Monday, April 28, 2008

New HR person

I met her today. Not too sure about her. I liked the old one. She reminds me of another manager here that is in our business group - looks like her, sounds like her. If she were to run by me, I wouldn't know which one she is.

Anyway... the jury is out. I have a feeling that she is less about working with my level than she is about pleasing the next level up. We'll see.


First race of the season

Actually, the first race of 2008.
Just signed up for a 5k on Memorial Day in Ohio.

I have 14 days to get up to speed.
Why 14 days, you ask?
Because... between now and Memorial day, I have a 2-day offsite, 2 days of travel to India, 6 days IN India, 2 days of travel back home. Then jet lag for a week, and then a week later, we are heading to Ohio.

That's why.

And this will be a good one.
We will run with my good friend Cher's Dad (a vet) and her friend, the Transplant Guy.

Jeez. I hope I can keep up with them.

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Week 17 Training Recap

Still trying to get back on track from being sick and marathon mayhem. What's that saying about things pouring when it rains? Whatever it is, that's what it's like. Sheesh.
Monday: REST day. It's Marathon Monday. Nothing. Spent a lot of time on my feet barring people from the Elite Athlete Recovery Area, and watching out for Lance.
Tuesday: Bike 30 minutes, Scary Trainer in the evening.Nothing in the morning, Scary Trainer in the evening.
Wednesday: Bike 60 minutes16 miles in the morning. Felt GREAT!
Thursday: Scary Trainer in the evening. Done.
Friday: REST day due to work travel to RI Office. Done
Saturday: Bike 45 minutes.Nothing. No idea why other than I was way busy and just didn't feel like it. Yah. Good reason.
Sunday: Run 45 minutes. 20.3 miles. Making up for lost time.

Total Running Miles: 0 miles (record: 26.9 miles)
Total Biking Miles: 36.3 (record: 67.8)
Total Swimming Yards: 0 yards (record: 3300)
Total Strength Training Days: 2 times
Total Workout Hours: 2:16:17 plus 2 strength training (record was 11:00:19)
Next week is a horror show. Mandatory training, mandatory meetings, leaving for India. ARG! Like I said, it's definitely monsooning now.
Monday: Scary Trainer in the evening.
Tuesday: Mandatory offsite in Cambridge. It's not even easy to get to!
Wednesday: Day 2 of Mandatory offsite meeting.
Thursday: Heading out to India. Who knows what I will get done.
Friday: In Transit to India. Somewhere beyond Paris.
Sunday: Nothing.


Friday, April 25, 2008

Sometimes I just don't get a break!

Okay. It's been a bit of a hellish week so far. I had to go the RI office today because my boss requested my presence for a 2 hour meeting. So I had to drive there which took about 1:15. Then I left early to beat the traffic and that also took me about 1:15.

I have a manager that is screwing up. Sigh... and it doesn't help that one of HIS managers hates him. But let's get serious people... this is not about YOU, it's about the work. And no matter what the differences in opinion, work styles, and thought, you are here to do the work for the company and to make your manager look good! That is the key to longevity and success!

So my boss is not too happy about the manager. And he is also not happy about the manager's manager - they go way back and the jury's always been out on him anyway...

Good grief! It's like a damn soap opera. Not to mention all the additional work and fire drills I am going through because of the manager's incapability!!! GAH!

I think it's time for another reorg. Sheesh.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008


The last group of people left this morning. Phew. As much as I love my friends, I covet my privacy and quiet.

It will be another year before they all descend.

Hmmm... actually, I think it is another 4 1/2 months. One person already put their reservation in for Reach the Beach weekend.

Scary Trainer tonight. All is well.


Monday, April 21, 2008

Welcome to the World of Elite Security

This has got to be the best gig in the world.

I get a special badge. I stand at the door of the conference room of the hotel that all the elite runners stay at for the Boston Marathon and I check badges and let people in or out.

No Badge-ie, no innee. Simple.

It's the same gang year after year.
It's also the same ahtletes almost, year after year.

We actually barred Utta Pippig. Yes. THE Utta Pippig. Actually, I did not bar her, there were two others who did, and I ran up and said, THIS IS UTTA PIPPIG!!! THE DARLING OF THE BOSTON MARATHON! and right then and official ran up, gave her a badge, and said, "this is to make it official and so you guys can do your job."

