishment of glycogen, etc., without having any left over for fat storage. For people who are losing weight, you need to eat a little less. The body takes care of the rest.

Knowing what I know about biology, physiology and basic nutrition, I couldn't argue with the guy.

The Workout

The workout warm up started the same way as last time. This time, instead of starting with squats, we did a circuit deadlifts and flat triceps where you lay on the ground with a dumbell in each hand and you raise up and back down to rest on the floor. 2x12 for these with 60 seconds between the set.

Then onto one-leg bent over double rows (you stand on one leg and bend from the waist so that your other leg is straight behind you. Then you row both arms with dumbells), and pull ups. 2x12 with 60 second rest between sets.

Then onto reverse chops, the same as the cable exercises from last time, but this time you do it from the top down instead of bottom up and front planks, holding for a minimum of 30 seconds and for as long as I can. 2x12 on the reverse chops.

I hurt my adductors on the right side but I think it's just a little strain. Seems better today.

The knee is better so I ended up on the treadmill for 45 minutes this morning. Started out walking and slowly increased the speed.

And since I couldn't have rice, I had two slice of quinoa bread (high protein), 2 tablespoons of peanut butter, and 1 1/2 tablespoons of no sugar jelly along with 8 ounces of 2% milk with 1 1/2 heaping tablespoons of protein powder. Huh. And whaddayknow… the carb-fat-protein %-ages are perfect. Who wuddaguessed. Sheesh.

I talked to ITT about the amount of cardio.
He wasn't too impressed. He said I was at medium activity.
I told him the last two weeks I was injured so took it down a notch,.
He said, hmmm... there are people who do less but I am average for who he sees.

Well, now... I think the guantlet has been raised...

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

10 hours

I was so tired last night that I got into bed around 7:30, watched football until I feel asleep around 9pm. I got 10 hours sleep. This seems to be a routine around here. With the change in diet, and a change in physical routine, my body is needing more sleep, I guess. And I think that sleep is a good indicator of whether your body is used to the exercise routine. The less I need, the more my body is used to it. So if I want to burn more calories, I had better mix things up and get it tired again.

So, I am doing better on getting in more protein. I never thought it would be so hard. I never realized how LITTLE protein I eat!

Today, we made it to the pool and I managed to swim 36 laps for a total of 1800 yards. Yahoo! I think this is the longest I've gone in a single session. I hope to break this record of course. I like goals and I like breaking my own personal records.

We also went to The Container Store this afternoon and bought ourselves a complete elfa closet system. We got there late so there was a wait to speak with a designer. And no you cannot make a reservation. So we waited and did some shopping.

The design session took about 45 minutes. We went into detail about the various setups. Then the designer entered everything into their handy dandy computer program. It was considered to be a large order so it would take them a while to put it together. So we left and went to Linens 'n Things to pick up a food scale. Then we went back, waited another 30 minutes until our order was finally put together.

And with all the lifting and carrying of things back and forth from the car into the house... can I tell you how SORE I AM??? And on TOP of being sore from working out with Ian the Terrible! ARG!!!

The pain had better subside soon.

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Friday workouts

Yesterday, I didn't make it to the pool. We went out with friends to celebrate a birthday and overall on the diet, I was within bounds. I even had two glasses of wine but my caloric intake was good and I had lots of protein in the form of shrimp and chicken satay.

Today, I managed to get to the pool and did 30 laps. I needed 1 more lap minimum to be able to eat another 100-200 calories but in the middle, I got a foot cramp so bad it took me about 10 minutes to work it out. Then when I started the lap again, it came back so I saw, "screw it" and went home.

My knee is still bothering me a little so I am giving it another few days. I am hoping the strength training will help it recover faster. Everytime I had pain due to imbalance or overuse in the past, I would go to PT and they would make me stop the activity for a week or two, do just strengthening exercises, and then I would be back to start my regular routine. So that is what I am doing on my own right now.

Of course, Ian the Terrible is helping out a lot.


First Workout with The Trainer

Not sure if it's a routine yet since I've only had one real training session. But yesterday was my first real workout.

ITT (Ian the Trainer) likes to warm up all the muscles by stressing them. Not too much but enough to get them firing. He also like combination exercises, real world simulation exercises, and lots of balancing exercises. Not traditional muscle isolation weights for him. I had thought we would start with chest presses and go on from there. Nope. It's gonna be hard to explain what we did. He put together the first set of exercises based on our initial meeting and all my imbalances, etc.

