Wednesday, March 26, 2008

100 Things I Hate #1: People with Backpacks


I have never thought about creating a Things I Hate list but riding to work on the subway this morning just made me think of it.

To all backpack carriers in crowded places, especially wall to wall PACKED subway riders: when you get on the train, take off your backpack and place it on the floor between ypur feet!

If you don't, it makes you twice the torso size. And since it sticks out the person behind you has to bend over from the pressure and space displacement!

And yes, this is about you! Skinny girl with the frizzy hair, blue jeans and ugly purple backpack! Where were you raised?? In a CAMEL HERD???? GAH!!!!!!!

And yes, that was ME leaning into you so I could stand up straight and not fall over onto the person in front of me when the train stopped and started and shook from side to side.

One thing worse than a rude person is a stupid rude person because they can't ever correct their rudeness!!!




Blogger deborah said...

Wow. I just had an intense flashback to NYC and riding the subways and LIRR at rush hour. Yikes.

3:49 AM  

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