Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Scary Trainer Report

I had a great session with Scary Trainer last night.

First, he took pictures. Blast! I so did not want this. Anyway, he is going to do a side by side of the before and after and email them to me. He cuts the head off so that there are no incriminating evidence. Thank goodness for that!

Then we did the max lift session. This is do sets of lifting until you get to the max weight.

So here are the numbers:
Dead Lift - 145 pounds
Chinup - 115 pounds equivalent
Floor Press - 40 lbs
Kettle Bell Squats (regular squats using the kettle bell (looks like a
cannon with a handle) clutched to your chest) - 70#
Front plant - 90 seconds
Squat to press - 45 lbs
That took an hour with warm up and warm up reps.

Tomorrow I get a new set of alternating routines.
He said it's time to move the "the cage" for unassisted chin ups.
This is quite literally just that. A cage. Actually, it's the outline of a cage with bars at the top. And you use it for chinups. There is no side to side stabilizer so inside "the cage", it's "all you!"

ARG!!! I so do not want to do this! They use bands of varying sizes and strengths to support your knees. As you get stronger, the bands get less supportive.
Anyway, I am feeling it in my upper back right now, that is for sure!!

I also was at my all time low weight this morning.

Life is definitely good...

30 minutes on the bike this morning, right on schedule!



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