Monday, April 21, 2008

Welcome to the World of Elite Security

This has got to be the best gig in the world.

I get a special badge. I stand at the door of the conference room of the hotel that all the elite runners stay at for the Boston Marathon and I check badges and let people in or out.

No Badge-ie, no innee. Simple.

It's the same gang year after year.
It's also the same ahtletes almost, year after year.

We actually barred Utta Pippig. Yes. THE Utta Pippig. Actually, I did not bar her, there were two others who did, and I ran up and said, THIS IS UTTA PIPPIG!!! THE DARLING OF THE BOSTON MARATHON! and right then and official ran up, gave her a badge, and said, "this is to make it official and so you guys can do your job."

Utta was waiting for the winner. And yes. Utta. We're on a first name basis now that she hung out with us for the better part of two hours!

We also saw all the wheelchair racers. That Ernst Van Dyke. Let me tell you! He is absolutely gorgeous up close and personal. If he had legs, you can tell he'd be about 6'5" tall! Very handsome. Very sweet.

And Lance baby did come through. Okay. HUGE disappointment. He is SHORT. Short. He was all in black - he evidently changed out of his bright yellow running gear. And he was surrounded by GROUPIES! Yes. What a disappointment! And he looks just like he does on TV. I thought he'd be better looking. He's not bad, but not as good as I had hoped. He is so small! That is what struck me. Anyway, he hung out for a while. Seemed okay. I felt bad for him - this is his very very small world, all the groupies yessing him to death and chasing after his crumbs. It must feel weird to the a god of your own little world. Anyway....

For my troubles I got a volunteer jacket. It was gray this year. Another huge disappointment. I got a small so I can't even give it to H, who always gets the same color every year because she is medical. Sigh...

The best thing of all is that I was so happy not running. Not in any single way did I miss running this race. I am volunteering from now on. Maybe one day it will be my 26th year, like a couple of the guys on this security team. Amazing.



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