So, right away, we do warm ups.
Planks on elbows, 2 sets of 3ways, 8 seconds each with a 60 second rest.
- right side (8 seconds), face down (8 seconds), left side (8 seconds)
- rest 60 seconds
- repeats plants

Then we stood up and I lean against a wall similar to starting a calf hamstring stretch. But one foot was in front of the other. Than I bent bent at the knee, keeping the front heel down, back heel naturally comes off the floor as you bend at the need. I did 12 reps on both sides. Repeat.

Then we rollied on the floor on a foam roller - OUCH. 30 seconds on each ITB and each thigh, up and down the full length. It hurt like a mutha.

After that, lat pulls two ways with a very long rubber band. Really. And it wasn't too easy either.

Then I took off my shoes. And we did those stupid walking lunge things. ARG.
  1. first pass - step, one knee up, grab the knee, then raise up on your toes. Knee down, other foot. 12 steps of these.
  2. second pass - step, one knee up, gran the knee, grab the foot, raise up on your toes, knee down, other foot. 12 steps of these
  3. third pass - step, lunge with right leg, twist body toward side with front leg (right) with opposite arm straight up and look to the side of the front leg (sort of a yoga pose - you are working opposites and you need a LOT of coordination), bring back leg (left) forward. Same with opposite leg (left leg). Repeat for 12 steps.
  4. fourth pass - butt kicks. Step and kick your heel to your butt, alternating legs, you sort of bounce up and down. Easy. 12 steps.
Then I had to do a balance exercise. Stand straight, toes forward. Raise left leg slightly.. Close eyes. Balance for 30 seconds. Alternate sides. The left leg is much weaker even though my right ankle was sprained a lot.

Then on to the exercise bike with arms - 90 seconds.

Then squats. 3 sets with 10 lb dumbells, second set with 10 pound dumbells, third set with 5 pound dumb bells. He insists on perfect form, and done medium speed. You hold the dumbells at shoulder level, perpendicular to your shoulder, not out laterally, so your palms are facing your nose. You don't hold it right over your shoulder. Instead you hold your arms so that your triceps are on the side of your chest. You squat down, and then as you come up, you raise the dumbells straight in the air. As you go back down into the squat, you lower the dumbbells. Repeat 12 times. Right now my triceps are screaming and so are my lats.

Then it's pushups and reverse pushups. We used a smith machine. He adjusted the bar so it wasn't too hard and not too easy. It's like doing a wall pushup. The goal is to lower it until I am strong enough to do it on the floor. Reverse push ups, or pull ups, you lower the bar, ly on the floor, bend you legs, and pull your chest to the bar, and from your knees you, you become a straight plank. Hold the bar under-handed. We had to do 12 reps of 3 sets for each in a circult with a 60 second rest inbetween.

Then it was the chin up machine, palms facing you. 12 reps, 2 sets.

Then it was to the cable pulls called chops. We used the double rope handles attached to the bottom. You started with one hand on each rope, sort of to the side of the weight stack, facing the stack, feet spread apart, knees bent. Then you pulled through your chest, over your head and as you did this, you rotated and faced the other way. After you get the hang of it, it's a clean pull. Then you slowly bring it back to the starting position. 12 reps on both sides, 2 sets each.

The we did these things with as small sandbag. It was 10 pounds or 15 or something. Anyway, I had to bend down from the knees into a squat, throw it over one shoulder, and walk across the room, then throw the bag down from a semi squat. Then I did the same thing only throwing it over the opposite shoulder. I had 60 seconds. The first time, I did 6 times. The second time I did 8 times. Everytime, he wants me to go faster.

Then we stretched hamstrings against the wall, the ITB, Piraformis stretch lying down, then back stretch grabbing onto a vertical metal bar bending at the waist and trying to pull the bar over.

That was it. It was about an hour and 15 minutes. Since he didn't have a client after me, he spent a bit more time. He said as I got used to it, it would take 45 to 50 minutes, tops.

Right now, my forearms attachments, triceps, rotator cuffs, supraspinatus, lats, pec attachements, deltoids, rhomboids, abdominals, butt, hamstrings, and thigh muscles are killing me. And the thought of going back to tomorrow for more punishment is killing me too! Obviously, this is total body workout for sure!

I didn't get Jillian from the Biggest Loser. I got Bob, instead. Holistic, total body, true movements, and he beats you up with a smile the whole time. You kinda do not want to argue with the guy and you certainly don't want to disappoint him.

