Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Silent Killer

Tim Russert died the other day. At work. Of a heart attack. The silent killer. With all the focus on cancer these days, I hope this means that we will focus more on the heart.

This wasn't due to overtly evident heart issues. Instead it was due to other things that had been in the news about 10-15 years ago but isn't as much in the news lately. I actually did a high school research project on it at a hospital where they studied atherosclerosis. The build up of plaque on the aterial walls, that eventually build up to create a blockage, or that has built up and then "pop" which also creates a blockage.

He died of arterial blockage. Something that can be monitored and avoided or slowed down. Recently there has been discussion of whether cholesterol really matters? People who don't have a clue, armchair scientists, have made declarations that statins are bad, cholesterol doesn't kill, blah blah blah... total rot. They need to get a clue.

Tim Russert had some bad genes. And how he's gone. He left a wife and a young son who had just graduated from college. He left a father who now is pre-deceased by his son. No one should have to outlive their children.

High cholesterol kills. If you have it, do everything you can to lower it. Get your CRP tested. It is a sign of inflamation in your body. Get your blood pressure checked. Exercise. Or you might not see past your child's graduation.



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