Monday, June 30, 2008

Week 26 Training Recap

Talk about a messed up week. What a week! Every night it was something - training or something else that involved food of some kind. Anyway... I did what I could and I must say that I didn't pay as much attention to the diet as I could have but it was almost impossible. I also tried to get ready to take the week of next week. I know it's a recurrent theme but I don't know why I am so busy at work. And about what? NOTHING! That is what it is in the end when you are dead in a coffin and it's like you never existed! Take a number, buddy! You know? I have to constantly remind myself of that when I get hyper-extended over work. Anyway, this is what happened last week.
Monday: STT. Done. More rubber bands. ARG! How can it hurt so much??
Tuesday: Bike 45 minutes. Done. 11.4 miles. Slow. But I am happy.
Wednesday: Run 30 minutes. We will test out the ole ankle. No way, Jose. Not after the Bourbon tasting last night. And to make it worse, we went to a dinner event by a non-profit organization. At least I had salmon, but that tart at the end did not help the situation.
Thursday: STT.Done. Thank goodness for small miracles. More bands. GAH!
Friday: Bike 45. Done. Biked 11.45 miles.
Saturday: Bike 90 minutes, swim 15 laps. Biked 18.15 miles.
Sunday: Run 45 minutes. Nothing. Went to the airshow and that took the whole day. I had no idea!

Total Running Miles: 0 miles (record: 26.9 miles)
Total Biking Miles: 40.8 miles (record: 67.8)
Total Swimming Yards: 0 yards (record: 3300)
Total Strength Training Days: 2 times
Total Workout Hours: 2:43:20
Okay. I am taking next week off. That means I will have a very open and free schedule. Yes, I will have to do some work but I will not be tethered by guilt to the stupid computer all day long. I am hoping to jumpstart my workout routines, going back to those two-a-days that I love. And my hope is that they will also be helping me get off this stupid plateau!
Monday: STT.
Tuesday: Bike 45 minutes, swim
Wednesday: Run 30 minutes. We will test out the ole ankle. Swim.
Thursday: STT.
Friday: Bike 45. Swim.
Saturday: Bike 90 minutes, swim 15 laps.
Sunday: Run 45 minutes.


Rhode Island Airshow

I have never been to an Airshow. And neither has Joseph. So, when someone I knew offered me VIP tickets, at first I thought, "nah..." for the first five seconds. Then I thought that my sister in law and her family might want to go and it would be a good thing to do together.

So, I signed up.
It was yesterday.

Good GRIEF! An Airshow is like the NASCAR of the skies.

First, we get there and there is a special lane just for VIP cars to follow, which led us to a special VIP parking lot right next to the airstrip at Quonset Point. You could not get closer. And the parking spaces were marked off with yellow caution tape with military precision, directed the whole way their by military personnel in their fatigues. It was quite the experience.

Then we find the VIP Chalet. Our group is front and center. Basically right on the center airstrip where everything was going to be happening. They had a tent, tables, chairs, etc., in front of the main airstrip where the show is going to be. And they are serving breakfast and lunch, which was really good - ribs, shrimp, chicken, salad, steak, etc. We even had our own private porta potties. And our tent was one the best one in the long row of "Chalets." We even had tablecloths, although the FedEx tent next to us had umbrellas over each of their tables. But, one could argue that not having umbrellas was better since it allowed you to look up at the sky better.

The airshow was amazing. They started out with a parade of military planes showing their might. Their jet engines were really LOUD! And they were traveling at the speed of sound or faster. So they would pass, and then the boom would follow. Wild. We saw F-16's, the Harrier Jet, big giant cargo movers, the big giant helicopters, and all manner of things. I turned to Joseph at one point and said, "imagine if you're in enemy territory and you hear one of these things approaching? You will be filled with either utter terror or sheer joy. Wow."

And then the trick planes came, one after another. The one that was being sponsored by my friend's company was second to fly. Sean Tucker and his son Eric did the honors in bright red planes. It was amazing. After they flew, they came into the tent for a "meet and greet." We had them sign our hats and programs, and had our picture taken with him. At one point, Joseph, Paul and the kids got to go see the plane itself, meet the Sean and Eric and really just up close and personal. Caroline asked about going up in the plane with him, and he told her that when she turns twelve, to get in touch with my contact. Well. He better believe that that is just what we're gonna do! And you know that she'll be counting down the days until then!

Toward the end, there was a simulation of what happens with ground forces and the planes and bombs and helicopters when they are in enemy territory. Believe me when I tell you that we are in good hands. Good grief!! It was loud and kinda scary when you think that this was only a simulation. Anyway, it was quite awe inspiring in some ways and I had a better appreciation for all the danger that our troops face when deployed. My hats are off to them and my prayers go with them wherever they are.

At the end of the show, the British verion of the Blue Angels, the Red Arrows, went up. 9 planes in precision formation doing loop de loops and practically playing chicken. They had red white and blue smoke and were beautiful to watch. It was amazing to think about how fast they are when you see they off in the distance, disappear, and then reappear. Wow.

All in all it was a very good day. We had a blast. And I can honestly say that I was very pleasantly surprised that it was not gaudy at all. I guess it helped that we were VIP and had our own personal private space. If that is the case, I would definitely go again.


Friday, June 27, 2008

Falling behind again

Ugh. Too much to write about, too little time! So this is going to be a quickie recapping some things from the week. Let's see. Where did I leave off. Oh, yes...

So, Wednesday night, we went to the Pioneer Institute dinner. I have no idea about this institute other than they highlight innovative thinking. So, I guess you can call it a think tank. Anyway, after a buncha speeches, they bring out their honored guest speaker and it's a woman by the name of Michelle Rhee who is the Chancellor of the Washington School District. I was stunned. Wow. A Korean woman, relatively young, being honored by a group of what I could see was a buncha white men with gray hair who looked very smart. Hmmm... This woman is amazing and so Korean in every way - black and white, blunt, find a solution and bulldoze it through (of course, if diplomacy fails), and heads down focused. So, if you do not know what that means, then you do not know Korean women. After a lot of dull speeches, I was really glad that I had a chance to hear her speak. And I thought, "wow, it's not just me."

Training so far this week has been a little tough. It's crazy at work, and I am trying to wrap up so that I can take next week off. Yes. I am taking next week off. To do NOTHING! NOTHING AT ALL!!! Well, to do things that I just want to do when I want to do them and see if I can fill my days. The other thing I want to do is study my Chinese for an hour a day and start my two-a-day workouts. And get back to the pool. And get my car fixed. And get my car oil changed. And... I have a LOT to do next week. ARG!!!


