Monday, April 07, 2008

Day 8 of the disease

I am feeling better today. I still have a cough and when I breathe deeply, I can still hear the little wheezing sound that my lungs make. This tells me that I have some congestion and little buggy germy fomites are simmering inside me.

Yesterday, was Day 7 of the disease and we ventured out to Joe's sister's house. His parents were there. I told everyone to keep away in my usual friendly fashion. It was a nice break but incredibly exhausting. We came home and I ended up taking a two hour nap. I never nap. Never.

I emailed Scary Trainer and gave him an update. He said that if I come in tonight for our workout, then we will just go through the routine but go really light and see how I feel. He agreed that it might make me feel a little better. Today I am working from home, a full and unproductive day so I hope I can survive until then and then I hope I do not fall asleep.

The other thing to note about this type of contagious disease is that, well, people die from it. Also, it is contagious 3-5 days BEFORE you come down with symptoms. And you are contagious for as long as you are coughing, sneezing, have a runny knows and audible chest congestion in the form of phlegm. Most people do not know this. They come to work or insinuate themselves in all sorts of public places, saying that they are "getting over" it. Uh... I don't think so. there is no such thing as being well AND "getting over" it. You are STILL Contagious. There are no 50% about about. You are either contagious or you are not. There is no such things as "I am sort of..."

Most people don't get my depth of distaste for this contagious disease "thing." As I described it to our friend Abby Wabby, it's like... sharing a hot tub with people who have not bathed in a WEEK and so has a coating of dead skin cells on them... It's like rubbing sweaty bodies together with complete strangers. It's like exchanging spit with someone who has not brushed their teeth...

Okay. You get the picture. There are NO WORDS to describe my DISTASTE for being infected with someone elses GERMS! None.



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