Sunday, March 30, 2008

WHAT is there to say?

Other than what a utter fiasco.

This morning was the Crewed Run. We get out of bed and realize that the electricity is out. OUT. Since about 1am when the alarm system went off to signify that there is "trouble" on the system. Meaning that the electricty is out.

We had received a note from NSTAR (the electric company) saying that the power would be out sometime between 1am and 1pm Sunday. Okay.... So, it's about 6:30 am... where is the electricity....

Should have known something was up.

Joseph goes ahead and runs to the Newton Town Hall where we all meet. I follow shortly thereafter. We do the run. I crew until I hit mile 12, and then I go home.

Still no electricity. I start cooking and putting food togehter. It is COLD in the house. My handy dandy weather station says it's about 55 degrees inside the house. It's WARMER OUTSIDE THAN IT IS INSIDE!!! ARG!!!

And thank goodness we have a gas stove. And the handy dandy long handled fire starter. And thank goodness we are going to cook outside!

People started arriving and they all noticed the cold weather. I was freezing. It was like one of those frat parties during the winter where everyone hangs out around a fire in a trash barrel with beer and burgers. This time, it was in the dining instead of the trash can fire!

I felt bad not being able to offer up any showers like we had promised. In the end, I think it turned out okay. People left and the around 2:30 we called the electric company. They said it would be on in about 5 minutes! ARG!!! 5 minutes later, and nothing.

All I knew is that I had to get something warm in me so we went next door to the StarBucks which was NICE AND TOASTY WARM. They were the only business in the neighborhood that was open. I ended up with a TAZO ZEN Tea. OMG! If you have never had this, do not pass go... get thee to a Starbucks PDQ and try one! It's just tea but it's very very good.

Anyway, that warmed me up a little. The electricity came on about 4pm. FOUR PEE EMM!!! A full 3 hours LATER than when it was supposed to come on. WHO SHUTS THE DAMN ELECTRICITY OFF OF A WHOLE CITY NEIGHBORHOOD FOR 15 HOURS IN THE WINTER???


Anyway, I was dying! DYING!!! Not to mention that I was shivering all over the place, could NOT get warm, and my throat is still SCRATCHY!!!





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