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Buffalo gals. Won't you come out tonight...

Ok. Last night, we went to BRIX for a BBQ and Bourbon Tasting courtesy of B.T's Smokehouse and Buffalo Trace.

First, if you don't have a BRIX or a BRIX-like wine merchant, then I say "too bad for you." Everyone should know a Carrie at a BRIX. Anyway, they sell lots of good wine and now bourbon and scotches, along with sake, rum, and vodka. I am not talking about Barcardi or Gallo wines. I'm talking high end, small production... And that's just the stuff on the floor. Most of the best stuff is in her office or "the back room". And she must have a huge office!!

Anyway, Carrie and Crew went to Buffalo Trace and bought a cask. And we have a bottle. Eagle Rare. Unreal. Mighty fine drinkin'. And they brought in the master distiller of Buffalo Trace (Harlen Wheatley) to talk about 6 of their bourbons.

And then they brought in the chef and owner of B.T.'S Smokehouse from out in Brimfield to pair the bourbons with foods. And he has training as a fine chef and opened this place up about a year ago.

So the good stuff.

First course: A bacon corn chowder paired with a Blanton's Single Barrel 93. GOOD GOD!!!! The chowder was amazing. The bourbon was good (remember that I'm a scotch drinker) but paired together, they were both amazing!!!

Second course: the BRIX Barrel #29 Eagle Rare 10 year. Now, we have a bottle of this at home already. It's spicy and agressive. Love it! It was paired with a sausage similar to a breakfast sausage but stuffed with apricots that had been soaked in Blanton's. It was served with fresh greens, grapefruit sections and goat cheese (yuk). It was amazing!!!! Except for the goat cheese (yuk).

We learned a few things along the way. That you can make bourbon anywhere but to be Kentucky bourbon, it has to be distilled in Kentucky! There was a buncha talk about scotch which I already knew. Anyway, if you make bourbon anywhere else, the issue is the mineral content of the water. If there is lead, then the bourbon turns black. Who knew?

White oaks are considered valuable (of course). And you get two barrels out of a single tree.

They have 5 recipes and 13 different brands.

The third course: Buffalo Trace Bourbon paired with Lightly Smoked Salmon with new potatoes, Leeks, and Vanilla Bacon Cream. Up to this point this is my favorite bourbon. It was warm, soft but full of flavor. And the salmon was unbelievable! It was VERY lightly smoke sushi grade salmon. The potatoes in the sauce was heavenly - light, deep flavor but "clean" and not heavy. This was the point where I realized, this isn't your usual BBQ place. Of the usual throw-the-slab-in-the-smoker BBQ cook. This is taking BBQ to an entirely new haute fine dining level. I'm finally getting the concept.

The Fourth Course: Sazerac 6 Year Rye paired with Honey Bourbon Glazed Baby Back Rib and BT's Sexy Slaw. The bottle is a throwback - very retro. Similar to what we found in the attic of our house when we first moved in (and which we learned from the great-grandaughter of the original owner of the house that the great-grandfather was an alcoholic - ahem - another long story). Also bourbons are at least 51% corn. And corn is the only sweet mash that they use. And all bourbons have sour mash in them. This was followed by lots of bourbon chemical mumbo jumbo and my head started to hurt so I checked out. Anyway... I didn't like this rye! In fact, I traded it up for a undrunk Buffalo trace. But the ribs! Good Grief!!! YUMMY!!!

So the chef comes and it turns out he's a real southern BBQ person! He has a roadside stand! No, really. Just like Louisville and the guy with the barrel! Wow. And he trained as a fine dining chef at CIA. Wow again! And when he talked you could see it in his eyes that he was, again, more than your typical throw-the-slab-in-the-smoker BBQ cook.

The Fifth Couse: Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve 15 year paired with BBQ Shortribs with Salacious Grits and Red Eye Gravy. 107 proof. Egads! Ok. So I drank the bourbon before I knew it. Smooth? Uh, yah. Sweet, caramel, full body. I started slowing down at this point. The grits? Amazing. And the short ribs? Uh.. not braised. It was BBQ'd!!! Wow. Amazing!! And the grits were so good - fully fatted cream with garlic. Simmered for HOURS! Makes me sing!!!

Last course! Good grief! I'm about to fall over at this point!!!!! The Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve 23 Year with Bread Pudding with Pappy Van Winkle Hard Sauce. First. The figs. Totally amazing!!!! And the rest of the pudding! Light. Buttery. Creamy. Gak!!!!! Delicious!!!!!! And the bourbon? Let's just say we put in for 2 bottles at $250 a pop.

So we carried our wares home and that was only half the order. And I never got to put in the order for the wines I had while in California last week. Blast!

Needless to say, I was up 2 pounds from the festivities this morning. And of course, I slept in. No running for me. Might jostle something loose in my brain...


Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Okay. The other night, we are in bed and watching TV - it's a nightly ritual. I flip channels until Joe yells at me that he can't sleep with my flipping channels. I don't even get that.

Anyway… I flipped to the Food Network. And as usual around that time, Unwrapped!was on. And they were showing Callie's Charleston Biscuits and Zapp's Chips.

Uh oh. They mentioned they do mail order business.
Uh oh.

So this morning, I go online and lo and behold, what do I see?
Unwrapped has links! Yes!! They have a listing of all their episodes and links to the various websites! And they had links to Callie's Charleston Biscuits and Zapp's Chips.

So I order four dozen sampler pack of biscuits and a 16-pack sampler box of chips.
I had to! The biscuits sample only came in a pack of dozen of each of the four types of biscuits.
And the Chips had hotter than hot Jalapeno chips and some other flavors and I couldn't just get ONE BAG OF EACH! ARG!!! So I ended up with a 16-pack box.

I am so in trouble now.
Thank goodness the biscuits are frozen and chips keep up to 2 years.

Thank goodness for my CHEAT DAY ONCE A WEEK!!

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Big Ambitions

I have decided not to take my laptop home every night. Instead of sitting like a veal, tethered to the couch, I have decided to study Chinese.

Ok. It's madness borne out of desperation. I am so far behind on my Chinese studies!In fact, I'm so behind that I got a white guy in class who is a tad bit ahead of me. A white guy beating a Korean girl? Or any over-achieving Asian girl?? Uh..... Unheard of.

Although, I did beat him on the test the other day. Heh.

I said, "I got a 93, what did you get?"
And on the homework we got back, I said, "I got an 87. Damn. So. What did YOU get?"
He just looked at me and said, "OMG! You are SO KOREAN!"

