Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hair cut


I finally got my hair cut yesterday. I had to keep postponing the appointment because of work! Grrrr....

I usually like to get it cut about every 7 weeks, give or take a week. This time I had to postpone it TWICE for a couple of weeks each time! ARG!!! So I ended up with a flat head!. Flat! Yes! The hair stuck to my head like a skull cap!

Anyway... now it looks great. I am leaving it a bit longer - growing it out for the summer. We'll see how it holds up. I have a feeling that I might have Flat Head Syndrome faster than usual since it's longer. And the ends curl up. Yes. I have hair that curls. And I am going bald. But we won't dwell on that...

There's an upside anyway...
At least now I'll look like a girl when I wear a hat.



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