Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Burning Tree and My Fingertip

Ok. So let's talk about yesterday. And how it started out at 5:15 am with an email from an EVP Managing Director of another business unit. Then I get pinged by another VP who needs my help in my super secret project. And a CIO of yet another business unit that was referred to us by another SVP who thinks we can help him. And let the list continue. And these aren't people I can ignore, either!! By the time I looked at the clock at 9:30am, I thought the whole day had passed and I had missed lunch!

Fasy forward through the morning to the afternoon when I am done talking to all of the high muckety mucks and then having conversations with all the people who work for me and who don't, about how to help those high muckety mucks.

Then I had to get back to the high muckety mucks with more conversations ensuing. And so I wasleft with only TWO HOURS to do my OWN WORK and then my boss pops in!

GOOD GRIEF! I told him if he wasn't bringing me a long eye-poking stick, he could turn right around and leave. The bad news is that he didn't have the stick. The good news is that his question wasn't bad.

Then I go home. I get emails from my Hunny Bunny to avoid Harvard Street because of some big fire! ARG! That meant going through the city. I got home only 10 minutes later but it was a much more stressful commute!

So, I get up to the end of the block and I see a fire truck. And a firewoman flagging em down. I point to the house, she shakes her head "no." Then here comes the cop car blocking me. I say, "I live right there." The driving cop says I can't go there. So I say that I just live two doors up! And the passenger cop gets red in the face and says I can't go there because I will get electrocuted! WHAT??? And so I say, "SORRY," back up and park on the corner and walk up. I see an email from Joseph that said I would get stopped on our street! Okay. I am DRIVING HOME! DO YOU THINK that he would CALL and tell me that so I could have avoided all that DRAMA??? Of course not.

As I approach the house, there is a down power line. IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE! And I look up, and the TREE IS ON FIRE!!! GAH!!!! Now WHY didn't the cop tell me this in the first place? SHEESH! And the fire truck was in the road and was hooked up to the fire hydrant and ready to go if the tree or the house caught on fire! EGADS!!! And they were all waiting for NSTAR to get there! And of course they didn't get there for close to TWO HOURS! STUPID NSTAR!!!

AND...Of course that meant no electricity. But thank goodness we were grilling out and I have a gas cooktop! And I could still make my zucchini cakes!

And speaking of the zucchini cakes, I managed to shear off a part of my index finger. This means a part of the fingernail and some of the flesh underneath! ARG!!! And now my index finger is USELESS and in total pain (STILL)! It's not like it will stitch itself together anytime soon, either. The face of my nailbed is exposed and it's still red from the capillaries!

And now, I am in a 2-hour morning meeting, arising out of one of yesterday's morning calls and an 4-hour afternoon meeting to discuss and review the work I couldn't do yesterday!

And this morning, I drove by that place that had the fire. It's a Grecian restaurant. They have good breakfasts. And the Korean place next to it.

It was a hot time on a hot day in the city yesterday! Jeepers!

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