Yeah. For a trainer, he's that nice. Sigh...

I am hoping to make it to the pool one of these days.


Friday, January 11, 2008

Water, Water everywhere

Especially outside. There is a heavy rainstorm coming through and it is complete with lightning and thunderboomers. Yup. It's pouring and it's very wet. And cold. It basically sucks out there.

And of course, I must venture out in about 15 minutes to meet with Ian the

So far so good. I weighed myself this morning and after a whole day of eating right, I have lost 1.5 pounds. Hmmm... I is water, of course, but I still like the number on the scale.

I will also say that getting in enough protein is very hard. Everytime I take in protein my carb count goes up too! That is defeating the purpose! I need my carb count to remain stable, or even go down a little bit, not go up!!! For lunch, I even had 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites. TWO EGG WHITES!!! And that still didn't help. Pffft.

I think it's time to invest in some protein powder.

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What's in a name?

There another person with my name at my company. This has never happened before. Never. In fact, I don't know ANYONE in my immediate proximity with my same name. The only place I can find it is through an internet search when I google myself. Yes. I do that.

The good part is that since I was here first, I can use my regular name. And since there cannot be any duplicates, they have to add a character or an initial to their name to make it different from my name. HAH! And let me tell you what a PAIN THAT IS!

Maybe they will change their name if it's painful enough.


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Official DOMS Report

For those that do not know, DOMS stands for Delayed Onset Muscles Soreness. It is a syndrome that is regularly visited upon those who do a year's exercise in a day or a week, those weekend warriors that are only heavily active once a week or once a month, or those that do an activity that is so rarely done that it calls into play those muscles that have lain so dormant for so long that you body didn't really it still had them.

So, a day has passed. I thought it was too good to be true when I got out of bed all spritely with nary an ache.
A day has passed. And I have been getting stiffer and achier.
So far, my stomach muscles hurt.
Pectoral insertion to the rotator cuffs are tight.
The lat muscles under the arms hurt like hell.
My inner hamstrings are tight and tender.

And all that from 7 fitness tests.
I am so out of shape.

I am working hard on my food intake.
So far, 1280 calories and I have one more meal to go.
After work I am going to the pool to get in my non-impact exercise.
If I swim under 1500 laps, I have to eat between 1800 and 1900 calories total for the day.
If I swim more than that tonight, I have to eat between 2000 and 2100 calories for the day.
I am also low on protein YET AGAIN!
I am thinking of keeping my swim under 1500 laps.
Trying to eat an additional 720 to 820 calories after my swim just seems too hard and too much trouble.

I can't believe I said that.

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A veggie solution?

Joseph had a really good idea.
He said, "time for more bimbo bap!"

That is his translation of a Korean dish called bibimbap.

It's basically a BOWL full of veggies - whatever you want but we don't usually have bulky items like cauliflaur or broc.

It USUALLY has some cooked veggies that are Korean side dishes (spicy cucumber salad, Royal Fern, Mung Bean Sprouts, Sesame spinac). It usually has a sunny side up egg and some sort of meat or fish - the meat is usually the Korean BBQ beef - all the flavors in there - and the fish is usually raw. You top all that off with about 1/2 cup of very spicy pepper bean paste. It has some sugar in it and vinegar. That's about it. But someone just said that I could use sucralose. Is that Splenda? I might have a solution! YES!!!

I could make this with cooked shrimp. And the egg. THat would give me veggies and lots of protein. And the spicy flavor that I crave. I can also substitue a part of the hot pepper paste with a sprinkling of Texas Pete Hot sauce.

The thought of it makes my mouth water.


Knee Update

Yesterday my knee was throbbing when I sat at my desk. I didn't hurt when I was walking around but then, it could have and I just didn't notice it.

Last night Joseph gave me a "pull the muscle off the bone" leg massage - lower leg (calves, shins, peronius) and foot. Right now, my knee feels good. Just slight twinges, nothing more. The knot in the ball of my foot isn't there either.

That's my left leg. Now my right leg is screaming at me. Maybe he will fix up my left leg tonight.

So, I am confined to the pool until this thing heals up. Dang. I am going fall way behind in my running. Biking, I am not that concerned about. I always catch up on biking. 2000 miles is a piece of cake for me.

Tonight I am heading to the pool, get in my 1500+ yards of swimming so I can eat 2000-2100 calories.

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Ian the Trainer (ITT)

First of all, he has red hair and big smile.
And that is about where it all ends.

