Monday, June 09, 2008

STT and Ankle report


It is amazing how many exercises STT can think up in the span of three hours, all for the upper body! Sprained ankle? Noooooo problem-oooooo.

So, we started out with the chin ups. 5 sets of 5. ARG!!!

Then we moved onto 20 reps of bench press at 15 lbs each hand, alternating with 20 reps of incline rows at 15 lbs each hand... do that 3 times.

Then we moved onto floor presses... 20 reps of 12 lbs in each hand with 30 lbs sitting rows... do that three times.

And since that was going to give me pain in the morning... we moved onto the abs.

3 sets.
30 second front planks with bad ankle on top of good ankle alternating with 20 reps of reverse roll over crunches. *&^%$!!!!!!! It really hurt!!!

Then off to the other end of the gym.... we did this rubber band thing for the glutes 2 sets of 15 followed by stability ball hamstrings, 10 reps. 2 sets of those.
I am totally exhausted.

We also talked about the diet.
I am on a damn plateau.
He pointed out that I've been traveling every other week - the next trip is next week, in fact.
And he pointed out that I haven't been doing much cardio.
And he pointed out that due to the traveling we haven't been consistent.

So, I offered to lower my calories by another 100.
I know. I must be desperate.

He says that given all of that, it's no wonder I am on a plateau!
So he wants me to increase my cardio again to the levels prior to my traveling.
And for the week, maybe go to the pool . uhhh. I do not swim in the mornings and I can't swim at night because I have all these stupid social engagements for work and training and picking up boxes and all manner of wretched things!!!

He also said that before I lower the calories, I might have to get rid of my cheat days for a month.

HUH? What??? A MONTH???

Okay. Negotiation time! How about if I give up the whole day and done ONE CHEAT MEAL a week??

He seemed okay with that.
It is panic time. Give up my CHEAT DAY?? You have got to be kidding! GAK!
I have to get my butt back in gear and start my cardio again!

There is no way I am giving up my cheat day.
No. Way.

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