Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Christmas Photo

Finally made it to the golf course today. We did make it to a few hours of the last day of practice rounds. Actually, it was a pro-am tournament. You knew who the pros were and who the ams were. The ams just didn't quite make it to the green or to the hold. Ya know? Anyway, you can find awesome pictures on Cher's Blog. She sent me the pictures but I haven't downloaded them yet.

We got there in time to watch four golfers (one of whom was Chris DiMarco) do some advertising photo shoot for gortex golfing rain gear. I thought people didn't play golf in the rain because of lightning. Anyway... they made the four walk up and down a hill about 10 times. The crowd ended up shouting out helpful remarks on how to walk and hold the clubs! It was quite comical!

We met up with K.J.Choi on the course. But not his wife and son. I have to figure out a way to invite him to dinner. I wish I knew more Korean! ARG!!! I might have to bring my niece next year so she can translate. We can invite him to dinner. Heck, he might be staying the whole week with us by the time we're through!

And one of the pictures is of me and K.J. Choi. I actually figured out the right words in my head to ask him for a picture together. I had on my KJ signed hat, and when he turned around, he looked up and saw it. I had Cher and Joe walking behind me mumbling and egging me on! They are absolutely insufferable when they are together!! It's not a matter of having the nerve to say something to him, because I have no problem speaking up! I just didn't know how to say what I wanted to say in Korean! I didn't want to say something and have him look at me and then stand there going, "uh, huh, duh..." And if they hadn't kept jeering at me, I could have translated my thoughts faster! Pffffft! And at one point, Cher screams out "Dukboki!" which a FOOD! Actually, it's a vendor food that you buy on the streets of Korean!!! ARG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, I think the picture of me and K.J. look pretty good. That is going to be our Christmas Card this year. Happy happy happy!!

Oh. And the one of me and Joe turned out pretty good, too!



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