Utta was waiting for the winner. And yes. Utta. We're on a first name basis now that she hung out with us for the better part of two hours!

We also saw all the wheelchair racers. That Ernst Van Dyke. Let me tell you! He is absolutely gorgeous up close and personal. If he had legs, you can tell he'd be about 6'5" tall! Very handsome. Very sweet.

And Lance baby did come through. Okay. HUGE disappointment. He is SHORT. Short. He was all in black - he evidently changed out of his bright yellow running gear. And he was surrounded by GROUPIES! Yes. What a disappointment! And he looks just like he does on TV. I thought he'd be better looking. He's not bad, but not as good as I had hoped. He is so small! That is what struck me. Anyway, he hung out for a while. Seemed okay. I felt bad for him - this is his very very small world, all the groupies yessing him to death and chasing after his crumbs. It must feel weird to the a god of your own little world. Anyway....

For my troubles I got a volunteer jacket. It was gray this year. Another huge disappointment. I got a small so I can't even give it to H, who always gets the same color every year because she is medical. Sigh...

The best thing of all is that I was so happy not running. Not in any single way did I miss running this race. I am volunteering from now on. Maybe one day it will be my 26th year, like a couple of the guys on this security team. Amazing.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Week 16 Training Recap

Kinda busy last week trying to catch up from being sick - both from work and from working out. I hate being sick. Ugh. And then the marathon mayhem started. So here is last week in a nutshell. A small nutshell.

Monday: REST in the morning. Scary Trainer in the evening. Great session with Scary Trainer. We did the max lift session. Wednesday I get a new schedule.
Tuesday: Bike 30 minutesDone. Happy happy!
Wednesday: Run 30 minutes. Scary Trainer in the evening.Another good workout!
Thursday: Bike 30 minutes. Nothing. I had a very early morning meeting and so it was either get up at 4am or skip it. Of course,I didn't get up.
Friday: Run 30 minutes. 18.75 miles on the bike. I did manage to stop work a little early! Thank goodness!
Saturday: Bike 45 minutes.Managed to fit in another ride - 14.3 miles -before everyone started arriving.
Sunday: Run 45 minutes. Nothing. We had a big ole bagel burnch this morning. Started later than usual because the Womens Olympic Trials were in town and it pushed back the start time of the brunch.

Total Running Miles: 0 miles (record: 26.9 miles)
Total Biking Miles: 34.8 (record: 67.8)
Total Swimming Yards: 0 yards (record: 3300)
Total Strength Training Days: 2 times
Total Workout Hours: 2:15:27 plus 2 strength training (record was 11:00:19)
Next week is crazy. I will be wrapping up some work to go to India, not to mention offsites and training right before I go away. I am going to poke my eyes out!!! Ugh. I can feel the fat creeping back by the minute!
Monday: REST day. It's Marathon Monday
Tuesday: Bike 30 minutes, Scary Trainer in the evening.
Wednesday: Bike 60 minutes
Thursday: Scary Trainer in the evening.
Friday: REST day due to work travel to RI Office.
Saturday: Bike 45 minutes.
Sunday: Run 45 minutes.


Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Calm before the Storm

People are going to be arriving today for the Marathon weekend. As I mentioned before, there are ten people staying with us. I am glad to say that everyone has a room and a bed (or air mattress). Thank goodness there are four couples and two friends who do not mind sharing!

Joseph and I managed to make it to the Marathon Expo, however. Thank goodness! We won't be able to do this when people start coming in. We ended up going to our tried and true display booths and ended up with some Karhu running shoes (they were bought by Craft Sports), more Ecco casual shoes, CW-X running gear.

Tonight is the usual dinner at Big City. I am so happy that we live within a short walking distance now. Sunday is the big Bagel Brunch at our house. And then it's Marathon Monday and I will be up close and personal with Lance Baby! Woo hoo!!!

Time to rest before H and D get here.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Happy Anniversary to us!

Where have all the cars gone???

Hmmm... strangely enough, the traffic from RI this afternoon was very very light. Very strange. I kept looking around to see if there was some alien gobbling up cars behind me. OR, it could be that the cosmos knew I was in a hurry to get home and cleared the path for me.

Today is our anniversary. This marks four wonderful years of bliss with my Hunnny Bunny. Not a day goes by when I look at him and wonder at how lucky I am to have found him. Hmmm... I think he actually found me. But no matter....

