Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happiness comes in Small Packages

Very small.

As in Smart and Small! HAH!
I am thinking of getting a Smart.
The one I want is the Passion Coupe and fully loaded, it costs less than 15k.

I was going to get a pocketbook but as my Hunny Bunny says, what am I going to do with another pocket book??
And besides, our patio is done and it has room to park about 8 Smarts. HAPPY HAPPY!
I made a query to make a reservation to test drive one. They got back to me in about an hour. Good service! Anyway, when I filled out the online form requesting a test drive, it asked for our current cars and a timeframe when I am interested in getting rid of them.

Errr.... Get rid of them??
Of course, I put in, "not planning to get rid of them."

And the Smart gets 40+ mpg.
I was going to get a Vespa. It gets 70 mpg. But riding a Vespa in the Boston area is like being Meat on Wheels. The Smart is like a Vespa with skin! And it's safer. It has four full size airbags and a tridon shield that encases the body of the car. AND it's a BENZ! YAHOO!

I can't decide between Red or Yellow.
I know that the first time I ever saw a Miata, it was red. A few years later, I ended up with a RED one.
The first time I saw the Smart car on the streets of Madrid, Spain, it was YELLOW.
And I had decided right then and there that I must have one.

Yellow is a good color.
It must be Karma!




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