Saturday, April 05, 2008

Day 6 of the disease

There is a moment in every illness where you start out at one end of the spectrum... you get worse and worse until you hit the height of exhaustion and sickness. Then you sit on the that fence that divides sickness from recovery and you sit and teeter on the edge until FINALLY, BLOOP!, you fall over into recovery, crumpled in a heap at the foot of that fence you just fell off of. And so, here I am, looking up at the cloudy sky, the wet cold ground all around me, but strangely knowing that some switch inside just flipped and I am on the road to recovery.

I knew this when I got up this morning. Another night of very deep sleep, filled with dreams of people from work, a pastry food that basted itself and freely gave themselves up to a hungry dog in the middle of a busy city sidewalk as I stood over it popping them in my mouth one at a time...

I even did an errand to the Korean grocery store. And I can finally smell and taste some things.

Speaking of tasting, it's been a very interesting experiment. Green peppers are much sweeter without a total sense of smell. Cucumbers on the other hand are very very bitter. Spicy foods have heat even if they have no taste. And garlic and onions are so strong that they are the first flavor to recover and the last to be lost. You can't taste scotch other than the "bite" at the back of the throat. Joseph pointed out that tasting scotch is all "in the nose" or nasal passage. Hmmm. It's true. Wine, on the other hand, has some flavor but it's not wine, that's for sure. Instead of a three-dimensional experience, it's rather flat, a single dimensional shrug of "why bother?" So I stuck to my bubble water.

I will attempt to get on the treadmill this afternoon and go for a nice long slow walk. Then I will rest again. The trip to the Korean grocery store totally tired me out, even though Joseph did the driving, loading and unloading!

Tonight I am making Korean dumplings. I hope I am recovered enough to taste some of it. They are also a lot of work to make. Jeez. I hope I don't collapse from exhaustion!



Blogger Paul said...

You're all better by now, right?

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