Monday, April 14, 2008

Week 15 Training Recap

Last week was a total wash. Today I bounded out of bed and realized that I really can't go great guns on the treadmill or bike this morning after two weeks of doing NOTHING. And tonight, I have Scary Trainer on top of it all. So last week looked like this.
Monday: REST in the morning. Scary Trainer in the evening. Done. We started out with light weights.
Tuesday: Walk 20 minutesNothing. Decided not to tax myself.
Wednesday: Walk 30 minutes.Nothing. Still coughing and tired
Thursday: Walk 30 minutes. Scary Trainer in the evening. Scary Trainer in the evening. Did good. He says next week we will try to go back to normal. Happy happy!
Friday: Bike 30 minutes. Nothing.
Saturday: Run 30 minutes.Nothing.
Sunday: Bike 45 minutes. Nothing. The first day I felt good enough to do something and I was too busy! ARG!!!

Total Running Miles: 0 miles (record: 26.9 miles)
Total Biking Miles: 0 (record: 67.8)
Total Swimming Yards: 0 yards (record: 3300)
Total Strength Training Days: 2 times
Total Workout Hours: 0:0:0 plus 2 strength training (record was 11:00:19)
Next week will be interesting. It is quite literally, The Week From Hell. I have LOTS O' DRIVING to do because I have to go to the remote offices 3 days in a row. And then on Friday, Boston Marathon weekend starts. There is no rest for the weary. This is what I am HOPING to do
Monday: REST in the morning. Scary Trainer in the evening.
Tuesday: Bike 30 minutes
Wednesday: Run 30 minutes. Scary Trainer in the evening.
Thursday: Bike 30 minutes.
Friday: Run 30 minutes.
Saturday: Bike 45 minutes.
Sunday: Run 45 minutes.



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