Thursday, May 08, 2008

At the airport

One gate.
But they expanded the sitting area.
Thank god.

I am on my way home!
Happy happy happy!!

I actually missed the Dingle Doggie. I would never have believed that was possible.
And of course, I missed my Hunny Bunny!

Air France worked well on the way to India.
I will judge how it works for the return trip.
I think I am in the first class cabin for business class again! Yahoo!
And there was no incident with checking the big box with the two vases in it. No additional fees either. The box is actually a tad smaller than my suit case. I don't know how I do it but every time I come here, I go back with my suitcase barely able to be zipped. And this time was no exception! And it wasn't filled when I came to India and it also had a big box of industrial sized cereal from Costco for someone's kid here. When I took it out, there was a BIG OLE GAPING HOLE and the suitcase was only half filled. And now? I could barely get the zipper zipped!

More to come.

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