Well... uh... Yeah! I am! So what did you get? I must have beat you. HAH! Good. Good good good.

And so, did I study after my workout with STT?
Course not.
I had about 45 minutes and I sat tethered to couch, eating a small bowl of Kimchee Bokum with Tofu (I was STARVING after my workout), and watching So You Think You Can Dance. 1 hour vote off show in about 30 minutes. Gotta love DVR...

Baby steps.


Week 25 Training Recap

Last week was a wash. I didn't do much of anything other than get up, go to meetings, eat, sleep, repeat. I hate traveling. It really puts a damper on the training schedule.

Monday: STT special workout. Nothing
Tuesday: STT special workout. Done.
Wednesday: STT special workout. Nothing. Ankle is bothering me.
Thursday: STT special workout.Nothing.
Friday: STT special workout. Nothing.
Saturday: Bike 75 minutes. Biked for 30 minutes. Ankle is still swollen.
Sunday: Run 30 minutes, swim 30 minutes. Biked for 60 minutes. Ankle isn't as badly swollen. Swam 9 laps.

Total Running Miles: 0 miles (record: 26.9 miles)
Total Biking Miles: 24.0 miles (record: 67.8)
Total Swimming Yards: 450 yards (record: 3300)
Total Strength Training Days: 1 times
Total Workout Hours: 1:53:25
This coming week looks better. My work schedule is hell but I want to do at least one work out a day for the next 7 days. If I can get a swim in somewhere, that would be a bonus.
Monday: STT.
Tuesday: Bike 45 minutes.
Wednesday: Run 30 minutes. We will test out the ole ankle.
Thursday: STT.
Friday: Bike 45.
Saturday: Bike 90 minutes, swim 15 laps.
Sunday: Run 45 minutes.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Big Red Bucket

Well... storms came through here - flash storm.
I was in the pool swimming laps. After Lap 9, I looked up, saw the downpour, ran out, and the car was already filled with water.

The top was DOWN!
The sun was OUT!
So I didn't bother putting it up!
The Weather Liars are always wrong!!!
Until today!

So, I ran from the pool, slipping and sliding, with the lifeguard yelling at me to STOP RUNNING! I put on my t-shirt because you can't be in the lobby without one, and I ran outside to the deluge!

I put the top up, the back window won't zip, so that stayed open.
Went back to the pool and got my flip flops, got my stuff and drove home.
I didn't even change. I was soaked to the skin!
I just pulled on shorts over my suit, and sat in the soaked car and drove home.

When things go wrong for me it goes terribly wrong.


Autotext spellcheck

Good grief!! I was wondering why my Blackberry autotext spellcheck was just giving me foreign words. Turns out that it was set to Catalan! And not just Spanish but CATALAN!!!!

I realized that just after deleting and creating about a dozen words. And then light dawned on marblehead and I thought, Hey! Maybe there is a setting option! And sure enough... there is a Language option. And it was on CATALAN!!! GAH!

Also, the other day I called my friend H about NINE TIMES!!!

I need a new BB holster NOW! I knew living without a holster would cause problems! I have to put it into my pocketbook and evidently the keys get smushed. As a result I am calling all my friends and speaking Spanish.

Good Grief!!


Saturday, June 21, 2008


I am home.
I got on the bike for 30 mins this morning before I left for my massage appointment. My ankle is still swollen. Two weeks since I sprained it and it's still swollen. STT is gonna be thrilled.

Speaking of home. The driveway is done. It looks awesome! I might take more pictures of the house to post.

I also did a huge Korean food shopping. Elizabeth is coming home tomorrow. She is only here for a week and then she goes to Vermont for a couple of weeks to another violin camp. Which is too bad - the two weeks, not the camp - because next week is really just crazy for us in terms of evening things to do! Every night is practically filled with something or another!

And my car's back window has been safety-pinned or paper clipped or something in an unwieldy up position. Nothing like Hunny Bunny ingenuity. I, on the other hand, will be making a duct tape run to the hardware store later today. I am praying that a stiff breeze doesn't get a hold of it and knock the window down first.


There is NO PLACE LIKE HOME!!!!!

'Nuff said.


There's nothing like a limo

Okay. While I am thinking of it,let me just state that there is NOTHING like getting picked up in your own private limo. Especially one that picks you up at the airport and takes you home. It's nice when they pick you up at home and take you to the airport but nothing compares after a 6 hour flight when they magically appear and greet you warmly, take your bags, hold the door open for you... Ahhhhh...

There is no getting in a taxi line. No roll of the dice as to the condition of the car. Limos always smell new, are pristinely clean, the drivers look clean and weel-dressed and they wait for you with a sign that has your name on it and there is no incessant chatter of nothing. And the drivers are all very respectful and don't speak to you unless you speak to them first. Sigh...

Life should be one big quiet comfy limo ride...

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Calf cramp

I woke up with a huge cramp in my left calf this morning. In fact, it woke me up! And by the time I was awake enough to know what was happening and stop it, it was already a deep knot!

And hours later, the muscle is still sore! And I feel like if I step the wrong way, it'll sieze up again!!

Constant fear and loathing!!!

Thank goodness I have Arun tomorrow!


New Restaurants in California

Well, one good thing about traveling out to a vendor is that they end up feeding you. All week. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Snacks. Drinks. Everything.

And this week was no different.
The diet went out the window after the first day.
There is just no way.
I am conscious that I will have gained weight when I get back home.
However, I now that I will be able to lose it quickly when I get back.
Life is too short to not enjoy a brief interlude every once in a while.
The problem becomes when you have frequent brief interludes thus having it become one elongated interlude and you end up seesawing back and forth between a couple pounds, thus ending up on a plateau!

Monday night, I pretty much ate at the bar at the Sofitel hotel. Bar 223. The "bar" part of the name makes sense. I have no idea where "223" came from. And I am not interested enough to ask. Someone might actually give me some long explanation and I am not that interested.

Tuesday night, we went to The Sherman which is on a boat in the bay in Burlingame. It was very nice and it tilted. And the bay was very choppy. Had we been afloat, none of us would have eaten much. The food was very good and the service was fine. Although the Scotch list was better than average, the bar tender told me with such a air of authority that it was "I-LAY" when I asked if he had any Islay (pronounced "I-lah") and then insisting that it was a distillery... uh... not... Anyhoo...I ended up with a nice Laphroig for my troubles. They had fresh oysters, steam cherrystone clams, a wonderful seared tuna that was heavenly. No dessert for me. Too full as it was.

