Friday, March 14, 2008

Scary Trainer

So, I worked out with Scary Trainer last night. The good news is that, I went up in weight and down in reps.

I mentioned to him that I was sort of stuck on my current weight for about 3 days - not really going up and down as usual. And he comes out with "that'll happen. Next week we might have to go down in calories."

Huh? Down in calories????
"Yup. You might have to eat less to budge off the number. "
Eat less???
"I knew iit was going to happen, I was waiting for that."
HUH?? And you didn't feel you had to share that bit of news with me? That I will be eating less??? ARG!!!!!

So, he is going to give it until the END of next week instead of the beginning of the week to see what happens.

I am so annoyed. No one mentioned I was going to eat less! I honestly thought I would eat MORE! I mean with the muscle gain and all.


Watch me wither away.
One day he'll tell me all I can eat is bread and water.

Good news is that TOMORROW IS A CHEAT DAY!!!!!! YAHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!



Blogger Chris Hughes said...

Well Given that the Batan Death March is next week, I'd think you want to stock up on calories!

3:50 PM  
Blogger Paul said...

You're probably not going to believe this, but My First Wife and I can identify with your last two posts.

First, we're going to join up at The Big City Community Center where we can walk, walk, walk and huff and puff, puff, puff to our hearts' content. Swim, too. (Now if I can just get a job to pay for it...)

And My First Wife just got back from shoe hell, too. But for the first time in a ka-jillion years she got some good shoes. Long story short: she injured her right foot many years ago. It's a half size larger than her left foot now. And misshapen. What a thrill it was to go walking with her yesterday and watch her spring along like she owned the place. "I'm so happy it's Friday," she said today. "I can wear my new tennies to work."

10:06 AM  

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