Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I need a break

So disappointing.

I had intervals scheduled this morning and I got to thinking that since I did 12x20 seconds relatively easily on Sunday, I would take it up a notch and do 12x25 seconds with 45 second rest.
I only managed 8 reps.

All I noticed is that my HR was jumping around and wouldn't stabilize.
My neck started hurting.
And then the back of my head.
And then my temples.
And then my ears.
I mean, EARS???

So, I figured out that I was tense.
And then I thought, I am tense because I am not rested enough.
Which means I haven't had enough recovery.
Which means that the workout I did this morning - 8x25 followed by 15 minute walk - was pretty damn good.
Im my humble opinion of course.

Anyway... nothing for me tonight.
I am going to make squash and zucchini cakes for dinner instead.



Blogger Brian said...

Bingo, you've got bingo!
So much of training is rest, and often the most overlooked part.
I like to take my HR while still in bed and see what I get, if I see a rise say 5% - 10% I know I need a break.

You'll be stronger if you take a break or at least slow it down.

on the plus side, you're kicking some real butt.

Good luck,


1:48 PM  
Blogger Chris Hughes said...

You made a HUGE mistake. On sunday you did 12x20 with 50 seconds rest.

Then you tied to increase you duration and reduce your rest? N0!

If you kick it up to 12x25 then increase your rest as well to 55.

Also - instead of increasing your duration - try to increase the number of intervals! A logical increase from 12x20 with 50 rest would be 14x20 with 50 rest. Or - 10x25 with 55 rest.


10:01 AM  

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