Friday, April 04, 2008

Day 5 of the disease

I am still sick and still laying around in bed. The good news is that the body aches are about 90-95% gone.

The bad news is that this disease has now moved up into my head. I am sneezing more and my eyes hurt and droop - sort of like when you have something going on with your sinuses.

The coughing is a little worse but not too bad. I think the key to keeping the congestion at bay was drinking lots of hot liquids to keep the muscus moving and cleaning itself out. Okay. That might sound gross to some people but it is what it is. An understanding of the body's physiological functions can be very helpful when one is sick. As long as one has the clarity of mind to put cause and effect together and execute on some good practices.

I have not worked out in a solid week. That is... SEVEN WHOLE DAYS! Ugh.
And I am off my eating plan a little bit. Actually a lotta bit. I have been eating much more carbs but not like I used to. The good news is that my weight has not drifted up. It has sort of plateaued. But it takes a week so we'll see what happens next week.

Yesterday was the first day that I could not taste anything. I thought I would eat less but I ended up eating more. I think I was trying to "find the flavor" by eating and the only thing that I could feel was spicyness. I couldn't taste the flavor but I could feel the sting of spicyness. It was very odd.

Yesterday afternoon, I worked for about 3 hours. Today I have a 10am meeting that I did not cancel. My first foray into the land of the living. And the person who spreads contagion will be at the meeting.

Speaking of which... I did cancel that lunch today. I hope everyone makes him feel badly that because of him, we have this epidemic and now they will not be treated to a wonderful lunch at a wonderful new seafood restaurant. Sheesh.

Tomorrow, I plan on getting on the treadmill and trying to walk for about 30 minutes and see where I am physically. My next workout with Scary Trainer is on Monday and I don't want THAT to be my first workout since getting this disease! I might send him a note today and tell him my status.

Daytime television is very very odd. No wonder women who stay at home and watch daytime TV are from a different planet. The world is totally different from the eyes of daytime TV. Wow.



Blogger Mel said...

I do hope you are recovering. I am with you about people who insist on running around spreading their germs in the mistaken belief that they are so crucial to daily operations. They should just keep themselves and their nasty little flu germs at home. And the wonders of Food Network do begin to pale, especially the shows with all those skinny little women whose main goal is apparently to get the food prepped as quickly as possible with precious little regard for how it actually tastes! Anyhow, feel better soon and be careful during your recovery. And you can shoot "A" for giving you this disease.

6:50 AM  

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