The first thing when I get there, he gives me two sheets of paper.
He has been tracking a limited amount of days that I have entered into Fitday, which he uses to track how much his clients eat.

This is what the sheet said for me:

Caloric Adjustments

OFF DAYS (No exercise)
Calories: 1700-1800

Less than 5 miles running
Less than 15 miles biking
Less than 1500 yards swimming

Calories: 1800-1900

5+ miles running
15+ miles biking
1500+ yards of swimming
Weight training
Some combination of running biking and swimming

Calories: 2000-2100
This next part is the macronutrient part. I have issues with enough protein. And he says it will be very important for me to lose fat and gain muscle. So, this is how he wants me to hit every day regardless of activity:

Carbs: 30-40% of calories
Protein: 35-45% of calories
Fat: 20-35% of calories
Now the diet recommendations.
I have to eliminate:

  2. Anything with refined sugars - my maple candy, my almond cookie, white bread, Jelly (with sugars), etc. Even if I have ONLY ONE PIECE A DAY! ARG!
  3. All Alcohol except wine, especially RED wine. THANK GOODNESS!!!

Protein which includes:

  • Lean beef
  • Chicken (skinless, broiled, grilled, sauteed)
  • Turkey
  • Fish
  • Low-fat daily (skim milk, low-fat cheese, low-fat yogurt)
  • Eggs
  • Beans (kidney, black, etc)
  • Protein powder (Whey, Egg)
  • I also need to add more VEGGIES. The issue here is that I dislike raw veggies and I detest salads in general. I like them cooked and the only time I eat them is freshly cooked. So I eat them that night for dinner and the rest of the days - 3 or 4 days - I eat leftovers and since I don't have leftover veggies, I tend to NOT eat veggies.
  • I can use olive oil, etc.
He said that he usually gives people a very specific diet but he is not doing that with me. THANK THE LORD!!!
In a month depending on how much I lose, he will adjust the calories down or up. He wants to see how my metabolism is.

Then he took measurements.
I suck. Let me just say that I am FAT. I am fatter than I thought I was. The numbers do not lie.

Then he took pictures. I wore a long jogbra thing that Joseph gave me for Christmas. And my usual running shorts (they are the compression type). I saw myself in the mirror. I am highly bulbous around the middle. HIGHLY BULBOUS! I knew that I was but I never saw myself in this way before. Not really. Can we say, "Wake up call!!!"?

Then he weighed me. I was only .6 pounds more with clothing, etc., on than I was in the morning. THANK GOD!

He did not take body fat measurements with calipers. He says they are highly inaccurate and gives people more numbers to obsess over. He said the measurements and the pictures will tell us everything we need to know. Okay. I can go with that.

Then we did a series of 7 fitness tests. I have issues with balances - weak ankles. I am very flexible, which I already knew. I have okay obliques and no abdominals. I have no chest, bicep or tricep muscles. I could only do 6 knee pushups and 0 straightleg pushups if I didn't cheat. Ahem.

He wants me to work out with him twice a week for a few weeks until he thinks I am ready to do one a week on my own.

He smiled the whole time. And under his shirt, I could tell he had a LOT OF MUSCLES.

Like I said. I already hate him.

So, now I am scrambling to figure out what the hell to eat.
Today, brought in 3 lean cuisine meals for a total of 900 calories. I have to get to 1700-1800 of QUALITY nutrition.
And if I swim tonight, even more.
Of course, I have every intention of doing ONE LAP MORE to hit the 2000-2100 calorie allowance. :o))
Eating anything all day - 1700-2100 calories isn't a lot.
Eating QUALITY all day - it's really hard.

Anyway, if I do not do good on the eating, I have a feeling he is going to take away control and set up a complete day to day, meal to meal diet for me. I would hate that.

And that is about it.

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      Wednesday, January 09, 2008

      It's another Fit Day!

      At the request of my new trainer, Ian the Trainer, I have started to log my daily food intake into Fitday, as I mentioned before. Well, after a few days, it's been more eye opening than writing it into a notebook.

      First, there are days when I eat more than I expend.

      Then there is the daily alcohol intake - wine with dinner. It's one thing to know about it, it's another to see a pie chart with it in PURPLE! Last night I told Joseph that I think I will only drink one glass on Monday through Thursday. Okay. Upon review, that sounds pretty bad. I have to CURB my drinking?? I am not thinking that I go on the wagon from Monday through Thursday, which is what I USED to do in my thinner younger days.