Tonight, I came home wondering about dinner. Joseph had said not to worry about it. Well... what do you know? A personal chef. Brought in to cook a gourmet meal for us. Complete with appetizer and dessert. Unbelievable!!!

Appetizer was this wonderful shrimp spring roll thing with lots of veggies!!!
Dinner was a bone in pork chop - super thick - on a bed of squash and sweet potato. Knowing that I was on this diet and couldn't eat white carbs (aka potato), she substituted the sweet potato. I will say that this was one of best pork chops I've ever had. Moist, well seasoned, tender. I stay away from pork chops because they tend to dry out but this has made me decide to try them in the future when I see them on the menu! Dessert was a volcano cake. Sort of like a lava cake but the top is open and you can see the chocolate "lava." And chocolate covered strawberries. Joseph found the perfect wine to go with all this in our very own cellar. Champagne and wine. Wonderful!

My wonderful Hunny Bunny took what seemed to be an ordinary day into something wonderful. And we found a chef to cater future parties!

Happy Anniversary, Hunny Bunny.
I love you always.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

This is the beginning of the busy season at work. We have merit reviews to prepare for, pre-preparations for budgeting, which starts in June sometime, and of course we are still working on the budget we submitted for the start of 2008, which closed out but is still be fixed. Fixed? I don't even get that.

We also have the marathon this weekend, which means house full of people and lots of activities. Not to mention our anniversary which is tomorrow. Did we KNOW what we were doing when we got married two days before the marathon? Did we KNOW that it would be chaos and mayhem every year? And I can't recall realizing that this means we will never be able to "get away" for our anniversary. Sigh...

I am in two days of training (mandatory) which I have to go to because I will miss the manddatory training in Boston in May because I will be in India! WHY is it mandatory?? Because I have had the distinct misfortune of being labeled "high potential" for the firm. Hmmmm.... While I am flattered, it also means that I am on every single survey list, feedback look, task force with lots of day long offsites, and training. All of which is mandatory. SO mandatory, in fact, that I was called by an old manager that they WAITING FOR MY FEEDBACK on a survey which I have not even started. ARG!!!!!

Anyway... And so I am traveling down to the RI office for this training and leaving an hour early every day to go home - thus missing that last hour of class. Yah.

Another couple of days down the drain of productivity. I was going to take tomorrow off for our anniversary, but work does not stop for Real Life.

Anyway... I am harried and stressed.
Can you tell???

Traffic better not be bad tomorrow because I am getting home early at all cost!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Painting the house

We are finally painting the outside of the house. What an ordeal finding the right paint colors!!!

First of all, this is a Victorian. So I want to paint it in multiple colors.
Second, I do not want the house to be like the other houses in the neighborhood - filled with pastels, drab yellows, plain whites, or garish neons. Nope. I want something classic but striking.

This weekend, my wonderful Hunny Bunny got me into the car on Sunday and we drove all around Brookline and Newton, taking pictures of this house and that house etc etc ad nauseum etc...

In the end, we ended up with the following colors:
  • Body of the house - Dorset Gold (Benjamin Moore HC-7)
  • Trim - Peale Green (Benjamin Moore HC-121)
  • Accent - Fall Harvest (Benjamin Moore 2168-10)

If you are really interested, you can go to the color viewer at Benjamin Moore to find out. Fall Harvest is a very deep pumpkin color. We might also do something with a very warm golden cream color but not sure how we would use it. The other thing we can do is to leave the window and the from door storm door trim white. That would lighten it up a bit. We have to see how it all looks after it's done.

The other combination was a crimson and some sort of salmony color. But I love the fall and I keep coming back to this same color combination so I decided to go ahead with it. Joseph also likes it a lot more than the other color combinations.

So, we have a pumpkin house instead of a cotton candy or wedding cake house.
I can live with that...


Scary Trainer Report

I had a great session with Scary Trainer last night.

First, he took pictures. Blast! I so did not want this. Anyway, he is going to do a side by side of the before and after and email them to me. He cuts the head off so that there are no incriminating evidence. Thank goodness for that!

Then we did the max lift session. This is do sets of lifting until you get to the max weight.