Wednesday night, we ended up taking a very long drive, complete with rocking and rolling and shaking to and fro - enough to make 99% of the people on the shuttle bus very nauseous. We were driven into the hills of Woodside to the Thomas Fogarty Winery and Vineyard for a wine tasting of 6 of their wines. They were all very good. I was tempted to order a mixed case of the Barbiolo and their Cabernet Sauvignon but I felt I needed to discuss it with my Hunny Bunny... who of course told me later than it would have been fine to do... Sigh...

After the winery we ended up at Bella Vista. Thank goodness it was in the other direction... meaning we were already part way home! Anyway... it had tremendous view of the valley and as the skies darkened, the twinkling lights in the distance became brighter and brighter. It was as of we were dining in the sky with stars all around us. I ended up ordering their very expensive abalone steak - very rare to find it on any menu and extremely rare to find it as an entree. It was delicate and wonderful. Of course, no dessert for me again...

Thursday night, we went to dinner with one of the senior vice presidents - it was a small group of us - a very French restuarant, The Chantilly. It was very expensive. It was decent. By this time, I was totally wined-and-dined out! So all I could remember is that my end of the table had a great discussion on the academics of religion (one of my favorite two topics) and the wine list was great! And of course, my favorite wine was there and as pricey as ever.

The funny thing is, I was one of the people who got to pick the wines. Actually, uh... I picked the wine, made a couple of recommendations but in the end it was my recommendations that were served. Thank goodness I am paying more attention to what my Hunny Bunny tells me about wine!

Okay. Next week, I am back to my regular diet routine! THANK GOODNESS!!!

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pictures of the House - Update April 2008

Here are some pictures of the house I took in April. I just remembered I had them.


Happiness comes in Small Packages

Very small.

As in Smart and Small! HAH!
I am thinking of getting a Smart.
The one I want is the Passion Coupe and fully loaded, it costs less than 15k.

I was going to get a pocketbook but as my Hunny Bunny says, what am I going to do with another pocket book??
And besides, our patio is done and it has room to park about 8 Smarts. HAPPY HAPPY!
I made a query to make a reservation to test drive one. They got back to me in about an hour. Good service! Anyway, when I filled out the online form requesting a test drive, it asked for our current cars and a timeframe when I am interested in getting rid of them.

Errr.... Get rid of them??
Of course, I put in, "not planning to get rid of them."

And the Smart gets 40+ mpg.
I was going to get a Vespa. It gets 70 mpg. But riding a Vespa in the Boston area is like being Meat on Wheels. The Smart is like a Vespa with skin! And it's safer. It has four full size airbags and a tridon shield that encases the body of the car. AND it's a BENZ! YAHOO!

I can't decide between Red or Yellow.
I know that the first time I ever saw a Miata, it was red. A few years later, I ended up with a RED one.
The first time I saw the Smart car on the streets of Madrid, Spain, it was YELLOW.
And I had decided right then and there that I must have one.

Yellow is a good color.
It must be Karma!



Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Squats and push ups

Ok. Let me just state for the record that 20 reps of squats and 20 reps of push ups, 3 times... It's not so easy!

Good grief!!
My arms are BURNING not to mention that my legs are feeling the workout.

Tomorrow, I might mix it up and do single leg squats and dips.


Monday, June 16, 2008

And we're off

In the car to the airport. And it never fails. I look at my Blackberry while riding in the back seat and within 5 minutes... sick to my stomach. I never learn.

I gave the Dingle a really long petting before I left the house and told I love her. Sheesh. Even though she's kind of a pest, I really do end up missing her pestiness.

Off to San Francisco. Actually to Redwood Oaks with 23 of my nearest and dearest. Right. I'll be the only woman in attendance from the company. And of course, the two women in both companies are the ones organizing the whole thing.

And of course, I'll be the one taking the notes and sending it to about 50 people when I get back.

At least they'll have internet.

I am going to have to schedule some trips for Ireland, Dallas and maybe Toronto. STT is gonna be thrilled when I tell him that. I'll be lucky to lose another 2 pounds at this rate. I gain weight while I am away and then I lose it when I am home, only to fly out again two or three weeks later. We'll see how it goes this week.

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Week 24 Training Recap

I am back on track. My weight is down. Granted, it's not back to my lowest weight ever but it's getting there... going in the right direction. I managed to follow the schedule every single day. I eventually get back to something close to my old level of working out. Okay. 10-11 hours a week may be unreasonable. But 7-8 is good. Anyway, this is what the week looked like.
Monday: Scary Trainer. Scary Trainer. Good Grief! Forget that I have a sprained ankle. It is amazing how many torturous things he can think up on 3 hours notice. All for the upper body. Yes. Amazing.
Tuesday: Bike 15 minutes. Done. 3.8 miles. Slow and easy. Ankle was not bad during but some achiness after. I need a goal!!!
Wednesday: Bike 20 minutes. Scary Trainer tonight instead of tomorrow. Got messed up with the schedule. I never thought you could do so much painful lifting with a rubber band.
Thursday: Scary Trainer.Bike 20 minutes. Felt a bit namby pamby. Tomorrow I'll go for thirty! Don't wanna tax myself. LOL!
Friday: Bike 25 minutes. Ended up doing 30 minutes, 7.8 miles. Yeah! I am also down another pound. Four more to go and I will be where I was 6 years ago when I first met Joseph! Yahoo!
Saturday: Bike 30 minutes Bike 45 minutes. 11.55 miles.
Sunday: Bike 45 minutes. Biked 60 minutes. So happy! Ankle was not as achey as yesterday and I biked longer today.

Total Running Miles: 0 miles (record: 26.9 miles)
Total Biking Miles: 43.9 miles (record: 67.8)
Total Swimming Yards: 0 yards (record: 3300)
Total Strength Training Days: 2 times
Total Workout Hours: 2:51:306
This coming week, I am on another business trip. This time to California to visit a vendor for the whole week. I'm flying out tomorrow, spending 3 days in a room with 23 of my colleagues, and flying out on Friday. They will feed us breakfast, lunch and dinner. It helps that I am my company's coordinator. I am making sure that they have more than carbs for breakfast! Lunch should be ok. But I fear the dinners. Tuesday night we are going for a wine tasting and then a dinner. ARG!!! They are also taking us out on Wednesday night. Thursday night, we're on our own. Phew.

