Saturday, November 29, 2008

In the eye of the storm

This is a brief lull. A moment of quiet separating two weeks of travel and noise. Joseph is walking the Dingle Doggie and I am alone. Amanda delivered the dog, stayed for dinner, and just left with a fresh apple strudel. Elizabeth the Niece came for dinner and left with a fresh load of pumpernickel bread. I am alone. Apart from from engagement with the madding world.

We came back from my brother's in South Carolina around noon. There is no place like home. No place at all comparable to Home. My body physically relaxes the minute we land. It doesn't matter where I've been or what I was doing. The familiar feel of the Logan Airport tarmac and the familiar views of the Boston skyline and my body knows. It's home.

Amanda had been doggy sitting our Dingle Doggie and she was gracious enough to bring her home to us, safe and sound. She stayed for dinner and it was wonderful to catch up and talk. Complete comfort. There is nothing like family. Nothing.

We had a wonderful time at my brother's and now that we are home, I can't help but think about Gina and Hannah. Two of the cutest, sweetest little girls on earth. And that Hannah. Just like Cindy Lou Who... no more than two... absolutely adorable. I took a lot of pictures and will post them soon.

Now is the time to rest. Tomorrow is Joseph's birthday. He wants pizza for dinner. I will make the whole thing from scratch, including the dough.

On Monday I fly out to Salt Lake City for work. There is no rest. The world continues to turn. And churn.

But now, a moment's peace. Precious.


Monday, November 24, 2008


We are home. We did the reverse of what we did to get to Philly. We took the train to the airport. It could not have been easier.
Except for the hour delay due to some computer glitch with the plane. We had to go back to the gate and basically "reboot" the plane! Yah. Pretty wild. It reminded me of those sci-fi movies wheree they power down the space ship and all lights go out.

The reboot seemed to fix the problem though.

We arrived safe and sound, had dinner at Legal Seafood right outside of the Providence airport. Then back home. And Jonathan the Houseboy pulls up.

I was going to run but I can't do that with Jonathan in the house. Mostly because I was going to run on the treadmill and when I run on the treadmill, I run in just a jogtop and shorts. And I was not about to run with all my fat jiggling out and flapping around with Jonathan in the house. Ahem.

So I will run tomorrow.

I will say that it is NICE to be home.

We pack tonight and then we head out for SC tomorrow.
There is nothing like rest for the weary, is there?
Nothing like it.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Freezing is bad but thawing out is worse

So intead of running the race today, I walked out to the race start with the rest of the crew. And I hung out until the race was ready to start. My toes were already going numb and by the time the race startd I could not feel my toes and my right foot was hurting really badly. So I headed back to the hotel. I knew that nothing short of getting into a hot room was going to stop the pain and numbness. This happened before in a half marathon on Kiawah Island, South Carolina. I had to walk almost the whole race because the pain was so bad. It was THAT COLD this morning.

So, I went back to the hotel but not before I picked up a really nice fleece jacket that someone had thrown away right before the race started. Banana Republic! Who throws away a Banana Republic fleece jacket?? So I put that on and went back to the hotel. I sat in the room for about 30 minutes and I wasn't warming up so I ended up taking a very hot shower. The feeling was coming back into my feet and toes with considerable pain! I knew at that point that someone had been looking out for me because in the frozen state that I was in, there was no way I could have run this race. No way. I have huge issues with bad circulation in my hands and feet. I never know when it will happen but this morning, I knew it the minute I was outside.

I went back to the finish line after talking to our friend Jenn on the phone. She had had her own bit of bad luck. She was going to run the half, too, but she ended up with a strained thigh muscle from yoga (WHO DOES YOGA AS A NEW ACTIVITY THREE DAYS BEFORE A RACE???) and caught some kindacold thing. Uh... GERM FACTORY!!! GAH! But I digress...

She was at the finish waiting for her boyfriend Andrew to finish his half. Turned out that halfway back to the finish, Andrew had run in. What a great time he had. And he looked really good. And this was his FIRST half marathon on a 10 mile long run! Egads! This was a sign of what potential he has.