So here are the numbers:
Dead Lift - 145 pounds
Chinup - 115 pounds equivalent
Floor Press - 40 lbs
Kettle Bell Squats (regular squats using the kettle bell (looks like a
cannon with a handle) clutched to your chest) - 70#
Front plant - 90 seconds
Squat to press - 45 lbs
That took an hour with warm up and warm up reps.

Tomorrow I get a new set of alternating routines.
He said it's time to move the "the cage" for unassisted chin ups.
This is quite literally just that. A cage. Actually, it's the outline of a cage with bars at the top. And you use it for chinups. There is no side to side stabilizer so inside "the cage", it's "all you!"

ARG!!! I so do not want to do this! They use bands of varying sizes and strengths to support your knees. As you get stronger, the bands get less supportive.
Anyway, I am feeling it in my upper back right now, that is for sure!!

I also was at my all time low weight this morning.

Life is definitely good...

30 minutes on the bike this morning, right on schedule!


Monday, April 14, 2008

Absentee Ballot

For the first time in my life, I will be using an absentee ballot to vote in the May 6th town elections. Why? Because I am traveling to India for work. Don't get me started...

They have this referendum or override thing going on to raise taxes to the tune of either 5.6 million or 6.2 million or something like that. You can vote for one or the other or neither. I am thinking of voting no for both. I mean... it's for extending the school day for another 20 minutes (ONLY 20 minutes??), more fire, more police, more snow removal (and WHY can't people remove their own snow? And WHY don't we ticket them to fill the town coffers if they don't?), more of this, and more of that... etc etc ad nauseum etc.

I am thinking of voting against it.
After all, they have not shown me the books and budget and where the current funds are going. I mean... after all... sheesh....

And if you don't vote, you can't complain.

GOD FORBID that I can't complain...


Week 15 Training Recap

Last week was a total wash. Today I bounded out of bed and realized that I really can't go great guns on the treadmill or bike this morning after two weeks of doing NOTHING. And tonight, I have Scary Trainer on top of it all. So last week looked like this.
Monday: REST in the morning. Scary Trainer in the evening. Done. We started out with light weights.
Tuesday: Walk 20 minutesNothing. Decided not to tax myself.
Wednesday: Walk 30 minutes.Nothing. Still coughing and tired
Thursday: Walk 30 minutes. Scary Trainer in the evening. Scary Trainer in the evening. Did good. He says next week we will try to go back to normal. Happy happy!
Friday: Bike 30 minutes. Nothing.
Saturday: Run 30 minutes.Nothing.
Sunday: Bike 45 minutes. Nothing. The first day I felt good enough to do something and I was too busy! ARG!!!

Total Running Miles: 0 miles (record: 26.9 miles)
Total Biking Miles: 0 (record: 67.8)
Total Swimming Yards: 0 yards (record: 3300)
Total Strength Training Days: 2 times
Total Workout Hours: 0:0:0 plus 2 strength training (record was 11:00:19)
Next week will be interesting. It is quite literally, The Week From Hell. I have LOTS O' DRIVING to do because I have to go to the remote offices 3 days in a row. And then on Friday, Boston Marathon weekend starts. There is no rest for the weary. This is what I am HOPING to do
Monday: REST in the morning. Scary Trainer in the evening.
Tuesday: Bike 30 minutes
Wednesday: Run 30 minutes. Scary Trainer in the evening.
Thursday: Bike 30 minutes.
Friday: Run 30 minutes.
Saturday: Bike 45 minutes.
Sunday: Run 45 minutes.


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Day 10 and 11 of the disease

Yesterday was not as bad as Tuesday. Thankfully. I didn't get really tired until about 3:45 pm and there was no crash involved. Just general exhaustion and the inability to focus. So I stopped work and went to the grocery store to pick up some things.

Today, I am working from home yet again. I am quite tired of working from home, truth be told. Tomorrow, I have a lunch appointment with someone at a sushi place and a massage in the evening and I am bound and determined to make both.

The other thing that happened yesterday is that we had a phone meeting and "A" who passed along his nasty little germs was on the call. So, immediately, we all ganged up on him and told him it was his fault. He is the type that never really admits to much - can way say TEFLON?? - and so he never owned up to it. We like to think that he learned the lessons but he is a bit obtuse. And since he is not inclined to say anything at all that is committal in any way... one can only guess if he "gets it."

But now, he knows that we know.

