Friday, May 30, 2008


We are on our way home. Cher dropped us off at the airport this morning. I am going to really miss the festivities of the rest of Tournament Week. Sigh...

I am always amazed at Cher and Milt's hospitality. We get along really well when it comes to living in close quarters for a week or two, whether it's in Napa Valley or at their house. I guess it's because we all get together and do things together, but have no problem doing out own thing. No one feels like they must be entertained or have to do the entertaining. It's a casual atmosphere, no pressure to perform, no pressure to be grateful (although Joe and I continue to be thankful and amazed at their generosity!), and no pressure to be together all the time and no guilt! It's like being with myself!

Anyway, we are now on the plane. It's a small commuter plane and no lie, but Superman was on our plane. Well, his alter ego is anyway. We are sitting here and I look up and lo, and behold! There he is.

Clark Kent.
In full regalia.
Single handedly making announcements, barking out orders, manning the drink cart. The only problem is that his high effeminent voice just doesn't match his 6-feet-plus frame and Clark Kent glasses! Times must be really tough in the newspaper profession.



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