Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

This is the beginning of the busy season at work. We have merit reviews to prepare for, pre-preparations for budgeting, which starts in June sometime, and of course we are still working on the budget we submitted for the start of 2008, which closed out but is still be fixed. Fixed? I don't even get that.

We also have the marathon this weekend, which means house full of people and lots of activities. Not to mention our anniversary which is tomorrow. Did we KNOW what we were doing when we got married two days before the marathon? Did we KNOW that it would be chaos and mayhem every year? And I can't recall realizing that this means we will never be able to "get away" for our anniversary. Sigh...

I am in two days of training (mandatory) which I have to go to because I will miss the manddatory training in Boston in May because I will be in India! WHY is it mandatory?? Because I have had the distinct misfortune of being labeled "high potential" for the firm. Hmmmm.... While I am flattered, it also means that I am on every single survey list, feedback look, task force with lots of day long offsites, and training. All of which is mandatory. SO mandatory, in fact, that I was called by an old manager that they WAITING FOR MY FEEDBACK on a survey which I have not even started. ARG!!!!!

Anyway... And so I am traveling down to the RI office for this training and leaving an hour early every day to go home - thus missing that last hour of class. Yah.

Another couple of days down the drain of productivity. I was going to take tomorrow off for our anniversary, but work does not stop for Real Life.

Anyway... I am harried and stressed.
Can you tell???

Traffic better not be bad tomorrow because I am getting home early at all cost!

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