Today is Day 11 of the disease and I cannot believe how long it is taking to get better. It is quite unreal. I had a good sleep last night, though. And tonight I have Scary Trainer. Hopefully I can make it until then.


Day 9 Addendum

I spoke too soon. Basically, at 2pm, I ended up with a raging headache and and eye ache. Yes. An EYE ACHE! Everything sort of when bright white and I couldn't focus. So I went to lay down and two hours later, I woke up!

I guess I wasn't as well as I thought I was.


Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Day 9 of the disease

I am feeling much much better today. In fact, I am thinking that tomorrow, I should be able to make my wait into work and work from the office instead of at home. My chest congestion is much better (not that it was all that bad to start with) and I am coughing less. The gurgling in my lungs has drastically cut down, too. Yahoo!

Last night, I had a session with Scary Trainer. It was good to get out there and MOVE! We started out with one of the alternating routines - dead lifts, pull ups, and reverse lunge step ups. We used light weights and high reps. Then we went onto a portion of day 2 routine with floor presses and inclined dumbbell rows. I started sweating which is unusual at that weight but Scary Trainer pointed out that my system is working hard to finish up healing from being sick while working out. The key is to not overtax the body. I thought I would be sore this morning but I'm not.

This morning, I took a rest day. Tomorrow, I will try to get on the treadmill and walk for 30 minutes or so and see what happens.

The good news is that I haven't been following my diet too closely but I have not gained any weight. In fact, if anything, I have actually lost a little and now I am at my lowest weight since January. Very strange. I have been cognizant of not pigging out and been watching my carb intake overall. Seems to be working okay so far. And of course, I am still drinking lots of fluids to help ward off the terrible bloat.

I am still incredibly tired. I can't remember the last time I wasn't feeling this tired. That's so sad. I hope to be back to my old self by the end of the week.

Of course, that means that I will be back to my happily ranting and raving self. That would make me very very happy.

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Monday, April 07, 2008

What is there to know about the *&^% ECONOMY???

Okay. So. Senior Management at work has decided that all of the employees must take two classes minimum. One of them is Economic Essentials. There are four parts. One for the economy, one for the monetary system, one for the indexes, one for something else which I can't remember. In fact, I do not even know if any of those four are correct.

These are 11-12 slides each with the last 4 being questions on a test. So about 30% of the presentation is a test. Then after all of the sections and tests there is a mastery test. There are 15 questions. And you have to get 80% to pass.

Let me start by saying, "ARG!!! This totally freaked me out!"
It was SO HARD! I hate economics. Of any kind. I remember taking it in college something like 30+ years ago and I almost FLUNKED!!!

I was taking notes wildly! All for 4 questions that covered 5 slides at a very very high level!!! I got them some right and I got some wrong. But the tests were such that you clicked and dragged the answers into these answer "buckets" and if you dragged the answer into the wrong bucket, it wouldn't "settle" into place so you could click and drag the answer to another bucket until you got it right.

The Mastery Test, I got 80%. The minimum to pass. I was so nervous. I mean, WHO CARES ABOUT THE FIVE INDEXES?? Who cares about the Russell 2000 or the Wilshire 5000? I didn't even know it existed until today!

And I was so tense that my brain started hurting. OMG! I wonder how many times other people had to take it to pass. Because you see, if you do not get 80%, you have to REPEAT EVERYTHING until you do!!!

And now I have the second test hanging over my head. It's about the company's BUSINESS. The BUSINESS OF what? The Financial Services business? The trading business?? ARG! I am going to shoot myself. Wanna know WHY I decided to go into technology? Because I dislike people! That's why? And look where THAT GOT ME!!! Yeah. I am so screwed.

Another fun day in paradise...


Day 8 of the disease

I am feeling better today. I still have a cough and when I breathe deeply, I can still hear the little wheezing sound that my lungs make. This tells me that I have some congestion and little buggy germy fomites are simmering inside me.

Yesterday, was Day 7 of the disease and we ventured out to Joe's sister's house. His parents were there. I told everyone to keep away in my usual friendly fashion. It was a nice break but incredibly exhausting. We came home and I ended up taking a two hour nap. I never nap. Never.

I emailed Scary Trainer and gave him an update. He said that if I come in tonight for our workout, then we will just go through the routine but go really light and see how I feel. He agreed that it might make me feel a little better. Today I am working from home, a full and unproductive day so I hope I can survive until then and then I hope I do not fall asleep.

