Friday, June 06, 2008

Fenway and Food

Last night, we went to Fenway. We basically watched a fight, a couple wrist crunching moments, and the Red Sox basically tromp Tampa Bay.

We were in a luxury suite high in the sky. A friend of mine works for a software company, had a couple of extra tickets and invited me and Joseph. It turned out that 3 other people from work had been invited and I rarely see them, so it turned out to be somewhat of a work-ish event, too. As it was, I was ALREADY late because of WORK! And half way there, I get there and a guy I know emailed me, asking where I was! ARG!!! I WAS WORKING??? WHAT ABOUT YOU???

Anyway, there were two TV's and toward the end of the game, which ended later than we had expected due to the fight that broke out, we got one of the Fenway people to change on the TV's channel to the Lakers/Celtics game. Exciting times at Fenway.

So, when there is a luxury box, there is food. FREE FOOD! And Alcohol! I stuck to my eating guidelines but when I logged everything, it turned out that my portions were way out of whack!!! ARG!!!!

Did you know that a 5-in sub roll is almost 200 calories??? Yah.
And did you know thata 7 in. Italian sausage is almost 350 calories???? YAH!
Neither did I!!!

Needless to say, my weight is up this morning.
AND I was so tired from a late night, I ended up NOT working out this morning.

Guess what I'm going to do when I get home tonight?





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