Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dublin Rec Center

Ok. I am sitting in the sitting area of the Dublin Rec Center.

I just finish my weight workout and Cher just sat down from a run.
The sitting area is nice with nice chairs!
The place is well-kept and has a little cafe area.
The pool area is quite big and they even have an indoor track that overlooks a badminton court! Lots o' Asian women playing Badminton. And let me tell you... they play mean!!! And if you have never tried to play badminton, you should. It's a really tiring, heart-racing sport!

Hmmm... I wish Brookline had a Dublin Rec Center. I wonder if we could petition the town to build one? We already have a pool. They've already voted to raise our taxes (again). I would definitely join if they built it!



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