Monday, February 25, 2008

A bit of a breather

Well. My new boss is in India and I am getting a bit of a breather.
I decided to take the opportunity to work from home.

Thank goodness!!

When he's around, I am in and out of his office. Talk about kicking you're a$$! Last week, I felt like I was living with him in his office! But, I will say that he is amazingly approachable, highly experienced, and very supportive.

However, he can be a bit of a lecturer and micromanager. Which I told him he was and that I didn't like that aspect of him, which he dutifully acknowledged.

I will take the bad with the good any day, having moved from another very nice manager who was more junior and couldn't make a damn decision to save his life.

Anyway... I am hoping that he travels a lot.
A Whole Lot.



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