      I am pretty good with the split between carbs and protein. I am low on protein and a tad high on Carbs. Fats are ok. I also noticed the overall lack of green veggies this week. And I never eat fruit unless it's in season and I am in the mood. This tells me that since I eat left overs for lunch on most day, and sometimes for dinner, I have to make more GREEN foods. Or I will have to pop out of the office and make it a point to get a SMALL salad. Which is what I did yesterday. And I didn't disintegrate because I made that small effort. Huh.

      I also notice that my RDA based on 2000 calories is not 100% on anything except selenium. I am SO GLAD I am taking a vitamin pill nightly. I've been doing this for close to six months. I am so glad that I decided to do this!

      Tonight I meet with Ian the Trainer.
      He's gonna weigh me.
      And take pictures.
      In TIGHT clothing.
      I may have mentioned that already.
      Several times. Ahem.

      I will report in tomorrow about My Worst Nightmare.


      Freaking out...

      I am kinda freaking out about the weigh in tonight. And the tight clothing I must wear.

      Kinda. Not quite at total freak out yet.


      The She Devil Takes NH

      I can see that the Billary machine is going full force. I heard he made some threatening phone calls yesterday when the polls showed her to be losing.

      And that little crying jag? Showing her true emotions?
      Yah. She got to people again. And they fell for it.
      Hook, link and sinker.
      I think it was contrived and a bit of a show.
      Please. She knows how to function in the world of cut throat boardroom, and politics. Women NEVER cry or show their emotions. NEVER. And she knows that the demographics in NH are filled with women who would have no idea about that little unspoken rule.

      They are nothing but evil.

      I am thinking of voting for Obama. The Republicans are making me crazy.



      I am having knee issues. I think I know what's going on with my left knee. It's been having pain for about 2 weeks. It's the inside of the knee where the side of the calve muscles and the inner thigh muscles come together. It's the goosefoot group of muscles.

      I've been massaging it. Tonight I am starting to ice it after the massage.

      I also think I know where it's coming from. I decided to bike this morning because the knee twinges when I run. I got on the bike and in about 30 minutes, it started hurting. Not so much the knee but the goosefoot muscles. After about 40 minutes, it started affecting the knee. I noticed this yesterday when I spent an hour on the bike.

      Self diagnosis and common sense says it's the bike making this happen. And it's due to insuffient cooperative muscle strength. For the skeptics out there, this is a NEW injury. I have never had this from running and I've been running for more than 15 years. So there.

      So, I am going to lay off the bike for a week, massage and ice nightly, and go back running in the meantime. Also, I have my first session with Ian the Trainer and hopefully he can add some exercises that will strengthen that area.

      Well... I need to catch up on my running if I want to hit my year-end target anyway. The Lord works in mysterious ways; gives us exactly what we need to move from one direction to another.

      I won't be discouraged until next week if this doesn't work.
      And now, I have to spend the next hour recreating my training schedule. GAH!


      Tuesday, January 08, 2008


      ARG!!! What is this??? The Biggest Loser is pre-empted by the stupid ELECTION COVERAGE!

      WHO CARES??? We knew who won an hour ago!!! GAH!!!

      I hate politics.


      A great start to the year...right

      What a debacle of a week. And it just started.

      So. I have this fitness goal. Right? Yeah.
      So. This week, I am so busy that I can't do my double workouts. I can't get to the pool. And I am going nutz at the thought of it.

      Monday is the usual recovery day. Fine. All well and good.
      Today, Tuesday, I would swim. But I had to work in the RI office and the hour plus drive killed me. It would not be so bad if I could have left the office at 5pm but that is in the middle of rush hour and I'd just sit in traffic for an hour. So I left at 6 and got home at 7:15. The pool closes at 8.

      Tomorrow, I have my meeting with Ian the Trainer. He has reviewed my food log and training log. He told me he is getting an idea of the volume of workouts I've been doing. He thinks that adding strength training twice a week and tweaking what I eat will set me on my way. Huh. Now what does he mean by "tweaking?" Since I've been using Fitday again, I am getting a new perspective on my diet and I eat crap. Wow.

      Thursday, I might be able to swim. Thank GOODNESS!!!

      Friday, we are going out for birthday drinks. ARG!!!

      Then the weekend.
      I have so much other stuff to do, too.
      I can't wait for things to settle down so that I can get my life back and know what I am doing from week to week.

