Friday, February 15, 2008

New eating plan

So, did I mention that I signed up with ITT again? 20 more sessions, complete with nutrition counseling.

Anyway, I received my new Phase 3 food plan. Basically, I am cycling through Phase II all in a week. Phase II consisted of 3 weeks. The first week, low carbs. The second week, some carbs. The third week, a little more carbs. And none of is to the level of carbs I used to eat on a regular basis. For Phase II, I am doing week one for the first two days. Then week two for the next two days. Then week 3 for the next two days. And the seventh day is a cheat day. I can eat whatever I want. Anything. As much as I want. Yah. I can't wait. Tomorrow is my cheat day before I transition to Phase III.

I will be repeating Phase III until I reach my weight goal. The best part of this is that as soon as I start getting a little bored and anxious, it's time for a cheat day!

So, I am making a list of everything I want to eat tomorrow before I transition to Phase III. Sould be interesting. And Pizza is definitely on the list. And Sushi. I am thinking of a few other things, too.



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