Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bad Ass

So I started this exercise program and nutrition plan in January.
Since then I have lost 9 pounds.

I am at the my lowest weight in 3 years.
Since we moved into Appleton Street in the South End of Boston and started kitchen demo. And I started eating out. Almost every night.
I am simply amazed at the results of my efforts in the last 2 months.

EEEK! It's ONLY been two months!!! One more pound and I will reach the goal I was aim for in September! And that's still 7 months from now!

I am finding it easy to stick to my eating pattern knowing that I will get one day off a week when I can eat anything I want. And in some ways, I'd rather have all the other days be lo-carb days because, well... it's just easier! I don't have to think about what carb I will have that day! Of course, Scary Trainer told me that I should not even consider doing that because it won't be good for me or the program.

And because of cheat day, I know that I need to plan out what I will cheat with, really examine what it is that I am craving and wanting to eat.
Which means I have to really get in tune with my body. Amazing.

Also, one thing of note is that the amount of time that I am exercising has been cut in HALF. 50%! That is a lot of time when I used to exercise about 8-10 hours a week. Now? I am down to around 5 hours a week. Amazing.

We are in the strength building phase of the program. That means I have two new routines to alternate every single week. Last night was routine 2. I did 100-lb dead lifts, followed by a floor chest press, and incline rows, and then 1-armed planks (4x10seconds twice - why? Because once is never good enough. That's why.)

Scary Trainer told me yesterday that he was talking to another woman that just signed on and he was explaining to her everything and used me as an example. And she was like, "who is this?" And he described me (short, Asian woman - Hmph! SHORT??? At least he left out dumpy.) And she looked at him and said, "HER!? She's a bad ass.) LOL! Of course, she did point out that that I do yell a lot. Whatever.

So... I am happy happy happy with everything right now.

I just have to get in more swimming. And soon!



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