I also talked to STT. The plan is to do high reps of some key excercises that cover all the big muscles. Every day. So, 3 sets of 20 reps each. Squats, side lunges, reverse lunges, push ups, dips. I really don't want to gain another 5 pounds while I'm away this time.
Monday: STT special workout.
Tuesday: STT special workout.
Wednesday: STT special workout.
Thursday: STT special workout.
Friday: STT special workout.
Saturday: Bike 75 minutes.
Sunday: Run 30 minutes, swim 30 minutes.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Silent Killer

Tim Russert died the other day. At work. Of a heart attack. The silent killer. With all the focus on cancer these days, I hope this means that we will focus more on the heart.

This wasn't due to overtly evident heart issues. Instead it was due to other things that had been in the news about 10-15 years ago but isn't as much in the news lately. I actually did a high school research project on it at a hospital where they studied atherosclerosis. The build up of plaque on the aterial walls, that eventually build up to create a blockage, or that has built up and then "pop" which also creates a blockage.

He died of arterial blockage. Something that can be monitored and avoided or slowed down. Recently there has been discussion of whether cholesterol really matters? People who don't have a clue, armchair scientists, have made declarations that statins are bad, cholesterol doesn't kill, blah blah blah... total rot. They need to get a clue.

Tim Russert had some bad genes. And how he's gone. He left a wife and a young son who had just graduated from college. He left a father who now is pre-deceased by his son. No one should have to outlive their children.

High cholesterol kills. If you have it, do everything you can to lower it. Get your CRP tested. It is a sign of inflamation in your body. Get your blood pressure checked. Exercise. Or you might not see past your child's graduation.


Friday, June 13, 2008


Can I just tell you.... I AM SO HAPPY IT'S FRIDAY!!!!

What a week!

What a two-week!


I have been so busy I can't breathe. It's worse than having asthma!

Tonight we are going to go to an annual Chinese gala held by the Asian American Civic Association at the Cyclorama . They say that over 30 ethnic restaurants will be represented. Great. I am on this stupid diet! I will concientiously cheat tonight!

It's also Gay Pride week.
And the Cyclorama is in the South End.
The South End is the hub of Gay Pride!
It will be hugely entertaining tonight.
At least, I HOPE it is...

Tomorrow is the Gay Pride parade and of course, we no longer live in the South End so we miss out on the parade and all the fun! BAH!


Thursday, June 12, 2008

101 ways to torture with a rubber band

Okay. A giant rubber band. One of those things that look like tire rubber but very thin and very ... well... rubber-bandish.

I went to STT last night. My finger was killing me from the day before. He couldn't believe it but I had prepared him earlier via email. He thought I was joking. Errr... Hmmm. I really don't joke much. Ya know?

Anyway, immediately, he brought out the rubber band. We did chest presses, dead lifts, adductors, abductors, military presses, floor presses, triceps, etc etc etc. We did one cable exercise and one stability ball exercise.

I ached when I got up this morning. It's was all ridiculously unbelievable. In fact, I was missing my regular killer routine! I told him I would never injure myself again!

Next week, I am going to California for work. I will be doing squats, lunges, pushups, dips - 3 sets of 20 - every single day. He thinks if I do that, I will be all set for when I get back next week.

Speaking of which, I need to get my cardio back on track.

I need a damn goal!


New top!

I think my problem with my Miata top is solved. And at a fraction of the cost.

Yesterday, one of the people from one of car dealers I emailed answered. As they suggested, I called Atlas Tops in Quincy. A top ordered and replaced with around $880. A top with a glass window with a zip is around $1100. That's a third of what I thought I'd have to pay.

I know that from the various websites that sell this, the ones I am looking at is around $550 or $650. But then I'd have to install it myself. Uh.... Okay. My f-i-l would have to install it. And it would be an all day job.

I think that another $500-$600 for someone else to take care of it soup to nuts is definitely worth the cost!

When I get back from my California trip next week, I'll drive by and have him take a looksee. They are open M-F from 8-5. And he told me not to come around from 12-1 because the place shuts down for lunch. That honesty added to "we're not the best but we do good work" along with "if someone tells you they're the best, turn right around and walk away" is what sold me on this plain speaking, no nonsense, busy-sounding but very helpful and very polite guy name Gene.

While I am at it, I'll ask him to replace the weather stripping too.
Happy happy happy!


Random Thought: Another Toy

I am thinking about...
A Wetsuit.
This one in particular.

Just 'cause.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I emailed STT about my finger tip. He couldn't believe it. Wanted to know if I could grip things. That's all??

Sure! If I don't use that finger!!!



The Burning Tree and My Fingertip

Ok. So let's talk about yesterday. And how it started out at 5:15 am with an email from an EVP Managing Director of another business unit. Then I get pinged by another VP who needs my help in my super secret project. And a CIO of yet another business unit that was referred to us by another SVP who thinks we can help him. And let the list continue. And these aren't people I can ignore, either!! By the time I looked at the clock at 9:30am, I thought the whole day had passed and I had missed lunch!

Fasy forward through the morning to the afternoon when I am done talking to all of the high muckety mucks and then having conversations with all the people who work for me and who don't, about how to help those high muckety mucks.

Then I had to get back to the high muckety mucks with more conversations ensuing. And so I wasleft with only TWO HOURS to do my OWN WORK and then my boss pops in!

GOOD GRIEF! I told him if he wasn't bringing me a long eye-poking stick, he could turn right around and leave. The bad news is that he didn't have the stick. The good news is that his question wasn't bad.

Then I go home. I get emails from my Hunny Bunny to avoid Harvard Street because of some big fire! ARG! That meant going through the city. I got home only 10 minutes later but it was a much more stressful commute!

So, I get up to the end of the block and I see a fire truck. And a firewoman flagging em down. I point to the house, she shakes her head "no." Then here comes the cop car blocking me. I say, "I live right there." The driving cop says I can't go there. So I say that I just live two doors up! And the passenger cop gets red in the face and says I can't go there because I will get electrocuted! WHAT??? And so I say, "SORRY," back up and park on the corner and walk up. I see an email from Joseph that said I would get stopped on our street! Okay. I am DRIVING HOME! DO YOU THINK that he would CALL and tell me that so I could have avoided all that DRAMA??? Of course not.

As I approach the house, there is a down power line. IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE! And I look up, and the TREE IS ON FIRE!!! GAH!!!! Now WHY didn't the cop tell me this in the first place? SHEESH! And the fire truck was in the road and was hooked up to the fire hydrant and ready to go if the tree or the house caught on fire! EGADS!!! And they were all waiting for NSTAR to get there! And of course they didn't get there for close to TWO HOURS! STUPID NSTAR!!!

