Friday, April 25, 2008

Sometimes I just don't get a break!

Okay. It's been a bit of a hellish week so far. I had to go the RI office today because my boss requested my presence for a 2 hour meeting. So I had to drive there which took about 1:15. Then I left early to beat the traffic and that also took me about 1:15.

I have a manager that is screwing up. Sigh... and it doesn't help that one of HIS managers hates him. But let's get serious people... this is not about YOU, it's about the work. And no matter what the differences in opinion, work styles, and thought, you are here to do the work for the company and to make your manager look good! That is the key to longevity and success!

So my boss is not too happy about the manager. And he is also not happy about the manager's manager - they go way back and the jury's always been out on him anyway...

Good grief! It's like a damn soap opera. Not to mention all the additional work and fire drills I am going through because of the manager's incapability!!! GAH!

I think it's time for another reorg. Sheesh.



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