Saturday, March 29, 2008

ARG! WHERE did the time go???

Okay. No time today. No time for ANYTHING.

Okay. Maybe I exaggerate a little bit.

I had a 2 hour massage this morning at 9am.
Right after that, I went to the store and picked up a few things for tomorrow's brunch at our house after the Crude Run. Actually, it's the Crewed Run and I am one of the Crew supporting runners from Hopkinton to Mile 19 or 20 of the marathon course. Of course, I am going to leave early to get the food ready for the brunch.

Anyway, shopping can take an incredibly long time. Especially if the aisles are clogged with your population of stupid people who do not seem to get out on any other day than Saturday when I am in a hurry.

Then, back home and we had to go to Chinese class. Yes. CHINESE CLASS. Whatever. It's along story. But we are taking Chinese classes.

Then back home for dinner.

I am totally exhausted. Do you THINK that I could get in my long run today?
Of course not.

And my throat is still scratchy.
If I get sick I am gonna be PISSED!

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