The other thing to note about this type of contagious disease is that, well, people die from it. Also, it is contagious 3-5 days BEFORE you come down with symptoms. And you are contagious for as long as you are coughing, sneezing, have a runny knows and audible chest congestion in the form of phlegm. Most people do not know this. They come to work or insinuate themselves in all sorts of public places, saying that they are "getting over" it. Uh... I don't think so. there is no such thing as being well AND "getting over" it. You are STILL Contagious. There are no 50% about about. You are either contagious or you are not. There is no such things as "I am sort of..."

Most people don't get my depth of distaste for this contagious disease "thing." As I described it to our friend Abby Wabby, it's like... sharing a hot tub with people who have not bathed in a WEEK and so has a coating of dead skin cells on them... It's like rubbing sweaty bodies together with complete strangers. It's like exchanging spit with someone who has not brushed their teeth...

Okay. You get the picture. There are NO WORDS to describe my DISTASTE for being infected with someone elses GERMS! None.


Week 14 Training Recap

All I have to say is that this was a total waste of an entire week of training. Nothing. Nothing at all because I came down with the flu just because some stupid dirty filthy idiot could not stay home when they felt they were coming down with something and then decided to come to work and contaminate 3 people and basically start an epidemic. Now everyone knows how vehemently unforgiving I am when it comes to spreading disease. So needless to say, I did nothing and let the record reflect it.
Monday: Run 45 minutes easy. Scary Trainer in the evening. NOTHING.
Tuesday: Bike 50 minutes. NOTHING. Day 2 of wallowing in bed.
Wednesday: Run 50 minutes with intervals.HAH! Right. NOTHING!!
Thursday: Run 45 minutes easy. Scary Trainer in the evening. NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING. Good news is that I have not gained any weight and I am not even on my eating regimen.
Friday: Bike 60 minutes. NOTHING.
Saturday: Run 1:30 minutes with intervals.NOTHING
Sunday: Bike 1:30 minutes. NOTHING

Total Running Miles: 0 miles (record: 26.9 miles)
Total Biking Miles: 0 (record: 67.8)
Total Swimming Yards: 0 yards (record: 3300)
Total Strength Training Days: 0 times
Total Workout Hours: 0:0:0 plus 0 strength training (record was 11:00:19)
All I know is that I am incredibly tired. I am slowly getting of this thing but it is taking everything I have along with it. I emailed Scary Trainer and he said that if I come in tonight, we will just through my usual routine but not do anything hard. We will just go through it lightly. I hope that it will make me feel a little better. So this coming week looks like this. Very light.
Monday: REST in the morning. Scary Trainer in the evening.
Tuesday: Walk 20 minutes
Wednesday: Walk 30 minutes.
Thursday: Walk 30 minutes. Scary Trainer in the evening.
Friday: Bike 30 minutes.
Saturday: Run 30 minutes.
Sunday: Bike 45 minutes.


Saturday, April 05, 2008

Day 6 of the disease

There is a moment in every illness where you start out at one end of the spectrum... you get worse and worse until you hit the height of exhaustion and sickness. Then you sit on the that fence that divides sickness from recovery and you sit and teeter on the edge until FINALLY, BLOOP!, you fall over into recovery, crumpled in a heap at the foot of that fence you just fell off of. And so, here I am, looking up at the cloudy sky, the wet cold ground all around me, but strangely knowing that some switch inside just flipped and I am on the road to recovery.

I knew this when I got up this morning. Another night of very deep sleep, filled with dreams of people from work, a pastry food that basted itself and freely gave themselves up to a hungry dog in the middle of a busy city sidewalk as I stood over it popping them in my mouth one at a time...

I even did an errand to the Korean grocery store. And I can finally smell and taste some things.

Speaking of tasting, it's been a very interesting experiment. Green peppers are much sweeter without a total sense of smell. Cucumbers on the other hand are very very bitter. Spicy foods have heat even if they have no taste. And garlic and onions are so strong that they are the first flavor to recover and the last to be lost. You can't taste scotch other than the "bite" at the back of the throat. Joseph pointed out that tasting scotch is all "in the nose" or nasal passage. Hmmm. It's true. Wine, on the other hand, has some flavor but it's not wine, that's for sure. Instead of a three-dimensional experience, it's rather flat, a single dimensional shrug of "why bother?" So I stuck to my bubble water.

