Friday, May 09, 2008

Home again!

I am home.

Home, Sweet Home!!
Gotta love it.
I left at 2am and arrived at 3pm. Same day. Who says you can't go back in time??

I also love flying Air France.
The first leg from Bangalore to Paris is much longer - 2 hours longer, which means that I get to actually SLEEP!
The second leg from Paris is Boston is like a hop over to England. Easy Peasy as my friend Abby would say.
I think that managing jet lag this time around will be much easier!

Carrying over a box of vases wasn't a big deal either. No extra charges, it was under the weight limit for business class passengers. Yahoo! And I had no qualms using a cart when I pick up my luggage.

The next trip is to Ohio in two weeks. I wonder how much weight i have to lose in two weeks before I go to Ohio? Because you KNOW that when I am in Ohio, my resolve will break and I will be eating and drinking a lot toward the end. Sigh...

I need to post pictures of the vases when we get them set up!



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