Thursday, June 05, 2008

Stalkers everywhere!

So, I just remembered this.

Because I am a pretty private person, I hate it when I know that people are looking at me. I am usually in my own little oblvious world but sometimes I am aware that I am being looked at or stared at. That makes me wonder what I have on my face that is so funny.

But what bugs me out even more is when I don't know it's happening and I find out afterwards! GAK!

Last night, I am stretching out and doing warm ups before my STT session. And this older guy says, "you're amazing."

At first, I'm like, "huh?" Since I was in my own little world and I actually had to connect to realize that I was being addressed.

So he says it again. "You're really amazing."

So, I kinda look at him and smile and he continues...

HIM: You are amazing. I could never stretch like that...

ME: Oh...

HIM: You are so flexible.

ME: Well... I have always been this way.

HIM: Well, those are some good genes...

Uh... alrighteee....
I really didn't have the heart or inclination to tell him there is an entire country full of people like me. Almost every Korean I know is super flexible.

So then, STT and I were training and half way through, he tells me about That Guy. And how he was effusing about my stretching and flexibility. And he said he was simply amazed and impressed at my ability to toss the weights around.

ME: Isn't that kinda weird?

STT: Yeah. It feels a bit like you're being stalked, huh?

ME: WHY would someone watch me like that?

STT: I think he's harmless. He has two daughers, he's a nice guy...

ME: That is so weird!

STT: Oh... I think you'd be amazed at how many people are watching. It's really rare to see women in the weight room.

Great. That really doesn't make me feel any better, thankyouverymuch!



Blogger rocketpants said...

But because you are becoming so buff, you could beat them all up. I hear you though on not really realizing anyone is watching...and then suddenly realize *everyone* is. Freaks me out.

8:50 PM  

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