I will attempt to get on the treadmill this afternoon and go for a nice long slow walk. Then I will rest again. The trip to the Korean grocery store totally tired me out, even though Joseph did the driving, loading and unloading!

Tonight I am making Korean dumplings. I hope I am recovered enough to taste some of it. They are also a lot of work to make. Jeez. I hope I don't collapse from exhaustion!


Friday, April 04, 2008

Day 5 of the disease

I am still sick and still laying around in bed. The good news is that the body aches are about 90-95% gone.

The bad news is that this disease has now moved up into my head. I am sneezing more and my eyes hurt and droop - sort of like when you have something going on with your sinuses.

The coughing is a little worse but not too bad. I think the key to keeping the congestion at bay was drinking lots of hot liquids to keep the muscus moving and cleaning itself out. Okay. That might sound gross to some people but it is what it is. An understanding of the body's physiological functions can be very helpful when one is sick. As long as one has the clarity of mind to put cause and effect together and execute on some good practices.

I have not worked out in a solid week. That is... SEVEN WHOLE DAYS! Ugh.
And I am off my eating plan a little bit. Actually a lotta bit. I have been eating much more carbs but not like I used to. The good news is that my weight has not drifted up. It has sort of plateaued. But it takes a week so we'll see what happens next week.

Yesterday was the first day that I could not taste anything. I thought I would eat less but I ended up eating more. I think I was trying to "find the flavor" by eating and the only thing that I could feel was spicyness. I couldn't taste the flavor but I could feel the sting of spicyness. It was very odd.

Yesterday afternoon, I worked for about 3 hours. Today I have a 10am meeting that I did not cancel. My first foray into the land of the living. And the person who spreads contagion will be at the meeting.

Speaking of which... I did cancel that lunch today. I hope everyone makes him feel badly that because of him, we have this epidemic and now they will not be treated to a wonderful lunch at a wonderful new seafood restaurant. Sheesh.

Tomorrow, I plan on getting on the treadmill and trying to walk for about 30 minutes and see where I am physically. My next workout with Scary Trainer is on Monday and I don't want THAT to be my first workout since getting this disease! I might send him a note today and tell him my status.

Daytime television is very very odd. No wonder women who stay at home and watch daytime TV are from a different planet. The world is totally different from the eyes of daytime TV. Wow.


Thursday, April 03, 2008

Day 4 of the disease

My body aches were 50% of yesterday morning when I got up today. BUT, my head is congested. The flu has moved up into my head. Still not a lot of coughing, thankfully.

Today I was tired a little longer in the morning and didn't really feel up to getting out of bed until after 1pm. ONE. PEE. EMM!

I feel like Gilbert Grape's mother. Sigh...

Resting is hard work.
It's also stressful.

And the Food Network is slowly starting to lose it's appeal.

I also had to schedule my annual manager lunch. I take my managers to lunch for a job well done the previous year. It's not a lot but it's more of an excuse to get together, have some laughs and show them that I know we are successful because of their hard work. And so... in order not to contaminate people, I had to cancel this lunch. I hope the healthy ones give "A" of the aforementioned blog entry a bunchashit for passing his damn disease around so freely.

As I said, my memory is long.


Martha Stewart is full of shit

Okay. The only think you need to know that Martha Stewart is full of shit is as follows:

On the Martha Stewart show today, she had Emeril Lagasse on and they took questions from the audience. One woman asked where they ate in restaurants that influence their cooking. Emeril says something about New Orleans and Las Vegas, which is totally plausible. Then Martha pipes up, "and India. I eat everywhere in India. They have wonderful food there."

Uh. News flash Martha. You cannot eat EVERYWHERE in India.
WHY? Because you are a WHITE PERSON who does not live in India!
That's why.
And if you did, you would be so busy writhing in pain from the gut germs that your WHITE-PERSON-NOT-LIVING-IN-INDIA self could not handle that you would have NO TIME for your show.

And by restaurants, I don't think the woman in the audience meant totally sanitized western oriented hotel restaurants.

