Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Sore Loser

I hate sore losers. One thing I hate more is a sore loser that can't just go away gracefully but decides to hang out and see what they can get.

Shrillary lost. It's plain to everyone but her, it seems. Why can't she just go home? Or hang around the finish line and cheer for those still in the game? Her petulance continues. Instead of giving a concession speech, she gives an I'll Think About It speech. Think about what? You lost! What is there to think about? What ultimatum can you give from a losing position?

She is not only shrill, pit bullish, greedy, narrow minded and egotistical... and married to a cad... she is also graceless and missing the whole point.

Anyway, right now, it is fair to say that I don't know who I will vote for.

McCain is too old. And I am NOT HIS FRIEND! If he calls me his FRIEND one more time, I will turn off the TV next time his ugly face comes on TV.

Barack is young, fresh, and offers theory but no substance. But maybe that is all we really need. An infusion of fresh air to bring the country to it's feet, energize the masses and let THEM do the changing instead of relying on Big Goverment to do it all for them.

But Barack also wants to take money from the "top wage earners" to give to ... who? The poor?

Of course not. The goverment. So that the government can then spend it, burn it, flush it, drown it, reward themselves first, and then give whatever they have left over to the poor. What he doesn't realize that the "the top wage earners" are not just Bill Gates. In fact, the Bill-Gates-Rich pay LESS because they have the money to spend to avoid paying! Of course it's all relative. The "top wage earners" already pay more than their fare share. In fact,it's highway robbery! The government is a modern day Robinhood that we have hired to as a hit man to our wallets and now we can't stop him!

If Barack has Shrillary for a running mate, all bets are off. I will vote for McCain for spite.

If Barack chooses someone else, I may think about it.

At this point, Ralph Nader is looking good.
I might write in Ron Paul.

Good Grief! I might write myself in but I can't be president because I wasn't born here.

I know.
I will write in my Hunny Bunny.
At least then, I know I can complain directly to the top!



Blogger Chris Hughes said...

I hope McCain puts Jindal on the ticket. That should give you something to vote for!

2:53 PM  
Blogger Paul said...

For the most part, I'm with you. I'll vote for Sen. McCain. I say let that woman keep doing what she's doing, cuz she'll just make Mr. Obama mad and he'll for sure choose someone else and perhaps the Lord will graciously grant us a riddance of those Clintons.

I wax...

3:28 PM  
Blogger Chris Hughes said...

Not being one that has been smitten by Obama, I hope that he does put Clinton on the ticket. The way I see it, that will sink the both of them.

4:20 PM  
Blogger 2008 GOALS said...

I never would have guessed you and I had such similar political views! Well, I don't know about writing in your husband's name, but I am having massive schnagenfreude (sp???) watching Hillary crash and burn.

Of course, I still expect her to rise from the ashes like Chuckie at the end of a horror movie, ready to strike again, but for now, it's great!


10:29 AM  

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