Monday, May 26, 2008

Week 21 Training Recap

What a week trying to get everything wrapped up for vacation. And my day off on Friday became a half day because of WORK WORK WORK!!! Pfffftt!!! Anyway, I managed to do what I could and nothing more. Definitely no heroic efforts this week. Not unless you count trying to take Friday off to get my long ride in before leaving for vacation, which I did manage to do, by the way. Anyway, the week look liked this.
Monday: Scary Trainer. Done.
Tuesday: Run 30 minutes. Run 3.1 miles.
Wednesday: Scary Trainer. Done.
Thursday: Run 30 minutes. Ride 11.5 miles.
Friday: Bike 75 minutes. Run 5.81 miles.
Saturday: Run 75 minutes. Ride 28 miles.
Sunday: Rest. In Ohio. Rest day. Went to the ball park instead. Oh. And I ate a lot of ball park food.

Total Running Miles: 8.91 miles (record: 26.9 miles)
Total Biking Miles: 34.5 miles (record: 67.8)
Total Swimming Yards: 0 yards (record: 3300)
Total Strength Training Days: 2 times
Total Workout Hours: 4:11:40
For the next week of training, I am in Ohio. Let's see how long it takes for my new resolve to melt down.
Monday: Run a 5k.
Tuesday: Lift at Cher's gym.
Wednesday: Run 30 minutes.
Thursday: Lift at Cher's gym.
Friday: Travel back home in the morning. Bike 45 minutes.
Saturday: Bike 1:30
Sunday: Run 1:30.



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