Monday, April 07, 2008

What is there to know about the *&^% ECONOMY???

Okay. So. Senior Management at work has decided that all of the employees must take two classes minimum. One of them is Economic Essentials. There are four parts. One for the economy, one for the monetary system, one for the indexes, one for something else which I can't remember. In fact, I do not even know if any of those four are correct.

These are 11-12 slides each with the last 4 being questions on a test. So about 30% of the presentation is a test. Then after all of the sections and tests there is a mastery test. There are 15 questions. And you have to get 80% to pass.

Let me start by saying, "ARG!!! This totally freaked me out!"
It was SO HARD! I hate economics. Of any kind. I remember taking it in college something like 30+ years ago and I almost FLUNKED!!!

I was taking notes wildly! All for 4 questions that covered 5 slides at a very very high level!!! I got them some right and I got some wrong. But the tests were such that you clicked and dragged the answers into these answer "buckets" and if you dragged the answer into the wrong bucket, it wouldn't "settle" into place so you could click and drag the answer to another bucket until you got it right.

The Mastery Test, I got 80%. The minimum to pass. I was so nervous. I mean, WHO CARES ABOUT THE FIVE INDEXES?? Who cares about the Russell 2000 or the Wilshire 5000? I didn't even know it existed until today!

And I was so tense that my brain started hurting. OMG! I wonder how many times other people had to take it to pass. Because you see, if you do not get 80%, you have to REPEAT EVERYTHING until you do!!!

And now I have the second test hanging over my head. It's about the company's BUSINESS. The BUSINESS OF what? The Financial Services business? The trading business?? ARG! I am going to shoot myself. Wanna know WHY I decided to go into technology? Because I dislike people! That's why? And look where THAT GOT ME!!! Yeah. I am so screwed.

Another fun day in paradise...



Blogger Paul said...

You probably need to go back home to bed. You're not quite well yet, I bet.

Or for a sure-fire lift that will bring a smile to your face, read my granddaughter's journal entry. It's on my blog.

PS--hope you're feeling a lot better soon.

12:10 AM  
Blogger Luminita said...

Did you have to take Holdings Disclosure Policy? I have to say I never felt dumber than when I took this short class, I just couldn't get the answers straight... Then I talked to one of my co-workers and he said he had a hard time with that one too, which instantly made me feel a lot better.

Glad to hear you're feeling better!

8:18 AM  

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