Sunday, May 18, 2008

Week 20 Training Recap

First week back from India and I am trying to get right back into the swing. I gained about 4 pounds (*&^%!!!) and promptly lost it. Thank goodness!!! I have two weeks of getting into shape before I head out to Ohio for vacation!
Monday: Scary Trainer. Done.
Tuesday: Run 30 minutes.Rode 9.25 miles.
Wednesday: Scary Trainer. Done.
Thursday: Run 30 minutes. Ran 2.25 miles. Ugh. Why is running so HARD???
Friday: Run 45 minutes.Ran 2.6 miles. Since running is hard, I decided to try it again.
Saturday: Bike 1 hour. Ride 15.5 miles. Not bad.
Sunday: Run 1 hourRan 5.95 miles. ARG!!! .05 miles short of 6. What a dolt.

Total Running Miles: 10.8 miles (record: 26.9 miles)
Total Biking Miles: 24.8 miles (record: 67.8)
Total Swimming Yards: 0 yards (record: 3300)
Total Strength Training Days: 2 times
Total Workout Hours: 3:46:13
Next week, I have to work on getting off this stupid plateau. Every time I think about working really hard to see if I am really on a plateau, something happens to contaminate the diet!!! ARG!!! I am hoping to have a good week and a pound loss even though we are heading out to Ohio on Saturday. I am taking Friday off so I can move my weekend work out up by a day. Ohhhhh, the things I do...
Monday: Scary Trainer.
Tuesday: Run 30 minutes.
Wednesday: Scary Trainer.
Thursday: Run 30 minutes.
Friday: Bike 75 minutes.
Saturday: Run 75 minutes.
Sunday: Rest. In Ohio.



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