AND...Of course that meant no electricity. But thank goodness we were grilling out and I have a gas cooktop! And I could still make my zucchini cakes!

And speaking of the zucchini cakes, I managed to shear off a part of my index finger. This means a part of the fingernail and some of the flesh underneath! ARG!!! And now my index finger is USELESS and in total pain (STILL)! It's not like it will stitch itself together anytime soon, either. The face of my nailbed is exposed and it's still red from the capillaries!

And now, I am in a 2-hour morning meeting, arising out of one of yesterday's morning calls and an 4-hour afternoon meeting to discuss and review the work I couldn't do yesterday!

And this morning, I drove by that place that had the fire. It's a Grecian restaurant. They have good breakfasts. And the Korean place next to it.

It was a hot time on a hot day in the city yesterday! Jeepers!

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Need a new top

Good grief! I need to get a new top for my Little Red Bean! The zipper on the back window is broken broken broken. I don't know what Joseph did to it BUT, sheesh!!! The zipper is sort of being nothing more than a hanger and nothing zips on either side! I am glad it isn't raining.

The top was starting to leak anyway. So now I have the opportunity to get a new top with a glass window insteady vinyl. Maybe then I can see out the back window for more than a month!

All I know is that these things are wicked expensive! And the last thing I want is to go to a dealer. They charge you twice! I wonder if Joe's Dad does car top installations? How different can it be from building a house??

Update 6/11: I have emailed all three Mazda dealers withing a 25 mile radius of my home and waiting for quotes. It seems that the whole thing may cost about $3000 if I go the dealer route. I have also researched the do-it-yourself websites and it seems I can get the top for less than $1000. Again, the question is whether Joe's Dad can install it!


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I need a goal

But the good news is that the ankle edema has gone down.
My weight is back to pre-travel weight.
I got on the bike this morning for 15 minutes.
Ankle felt okay during.
Ankle was aching after.
I am icing.
Tomorrow... I will try 20 minutes on the bike.
Baby steps...


Monday, June 09, 2008

STT and Ankle report


It is amazing how many exercises STT can think up in the span of three hours, all for the upper body! Sprained ankle? Noooooo problem-oooooo.

So, we started out with the chin ups. 5 sets of 5. ARG!!!

Then we moved onto 20 reps of bench press at 15 lbs each hand, alternating with 20 reps of incline rows at 15 lbs each hand... do that 3 times.

Then we moved onto floor presses... 20 reps of 12 lbs in each hand with 30 lbs sitting rows... do that three times.

And since that was going to give me pain in the morning... we moved onto the abs.

3 sets.
30 second front planks with bad ankle on top of good ankle alternating with 20 reps of reverse roll over crunches. *&^%$!!!!!!! It really hurt!!!

Then off to the other end of the gym.... we did this rubber band thing for the glutes 2 sets of 15 followed by stability ball hamstrings, 10 reps. 2 sets of those.
I am totally exhausted.

We also talked about the diet.
I am on a damn plateau.
He pointed out that I've been traveling every other week - the next trip is next week, in fact.
And he pointed out that I haven't been doing much cardio.
And he pointed out that due to the traveling we haven't been consistent.

So, I offered to lower my calories by another 100.
I know. I must be desperate.

He says that given all of that, it's no wonder I am on a plateau!
So he wants me to increase my cardio again to the levels prior to my traveling.
And for the week, maybe go to the pool . uhhh. I do not swim in the mornings and I can't swim at night because I have all these stupid social engagements for work and training and picking up boxes and all manner of wretched things!!!

He also said that before I lower the calories, I might have to get rid of my cheat days for a month.

HUH? What??? A MONTH???

Okay. Negotiation time! How about if I give up the whole day and done ONE CHEAT MEAL a week??

He seemed okay with that.
It is panic time. Give up my CHEAT DAY?? You have got to be kidding! GAK!
I have to get my butt back in gear and start my cardio again!

There is no way I am giving up my cheat day.
No. Way.

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Week 23 Training Recap

This were going okay until I sprained my ankle on Saturday. And then it never got any better. Of course, I was putting everything off until the weekend. That just goes to show... never put off until the weekend what you can do this morning. So sad...
Monday: Scary Trainer. Good Grief! New routine!!! I wish I had the old one back!
Tuesday: Run 30 minutes. Done.
Wednesday: Bike 45 minutes. I traded Wednesday for Thursday so I could go to Fenway with a friend. He had extra tickets to a luxury suite from his work! YAHOO!
Thursday: Scary Trainer. Nothing. I had Scary Trainer last night and this morning I was so tired, I could barely crawl out of bed.
Friday: Run 45 minutes. GOOD GRIEF!!! I got up and my weight us up from last night's out-of-portion-control event!!! I didn't work out in the morning because I was up late. Then I ended up on the bike after work. 1 hour. Working off that Italian Sausage!
Saturday: Bike 1:30 Please. I was so dang busy, I couldn't breathe. We had dinner with Abby. It was very strange. Then I sprained my ankle walking the dog.
Sunday: Run 1:30. I sprained my ankle. It was NOT A DREAM! Pffft!

Total Running Miles: 2.6 miles (record: 26.9 miles)
Total Biking Miles: 0 miles (record: 67.8)
Total Swimming Yards: 0 yards (record: 3300)
Total Strength Training Days: 2 times
Total Workout Hours: 0:30:30
I have no idea what is going to happen for the rest of the week given the ankle. I'll have to see what ST says but this is sort of what I am planning.
Monday: Scary Trainer.
Tuesday: Bike 15 minutes.
Wednesday: Bike 20 minutes.
Thursday: Scary Trainer.
Friday: Bike 25 minutes.
Saturday: Bike 30 minutes
Sunday: Bike 45 minutes.


Sunday, June 08, 2008


Good lord!!! I think I sprained it.

I was walking the dog in the dark.
Joseph made me.
UGH! I hate walking in the dark.
I can't see.
I have poor night vision.

And sure enough... what happens?
I end up writhing on the ground in pain with Joseph standing over me, pull on my hand shouting, "get up. Get Up. You have to get up!"

I am thinking to myself, "GO AWAY!!! LET ME DIE IN PEACE!!!"

Now that this disaster has struck, people will believe it when I say I avoid walking at night because I can't see in the dark!!

Ugh! And Monday I have ST with lots o' weights and now I have this golf ball sized swelling on my ankle!

I am so annoyed.

