Sunday, June 08, 2008


Good lord!!! I think I sprained it.

I was walking the dog in the dark.
Joseph made me.
UGH! I hate walking in the dark.
I can't see.
I have poor night vision.

And sure enough... what happens?
I end up writhing on the ground in pain with Joseph standing over me, pull on my hand shouting, "get up. Get Up. You have to get up!"

I am thinking to myself, "GO AWAY!!! LET ME DIE IN PEACE!!!"

Now that this disaster has struck, people will believe it when I say I avoid walking at night because I can't see in the dark!!

Ugh! And Monday I have ST with lots o' weights and now I have this golf ball sized swelling on my ankle!

I am so annoyed.

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Blogger rocketpants said...

Nooooooo!! That is no good!

11:27 PM  

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