      Oh, and tomorrow night, did I mention that Ian the Trainer wants me to wear something TIGHT? Yah. So he can take PICTURES!!! This is AFTER he told me that he is going to WEIGH ME! ARG!!! NO ONE WEIGHS ME BUT ME!!! He is starting to not be so nice. Sheesh.


      Monday, January 07, 2008

      Week 1 Training Recap

      I would like to note for the record that I consumed about 3500 calories yesterday. And that is WITHOUT counting the french fries and onion ring, which I completely forgot to write down. I must be in complete denial. And the worst insult of all is that I didn't work out yesterday to try and mitigate some of that caloric intake. I am a slug.

      Monday: Run 30 minutes, swim option. Done. No swim. Decided to just take things easy.

      Tuesday: Bike 60 minutes, weights. Biked for 20.4 miles in 1:15:00. Decided not to do weights. I did bring my shoes down from the workout room to prepare to go to the gym sometime this week.

      Wednesday: Run 75 minutes, swim. Ran for 45 minutes. I decided this is going to be a recovery week since I went at it so hard last week.

      Thursday: Bike 60 minutes, swim or weights. 17 miles 1:00:36. Not too bad. Average speed was higher today. Too cold to go out so now swimming. Besides, I've decided that this should be a recovery week from going at it so hard last week.

      Friday: Run 45 minutes, swim or weights. Ran for 30 minutes. My excuse? It's a recovery week. Pffft! And I didn't swim or do weights. I am a VERY BUSY PERSON!

      Saturday: Bike 30 miles, swim. Biked 20 miles. It's a recovery week. BUSY BUSY BUSY. No swimming. I am behind. Sigh...

      Sunday: Run 16 miles.Nothing. Read prior note about abductor issue. NOTHING!!! Can I say that any LOUDER???

      Total Running Miles: 8.1(record: 26.9 miles)
      Total Biking Miles: 57.5 (record: 67.8)
      Total Swimming Yards: 1500 yards (record: 3000 yards)
      Total Stretching Days: 1 time. Pretty pathetic.
      Total Workout Hours: 5:43:51 (record was 11:00:19)

      Monday: Run 30 minutes, swim option.
      Tuesday: Bike 60 minutes, weights.
      Wednesday: Run 75 minutes, swim.
      Thursday: Bike 60 minutes, swin or weights.
      Friday: Run 45 minutes, swim or weights.
      Saturday: Bike 30 miles, swim.
      Sunday: Run 16 miles.


      Sunday, January 06, 2008

      Roger Roger Roger...

      Just tell the truth.
      Tell them you used steroids.
      Who cares?
      Everyone in sports does it.

      And just in case you didn't know, they all say they were getting B12 injections.


      Training Note

      I did not run today. I did not bike. I did not swim. What did I do? I was a slug. Yah.

      I have an abductor issue. Yah.
      It is tied to the feet.
      In my case, it started with the ankles, which made the calves really tight and knotted.
      That led to the hamstrings and the inner thighs.
      The calves let to the feet getting crampy.
      And that led to the abductors.
      A vicious cycle.
      And now my knee is tweaking. Been that way for a week or two.

      GAH!! And that means I am DOWN on the count for my 2008 goals.



      Saturday, January 05, 2008

      The Middle Class

      Oh, and they all talk about protecting the middle class. Yah.

      I'll tell you how to do this.
      Repeal it. Reset it. Do something before 80% of the families are subject to it. Yah. Hurry. It's only a few more years... you don't have a lot of time!

      Walk the talk, practice what you preach, and REALLY CARE!


      Democratic Debates

      First of all... let's talk about Hillary. Whitewater, Travelgate, Monica-gate, Hillarycare that had a double standard system - one for congress and one for The People - basically socialized medicine - the key word being SOCIALIZED, as in SOCIALISM, which is not a democratic society, eight years of her husband letting the internal workings of government breakdown so that we had 911. She said she would welcome scrutiny... Yeah. When she is scrutinized, they lie and cheat, feignt and parry, and use smoke and mirrors because they know how to stage a psychological warfare with the American people.

      She also tried to get corporate women on her side. It didn't work.
      Then she switched to Pro Family. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yah.

      Edwards is a schiester lawyer. He is an ambulance chaser. That is how he made his millions. He is anti-corporation. But corporations pay MOST of the taxes in this government. And if come down on the corporations, what about the jobs that are going overseas because our educational system isn't what is should be? It is what it is. You may not like it but it is so.