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Friday, June 06, 2008

Fenway and Food

Last night, we went to Fenway. We basically watched a fight, a couple wrist crunching moments, and the Red Sox basically tromp Tampa Bay.

We were in a luxury suite high in the sky. A friend of mine works for a software company, had a couple of extra tickets and invited me and Joseph. It turned out that 3 other people from work had been invited and I rarely see them, so it turned out to be somewhat of a work-ish event, too. As it was, I was ALREADY late because of WORK! And half way there, I get there and a guy I know emailed me, asking where I was! ARG!!! I WAS WORKING??? WHAT ABOUT YOU???

Anyway, there were two TV's and toward the end of the game, which ended later than we had expected due to the fight that broke out, we got one of the Fenway people to change on the TV's channel to the Lakers/Celtics game. Exciting times at Fenway.

So, when there is a luxury box, there is food. FREE FOOD! And Alcohol! I stuck to my eating guidelines but when I logged everything, it turned out that my portions were way out of whack!!! ARG!!!!

Did you know that a 5-in sub roll is almost 200 calories??? Yah.
And did you know thata 7 in. Italian sausage is almost 350 calories???? YAH!
Neither did I!!!

Needless to say, my weight is up this morning.
AND I was so tired from a late night, I ended up NOT working out this morning.

Guess what I'm going to do when I get home tonight?




Thursday, June 05, 2008

Nail fungus

Ok. If you have nail fungus on all five toes, on an ugly foot, I really don't think I'd be wearing flip flops. And that's only one of two feet! What does the other one look like?

How dirty does one have to be in order to get toe nail fungus on all your toes?
Don't you BATHE???


Conversation with A

ME: So, how long will you be in the hospital?

A: Recovery will be 6-8 weeks.

Long Pause.

ME: You didn't answer my question. Why can't you answer a simple question??

A: About a week



I am so busy, I can't breathe!!! And I have not had time to study Chinese today! And I can't work late because I have this STUPID RED SOX GAME TO GO TO!!!


I know.
You wouldn't mind having my problems.

I got out of a 2 hour meeting with my boss.
Which took me a week to prepare for.
And which generated another week's worth of work.


Stalkers everywhere!

So, I just remembered this.

Because I am a pretty private person, I hate it when I know that people are looking at me. I am usually in my own little oblvious world but sometimes I am aware that I am being looked at or stared at. That makes me wonder what I have on my face that is so funny.

But what bugs me out even more is when I don't know it's happening and I find out afterwards! GAK!

Last night, I am stretching out and doing warm ups before my STT session. And this older guy says, "you're amazing."

At first, I'm like, "huh?" Since I was in my own little world and I actually had to connect to realize that I was being addressed.

So he says it again. "You're really amazing."

So, I kinda look at him and smile and he continues...

HIM: You are amazing. I could never stretch like that...

ME: Oh...

HIM: You are so flexible.

ME: Well... I have always been this way.

HIM: Well, those are some good genes...

Uh... alrighteee....
I really didn't have the heart or inclination to tell him there is an entire country full of people like me. Almost every Korean I know is super flexible.

So then, STT and I were training and half way through, he tells me about That Guy. And how he was effusing about my stretching and flexibility. And he said he was simply amazed and impressed at my ability to toss the weights around.

ME: Isn't that kinda weird?

STT: Yeah. It feels a bit like you're being stalked, huh?

ME: WHY would someone watch me like that?

STT: I think he's harmless. He has two daughers, he's a nice guy...

ME: That is so weird!

STT: Oh... I think you'd be amazed at how many people are watching. It's really rare to see women in the weight room.

Great. That really doesn't make me feel any better, thankyouverymuch!


Wednesday, June 04, 2008

STT almost killed me again...

First week, Day 2. I got treated to my second routine of this phase. Remember that this is FAT BURNING phase. This means there is a lot of grunting, sweat flinging, and exhaustion.

Note to self: NEVER EVER tell your trainer that your midsection and back are not getting any better! ARG!!!

If Day 1 of this phase was any indication, Day 2 brought more of the Same. Complete. Hell.

This routine consists of the following:
8x3 of snatch grip dead lifts at 95 lbs
alternating with 8x8 dumbbell bench press at 25 pounds

8 sets of renegade rows at 15 lbs alternating with squat-side lunges using 15 lbs

2 sets of banded woodchops on both sides alternating with side planks held for 30 seconds
And you know that from week to week, he is going to raise those weights and make me more miserable until this phase is over and he can find some other obscure exercises I've never heard of to torture me with!

I got up this morning and my lower hamstrings, my lats muscles, the insertions of my triceps and my rotator cuffs were killing me. And I can't wait to see what new pain tomorrow holds in store for me!

Anyway, I was scheduled for training tomorrow night. But a friend of mine, who works for a big company, had extra luxury suite tickets to Fenway tomorrow. So, I called and ST said he could reschedule from Thursday to tonight. Had he been unable to reschedule, I would have turned down the tickets, given that I am a Yankees Fan. But I am really curious about being able to sit in a luxury box.

So, tomorrow night, Joseph and I will be sitting in a luxury suite watching the Red Sox, surrounded by free food and free drink. Of course, I am on this stupid diet. The good news is that I've already lost all but 1 pound that I gained while I was visiting my Good Friend Cher last week.


Random Thought: Keeping up

It is much easier to keep up with blogging daily as opposed to saving up 50 drafts and then going back to publish them.

Hmmm. Will wonders never cease?


100 Favorite Things #12: Soup and Sandwich

I don't know if this counts as two things but I am going to count the combination as one.

I love a nice panini sandwich with a hot cup of tomato soup!
I love tomato soup. I love cooked tomatoes. Sandwiches, I am not so fond of unless it is an italian sub with all the fixin's including the hot peppers or unless it is a HOT sandwich. And a Hot Panini just fits the bill!

I brought a half sandwich and some soup for lunch today. I kept looking at the clock to see if it was time to eat. I could not wait!

Now I am sitting here, fat and happy, my tummy full of hot panini and tomato soup!


Sore Loser

I hate sore losers. One thing I hate more is a sore loser that can't just go away gracefully but decides to hang out and see what they can get.

Shrillary lost. It's plain to everyone but her, it seems. Why can't she just go home? Or hang around the finish line and cheer for those still in the game? Her petulance continues. Instead of giving a concession speech, she gives an I'll Think About It speech. Think about what? You lost! What is there to think about? What ultimatum can you give from a losing position?

She is not only shrill, pit bullish, greedy, narrow minded and egotistical... and married to a cad... she is also graceless and missing the whole point.

