Thursday, April 17, 2008

Happy Anniversary to us!

Where have all the cars gone???

Hmmm... strangely enough, the traffic from RI this afternoon was very very light. Very strange. I kept looking around to see if there was some alien gobbling up cars behind me. OR, it could be that the cosmos knew I was in a hurry to get home and cleared the path for me.

Today is our anniversary. This marks four wonderful years of bliss with my Hunnny Bunny. Not a day goes by when I look at him and wonder at how lucky I am to have found him. Hmmm... I think he actually found me. But no matter....

Tonight, I came home wondering about dinner. Joseph had said not to worry about it. Well... what do you know? A personal chef. Brought in to cook a gourmet meal for us. Complete with appetizer and dessert. Unbelievable!!!

Appetizer was this wonderful shrimp spring roll thing with lots of veggies!!!
Dinner was a bone in pork chop - super thick - on a bed of squash and sweet potato. Knowing that I was on this diet and couldn't eat white carbs (aka potato), she substituted the sweet potato. I will say that this was one of best pork chops I've ever had. Moist, well seasoned, tender. I stay away from pork chops because they tend to dry out but this has made me decide to try them in the future when I see them on the menu! Dessert was a volcano cake. Sort of like a lava cake but the top is open and you can see the chocolate "lava." And chocolate covered strawberries. Joseph found the perfect wine to go with all this in our very own cellar. Champagne and wine. Wonderful!

My wonderful Hunny Bunny took what seemed to be an ordinary day into something wonderful. And we found a chef to cater future parties!

Happy Anniversary, Hunny Bunny.
I love you always.

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