      Barack... no opinion. Of the three, I like him best. He is reasonable.
      Richardson? It took this one debate for me to decide that he is a non-candidate. Ahem.

      And Hillary looks bad without make up.


      Republican Debates

      First of all, Fred Thompson looks really old and bad without his makeup.

      Ron Paul makes a lot of sense and no one wants to speak after him. Constitution all the way. Small government. Some of his ideas are too radical at this stage - people's brains would explode trying to figure out what he is saying. But then, most people are stupid. Ahem.

      Romney looked pretty good, I thought. Overall, I think the whole group seemed okay.

      Regarding immigation, illegal or otherwise... as much as the media would like us to believe otherwise, people are not worried about the immigrants (legal or illegal) who are swabbing toilets. They are worried about losing their jobs to illegals, legals, H1, B1, L1's, whatever... these are higher educated jobs... this is an entirely different issue than worrying about losing j0bs of picking apples and strawberries, digging ditches, cleaning toilets. It's more complicated. It's easier to attack the illegals because it's harder to address the other side of losing jobs to overseas, well educated people who are still hungry for success, for themselves and their families. How do you fix our education system? How do you make parents care about how their kids do in school enough to get involved? How do we shore up education so that math and science are at the forefront of our attention? These are more complex and harder to solve than blaming illegals for taking our jobs of picking apples and cleaning toilets.

      Also, most illegals or immigrants in general are more law abiding than 2nd or 3rd generation immigrants or so called American nationals. They are afraid of the police and have their own system of justice. All ethnics have a high awareness of their roots from the FOBs (Fresh off the Boat) to the 1st generation born here. They are more connected to their roots and why their parents, grandparents, etc., sacrificed everything they had to come to the USA for opportunity, freedom, education, because they all know that if you work hard and put your nose to the grindstone and don't make waves (mostly), you CAN get ahead, and your children can get even FURTHER ahead.

      Immigration is also not the same as terrorism. These are two separate issues. Terrorism has to do with our presence in the world, religion, etc., and is much harder to solve than pointing our finger at illegal immigrants who come here looking for opportunity. Dying trying is better than living in their own country under oppression and suppression with no future than the status quo, for themselves and for their children, and their children. How many of us in the USA would do that? Seriously?

      It's so easy to say "throw up a wall" as if it were a panacea. It isn't.

      Huckabee was a bit disappointing. I am not sure he will do that well outside of the Bible belt. But I have a gut feeling that if he were president, the Moral Majority would be disappointed once again.

      McCain? He was the same. Guiliani? Not too sure.

      Onto the Democratic debate.

      I hate politics.


      Notes to kick off the weekend

      Well... where to start where to start where to start...

      First, I was SO TIRED last night. We went and delivered a charity donation to an adoption agency up the street from us. We give charitable donations for Joseph's older sister and they in turn write us a check for the charity of our choice. We decided to go with a new one this year.

      Then we went to a new restaurant. Rani Bistro. This was an EXCELLENT Indian restaurant specializing Hyderabadi cooking. The quality was excellent. We opened up the place at 5pm. And shortly thereafter, people starting dribbling in a steady gflow and next thin you know the please is PACKED. And when we left, there was a line waiting! I think we found ourselves an Indian restaurant favorite.

      And then we came home and I was so tired that I crawled into bed and stayed there until this morning. I seriously think I got 10 hours sleep last night! I was So. Tired!!!

      This morning, I biked hard on the trainer. Went at the in a middle gear of the big gear and kept at it. Basically, 17.2 mph for 1:10 for a total of 20.1 miles. I have decided this is a recovery week since last week was a hard week with me breaking all my weekly totals for 2007.

      Big thing today was that I activated my gym membership that Joseph gave me for Christmas. I also met Ian the Trainer and we signed up for a 10-session package where he also gives me nutrition advice, etc. Our first meeting will be on Wednesday. We will see how it works out.

      And of course, I didn't swim. Again. I am behind. I would appreciate it if you did not make the usual smirky faces. Thankyouverymuch. Ahem.


      Friday, January 04, 2008

      2008 Goals, Final

      Okay. I have finally come up with my goals for this year. I will be tracking these monthly, I guess. The last one is a bit contrived because I needed 12 goals and I didn't want to leave it blank. So I reserve the right to change the last goal if and when I see fit.

