Monday, May 26, 2008

A Ball Park and a Lake

It's been a while since I could mark down one more ball park in my quest to visit every major league ball park in America before I die. Yup. Yup Yup Yup.

Okay. I'm not what you call a sports fiend. Or even a fanatic. Or maybe a fan in the true sense of the word. Anyway, the truth is that I could really get into it but I don't because I am not nice if I am immersed in something. I cannot stop short of anything less than obsessed and crazed. And I turn into a spitting, fire breathing, ear smokin' demon. In other words, I am not someone you want to be around. So I keep myself at a distance. Anyway, I always enjoy a good competition. And I don't really care who's playing unless it's the Yankees or the Tarheels. Hmmm... or DOOK or the Red Sox.... Anyway...

Yesterday, we went to another ball park. Jacob's Field. So called until a guy named Progressive and outpayed poor Jacob for naming rights. It's in Cleveland and we drove down there with Milt and Cher and we even had our picture taken in front. We had a nice lunch beforehand at some place I can't remember the name of but their menu had beer and lots of unhealthy beer pub food.

It's a very nice, very clean ball park. We had pretty good seats even if you couldn't see the ball over the plate but the food was good and we had $5 vouchers. Um, like about $30 worth which we split.

Unfortunately, the Indians lost in extra innings. But that's okay. We ended up cheering for them until the bitter end.

The funniest thing...right before we go in, a cop comes up to Joe and starts talking to him! Turns out they are fraternity brothers! Good Grief!! Different chapters bu the same frat. The Brotherhood of a whole different kind. The cop had seen Joe's tattoo on his ankle - the fraternity symbol - and came up to talk to him. They compared chapters, had a few chuckles, etc etc etc.

After the game, we got a tour of Cleveland. Ended up at the lake. Lake Erie. I remember having gone there with my Dad. I think my brother had been with us. We lived in New Jersey at the time and we had gone for a drive. Yah. A long one. Anyway, I remember at that time, there was nothing around and we pulled into a small gravel 2 or 3 car lot and looked out over the ocean (aka The Lake - it's big enough to look like the ocean...)

This time we pulled into a big paved parking lot, with lots of people having picnics and walked down to the lake on a special path. We climbed the rocks, which all looked like giant carved anchors, and looked out. It was really kind of neat. The first time was with my Dad. My best buddy. This time, it was with best buddies of a different kind - Cher and Milt and my Hunny Bunny.

It was a memorable Sunday. Good game, good food, good friends. Remember good memories.

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Blogger sRod said...

Great goal!

11:06 PM  
Blogger deborah said...

Where in NJ did you live? I grew up in NJ (couldn't get out of there fast enough).

9:43 AM  

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