Anyway, right now, it is fair to say that I don't know who I will vote for.

McCain is too old. And I am NOT HIS FRIEND! If he calls me his FRIEND one more time, I will turn off the TV next time his ugly face comes on TV.

Barack is young, fresh, and offers theory but no substance. But maybe that is all we really need. An infusion of fresh air to bring the country to it's feet, energize the masses and let THEM do the changing instead of relying on Big Goverment to do it all for them.

But Barack also wants to take money from the "top wage earners" to give to ... who? The poor?

Of course not. The goverment. So that the government can then spend it, burn it, flush it, drown it, reward themselves first, and then give whatever they have left over to the poor. What he doesn't realize that the "the top wage earners" are not just Bill Gates. In fact, the Bill-Gates-Rich pay LESS because they have the money to spend to avoid paying! Of course it's all relative. The "top wage earners" already pay more than their fare share. In fact,it's highway robbery! The government is a modern day Robinhood that we have hired to as a hit man to our wallets and now we can't stop him!

If Barack has Shrillary for a running mate, all bets are off. I will vote for McCain for spite.

If Barack chooses someone else, I may think about it.

At this point, Ralph Nader is looking good.
I might write in Ron Paul.

Good Grief! I might write myself in but I can't be president because I wasn't born here.

I know.
I will write in my Hunny Bunny.
At least then, I know I can complain directly to the top!


Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Okay. I am looking at a receipt for filling up my car with gas. It's a Miata and it only holds 12 gallons. I needed 9.8 to fill up. The final bill was $39.50.

Okay. I am not one to complain about the things I cannot change.
And I am grateful for my job and that my income buffers the smaller blips in the economy. And I am thankful that my job does not require me to drive extensively!


But then again, the people in Europe are paying $9 a gallon for gas.
It could be worse.



Last night, I trained with ST. He is now forever known as STT - Scary Terrible Trainer. He has graduated from just Scary Trainer.

Yesterday was the first of four weeks of a new set of alternating routines. We are back to high metabolism. I guess he is tired of the plateau I've been on for the last 2 months, too.

But, GOOD GRIEF!!! I wish I had my old routine back! I came early as usual and got in my 20 minute warmup. Then it was time to start.

First exercise was banded chinups. I had to do 5 sets of 5 chinups. He said it was too easy and next time, we are reducing by a band. Hmmmph. T

The next set was 3 sets of 12 reps of one-legged dead lift with row, alternating with 3 sets of 12 squat to press - I almost died. First of all, the one-legged thing was way hard. I almost fell over I was so dang exhausted! But it was immediately followed by 3 sets of 12 reps of squat to press! First set was using 25 pounds. Second set was 20 pounds and I almost fell at rep 10. The third set was 15 pounds. Okay. I thought I was going to throw up.

STT says, "really?"
I could only nod.
He said, "Oh, cool!"
Not happy. Then I said, I feel a lump in my chest, and he said, "The trash can is over there." ARG!!! .

Then I had to do this hideous stability ball hamstring curls alternating with reverse curls. 3 sets of 12 reps. Again. The stability ball exercise KILLED my hamstring - the lower part that hardly ever gets used! The reverse curls were impossible. And I got a nose bleed during the second set. And do you think I had any sympathy? No. STT just said, "I think your nose is bleeding." Thank goodness I had my towel with me. And this morning I am sporting a handy little bruise on the back of my neck where it meets my shoulders!!! ARG!!! I am a DELICATE ASIAN FLOWER, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!

Then we finished up with 1 set of 12 reps of each - bodyweight squats, chest pulldowns on a machine, reverse lunges, and banded chest press.

I mentioned we had so many upper body exercises. And he reminded me that I had told him a couple weeks ago that I still can't see my back muscles and that these four weeks will do the trick.

Uh... do you think that I was SERIOUS??? And do you think it's the layer of FAT all over my body that keeps me from seeing my muscles?
Don't worry! This is a HIGH METABOLIC Phase!
Great. And the second routine for this phase will REALLY SHRED YOUR BACK!

I was swimming in sweat. This is going to a long four weeks. I can't wait to see what Thursday's routine is going to be. NOT!

I never should have told him I was on a damn plateau.

I never should have told him I couldn't see my back muscles!
NEVER EVER tell your trainer you are on a plateau or that you want to see more muscles!!!


Sunday, June 01, 2008

Week 22 Training Recap

Last week, I started out okay but got lazier at the end. And when I got home, I wanted to do my long run but my knee was bothering me. It started when I boarded the plane. I got a massage yesterday and Arun worked on the knee but it's so tight around the knee that it's pulling on everything! Sigh... So at Joe's behest, I bagged my long run today.
Monday: Run a 5k. Done.
Tuesday: Lift at Cher's gym. Done.
Wednesday: Run 30 minutes. Done. I actually ran for just over an hour and I felt really good!
Thursday: Lift at Cher's gym. I decided to walk around on the golf course all day. That has to count for something.
Friday: Travel back home in the morning. Bike 45 minutes. No bikinbg. Too tired and my knee was bothering me.
Saturday: Bike 1:30 Biked 1 hour. Knee was pulling a bit.
Sunday: Run 1:30. Nothing. Resting the knee.

Total Running Miles: 9.47 miles (record: 26.9 miles)
Total Biking Miles: 15 miles (record: 67.8)
Total Swimming Yards: 0 yards (record: 3300)
Total Strength Training Days: 1 time
Total Workout Hours: 2:56:56
I am hoping that the knee cooperates next week. Sigh. It's always something, isn't it?
Monday: Scary Trainer.
Tuesday: Run 30 minutes.
Wednesday: Bike 45 minutes.
Thursday: Scary Trainer.
Friday: Run 45 minutes.
Saturday: Bike 1:30
Sunday: Run 1:30.


Weigh-in again. ARG!!!

Okay. I am up another two pounds for a total of five pounds!!! ARG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so glad I got in my bike yesterday!
But my knee still hurts and my long run is questionable!
And yesterday was my cheat day.
I know. I have had small cheat days for a week.
But yesterday was my official blow out day and we have a friend visiting from San Diego and so I took advantage! And now I am paying for it! *SOB!*

I am so glad that I am back on my diet today. It will be nice to actually feel a little hungry for a change. I never realized how uncomfortable feeling full is!

It might take me a little longer to lose this weight - longer than the usual 3 days. Not I am totally resolved to lose it and get down to my goal weight.

I am beginning to embrace the idea of 1600 calories a day.
I hope it lasts a while!