Oh, and Emeril made fish tacos.
They looked wonderful.
Of course, I took down the recipe.
Poor Joseph.
I will feed him fish tacos even though they do not appeal to him.
But this is an EMERIL FISH TACO! With a terrific sauce.
He will like these.
Maybe this weekend.

I need poblano peppers...

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008


I am craving Pizza. A big thin crust cheese pizze with TONS of cheese that is a crusty brown on top.

Or a tortilla pizza - pan fried tortilla with melted cheese and pepperoni over pizza sauce.


Boiled Chicken

I am craving boiled chicken.
The Korean Style boiled chicken.
You boil it slowly in a low simmering pot full of water, filled with garlic, hot peppers, salt, etc. for about 4 hours.
It comes out nice and moist.
You pull it off the bone, dip the flesh in some salt and pop it in your mouth.

I have to stop watching the Food Network.


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The Food Network

Okay. Can I just say that there is just about nothing sexier than a man who cooks. And one that cooks really well? And is really comfortable in the kitchen?

I mean. It's so MANLY.
I love Bobby Flay. He is so cute. And boy, can he cook!
And now... Tyler Florence.
He has some awesome recipes. He is tying up a whole chicken right now. With Bacon and string. In that order. Hmmm...

Then there are the skinny women. What is it with skinny women cooks? Of course, not the woman in Everyday Italian - Giarda De Laurentis. Yes. THAT de Laurentis. I like her a lot. But the others? Mmm... not so much.


Day 3 of the disease

I am all sweaty. I go from hot to cold, hot to cold. In the meantime, I sweat and cool off, sweat and cool off.

I took a nice hot shower this morning, just to feel somewhat human again. But now I am back in bed going through the same ole hot/cold cycle.

Still drinking a lot of liquids.

When I got this morning I was till achey all over. The advils take about 2 hours to kick in and buffer the pain. Then I start to sweat. The good news is that the chest congestion still hasn't set it. Knock on wood.

Again, no working out. Pffft.
I did weigh myself and I am not at my all time low but I am not gaining weight either. THANKFULLY!

So today, I logged into work for an hour and rescheduled some meetings for next week. One of them as A attending the meeting. I told them that if any of them didn't feel well, they can stay the hell away from me because none of them are God's gift to humanity and we do not want your stinky filthy germs in my office.

I am still pissed.

All I can say is... my memory is long. Very Very Long.


Tuesday, April 01, 2008

And another thing...

I am ADDICTED to the Food Network!



Day 2 of the disease

Ugh. I am still sick. What was I thinking? I was hoping that I would be a miracle and that this is nothing but an allergy. But it's not. It's the damn flu! A strange one, but the miserably flu all the same.

And I know exactly where I got it.

There is this guy at work who works for me. Let's call him A just for grins. Anyway, A was out sick for a day or two. I guess he had a flu and he had to literally be in bed for two days and a whole weekend.

Well, hindsight is 20:20. Now that I am thinking about it, he was sick for a week until the flu got the better of him and he was on the very of collapse. ONLY THEN, did he stay home.

ARG!!! How many times do I tell people, "GO HOME AND STAY HOME IF YOU ARE SICK. NO ONE WANTS TO WALLOW IN YOUR DIRTY LITTLE GERMS!" And once, there was another guy at work, who I will call B just for grins, who had stayed out work spewing out a lung. So I heard about it through the grapevine and I was PISSED. So one of the people I asked to go check on B was A. I told A to tell B to GO HOME!

Now, you would think that if you were A, that you would KNOW that if you do not feel well, it is in your best professional career interest not to piss me off in the area of GERMS and stay home or quarantine yourself at the first sign that you are not feeling well.

Because he thinks he is SPECIAL!!!
So while he was sick, and a disease carrion, he sat in people's offices, placing his awful special germs everywhere so that we come along and wipe out hand on them and pick them up. And you KNOW he didn't say anything because he didn't want to get yelled out or have us be concerned about his germs or have me refuse to meet with him face to face. Ugh... DO YOU THINK???

How can he NOT KNOW that during FLU season, you have to be vigilant. Does he think he is THAT CLEAN???


He gave it to two other people in the office that I know of.
And one of them gave it to her 2 little daughters.

If I could, I would fire his ass.

Who the hell is he is make the decision for me that my days are so unimportant that they can be WASTED recovering from the DISEASES that he gave me??

I am strangely feeling any better after this rant.