Thursday, March 20, 2008

Back to normal! YAHOO!

So, I had Scary Trainer tonight.

I think I am back to normal. YAHOO!!!

I increased in all the weights. Again!
Tomorrow, I am back hot and heavy on the cardio.
I asked Scary Trainer for a one week repreve on that 100 daily caloric decrease. I told him my plan of ramping up cardio back to where I was before I got lazy and he agreed to wait one week to see what happened.
He was also happy that the 5 pound gain disappeared.
AND he was happy that I didn't lose strength.

Anyway, I told him that I couldn't believe how messed up my body was from that one day of starving! And people do this all the time and call it "dieting!" He added that they do that and then they come in and try to work out, and they pick something brain dead like the eliptical and think they are doing good for their health. He said there are a lot of people who are that messed up in their bodies from living and unhealthy lifestyle and trying to do crash dieting. It takes hard work. So, he was happy that I was looking forward to going right back to my regularly scheduled program.

Oh, and while he was happy, I gave him a heads up on my May and June schedules.
He wasn't too happy afterwards.

Well, you can't have everything.

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