Wednesday, June 04, 2008

STT almost killed me again...

First week, Day 2. I got treated to my second routine of this phase. Remember that this is FAT BURNING phase. This means there is a lot of grunting, sweat flinging, and exhaustion.

Note to self: NEVER EVER tell your trainer that your midsection and back are not getting any better! ARG!!!

If Day 1 of this phase was any indication, Day 2 brought more of the Same. Complete. Hell.

This routine consists of the following:
8x3 of snatch grip dead lifts at 95 lbs
alternating with 8x8 dumbbell bench press at 25 pounds

8 sets of renegade rows at 15 lbs alternating with squat-side lunges using 15 lbs

2 sets of banded woodchops on both sides alternating with side planks held for 30 seconds
And you know that from week to week, he is going to raise those weights and make me more miserable until this phase is over and he can find some other obscure exercises I've never heard of to torture me with!

I got up this morning and my lower hamstrings, my lats muscles, the insertions of my triceps and my rotator cuffs were killing me. And I can't wait to see what new pain tomorrow holds in store for me!

Anyway, I was scheduled for training tomorrow night. But a friend of mine, who works for a big company, had extra luxury suite tickets to Fenway tomorrow. So, I called and ST said he could reschedule from Thursday to tonight. Had he been unable to reschedule, I would have turned down the tickets, given that I am a Yankees Fan. But I am really curious about being able to sit in a luxury box.

So, tomorrow night, Joseph and I will be sitting in a luxury suite watching the Red Sox, surrounded by free food and free drink. Of course, I am on this stupid diet. The good news is that I've already lost all but 1 pound that I gained while I was visiting my Good Friend Cher last week.



Blogger Cheryl said...

Scary Trainer probably read about yesterday's panini!!

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