      1) Be consistent. Aim for 8 to 10 workouts a week

      2) Ride 2000 miles

      3) Run 1000 miles

      4) Swim 3500 laps or 175,000 yards

      5) Sign up for and complete a century

      6) Sign up for and complete a duathlon

      7) Read 6 books

      8) Learn 50 chinese phrases and their opposites

      9) Lose 5 pounds and keep it off by working out and journaling what I eat

      10) Run a marathon in a new state

      11) Go to 12 new restaurants
      1. Rani Bistro, Hyderibadi (Indian)

      12) Take no more than 24 rest days except for injury and sickness. This includes traveling for work or pleasure. (This goal can be replaced.)


        Thursday, January 03, 2008

        Iowa Caucus

        Hillary Clinton, the she devil anti-christ is LOSING in Iowa.

        Oh Happy Day!!!

        I don't care who our next president is.
        As long as it isn't she!

        If it look like rat, smells like a rat, speaks like a rat...
        Then it's not to be trusted!!!


        Wanted: Warmth in Winter

        I have finally broken down and ordered this jacket. I first read about it in the Herrington Catalog and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. Especially given today's -15F weather!

        The text reads:
        Rechargeable, Heated Vest and Jacket Make it Feel Like You’re Sitting in the Lodge Next to a Roaring Fire — Instead of Outside in Bitter Cold!

        That’s right. Just put on our cozy fleece vest or jacket, and slip the miniature heating module into your pocket. Venture outside, and when you start to feel the big chill, just press the button. In seconds, soothing heat surrounds your torso. Ultra-lightweight, carbon-fiber mesh heating elements sewn inside are so thin and pliable you won’t even notice them.

        But you sure can feel the heat, as low-power Far Infrared Ray technology generates a flood of bio-thermal, radiant warmth — just like heat from the sun! Choose low, medium, or high, and select any combination of 2 front and 1 rear heating zones — all from the micro two-button controller that generates heat on demand.

        Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer delivers up to 7 hours of warmth — so you can actually enjoy winter weather no matter how bitter the wind-chill! 360 gram, anti-pilling poly fleece in unisex S (38-41); M (42-45); L (46-49);XL (50-53) — chest sizes in parentheses. Choose Cargo pants in S (28-30 waist); M (31-33); L (34-35); XL (36-38). Includes AC recharger.
        A heated jacket!!! UNBELIEVABLE! Maybe this will be the first winter that I am not COLD or FREEZING MY BUTT OFF!! If the jacket works, I'll be ordering those pants.

        The sizing was a bit of a concern. I usually wear an extra small in mens sizing but I can layer and make myself bigger! HAH! And if the pants are too long, I will roll them up! HAHAHAHAHA!

        I looked for them in the women's section but came up with nothing! That strikes me as a bit odd since women are usually colder than men. If I gave this to my Hunny Bunny, he'd think I had lost my marbles! He is like a furnace all year round and -15F weather is no exception.

        Anyway, I am so happy!! I hope they send it in a rush!!

        Of course, next week we're supposed to get into the 60's. A veritable heat wave.


        Wednesday, January 02, 2008

        Thoughts on 2008 Goals

        I am having a hard time with goals. I want to make it realistic so I am putting some more thought into things.

        I know that I want to be consistent in my current workouts - running, biking, and swimming. I also want to add weight lifting a couple times a week. This should be okay since I am used to twice-a-day workouts.

        I know I would like to do another marathon in a new state. I have a couple of candidates in mind. But I don't want it to affect my general workout routine. But since I am not interested in setting landspeed records, I shouldn't have to affect my current workout routine too much. I just need to make my midweek run and my long Sunday run either longer or more quality like speedwork or hills.

        I would like to work up to a century and sign up for some rides that are mid-distances.

        I would like to do that duathlon I've been talking about doing for a year or more!

        I would like to lose 5 pounds and if I continue to work out the way I have been and be better at logging my food intake, this should not be a problem. Not really.

        I did not read much last year - only 3-4 books. This year, I would like to read 6 books. And I won't play Sudoku until I have gone through those 6 books. Sudoku can be a time suck!

        I would like to go a new baseball park. That might be a bit of a stretch goal, not sure.

        I would also like to simulate a sprint, an olympic and half ironman triathlon. This doesn't mean I sign up for it. It just means that I do swimming, biking, and running all in one day. And I'd like to do one in the summer so that I do not have to spend all my time in a pool. Walden Pond comes to mind. I am looking forward to going for a swim in it.

        I need 4 more goals.
        And I would like to specifically cite some races for the above goals if possible.

        When I get it figured out, I will let you know.