I met up wih them and he gave me an indication of where Joseph was so I knew that we had some time before Joseph, Brian and Bob would be coming in. We went back to our room and Andrew showered and changed.

Then it was back to the finish line. We positioned ourselves along the last half mile of the course and waited and waited. I was really starting to get nervous but I knew that we hadn't missed them. Brian came up fast. And I looked at him. He said, "he's right behind me with Bob." Phew! THANK GOODNESS!!! Joseph had told me about 3:45 at the latest. And it was getting close. And just when I was really worried, here he was. Smiling, waving, getting the crowd going. And right behind him was Bob. Joseph was pacing them. And since this pace was much slower than his usual pace, he was having a blast.

So, we met up at the food tent area and headed back to the hotel. It was COLD out. And Brian and Bob had a bit of a time walking. Anyway... after hot showers and a rest, a few of us ended up at a local sub/pizza shop to get Philly Cheesesteaks! WOW.

Then it was back to the hotel and we ended up for dinner at a local steak house called Barclay Prime. It's in the Rittenhouse Square district which is supposedly high end and super ritzy. It reminded me of a combination of the Back Bay and Beacon Hill. I wouldn't mind going there for a visit the next time we are in Philly and have more time to walk around. I saw some stores I am highly interested in! HAH!

The restaurant was really good. The people at the hostess station were wonderful, the decor was a combination of modern and old, and tables were mable and the seats were plush armchairs and sofas! And our waiter was fan-tas-tic! He knew his stuff. If you go there, ask for Jason. This guy was awesome!! The food was like any other hih end steak house. What can I say? And it was as equally good as the other we've been to. But this was LOCAL as opposed to a national or regional chain. I would highly recommend this place.

And if you have the cash, this place isn't cheap to start wit, you can order the $100 cheesesteak. It has 10 oz of shaved kobe beef, 2 ounces of butter simmered lobster, taleggio cheese, in a homemade bun, and some sort of other sauce that sounded wonderful. Just remember to drop a note and let me know how you like it!

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Race day? NOT!

Ok. I knew I had forgotten something. I kept telling Joseph that. But I couldn't think of what it was.

So, as I am getting dressed for the race, guess what I discovered?? I forgot my jog top. Prime piece of equipment. Like forgetting your running shoes. Of course, I could not run the race. If I had discovered this yesterday, I could have bought one at the expo. Instead, I discover it at 6:00 am, 15 minutes before we have to be in the lobby of the hotel to meet the rest of our group. In Philadelphia, at this time of morning, you're lucky to find a cup of coffee!!!

I have to start taking Gingko or something. My memory is shot. I hear stress is a hazard to short term memory and I swear that I am living example of that. I mean... HOW DO YOU FORGET YOUR JOGTOP???

Am I disappointed? No. Just bit bummed out is all. I was looking forward to this long run. Lesson learned, though. It's the first thing I pack from now on. Watch me forget to pack my shoes next. Sigh...


Race morning

It's dark out.
I know it's cold. Really cold.
Strangely enough, I don't feel that bad other than my glutes from the 1000 sqauts I did with Scary Trainer on Friday. Not the wisest move.

The bagel is pretty decent and Joseph is showering. I never understood that. Showering before running only to get sweaty and have to shower again.

Last night we went to the Manayunk Brewing Company for dinner. The Ocktoberfest Beir was very tasty but dinner was so so. As typical, the portions were HUGE. And it wasn't as tasty as the waitress said it would be. I should have gone with my instinct and gone with the pizza or the lasgana. So, I'm glad I had a big burger at lunch.

So, we're heading out in about 20 minutes. Time to finish breakfast and get ready to go...


Saturday, November 22, 2008

I am so tired

I can't even sit up.


Slumming it like a teenager through Europe

Ok. Maybe no quite. We are in Philadelphia to run Philly tomorrow. Joseph will run the full and I'll run the half. Anyway, we went to the expo, went to lunch, went back to the expo and we're sitting in the hotel lobby waiting for 3pm so we can check in.

It's been hassle free and stress less. We got $100 round trip tickets out of Providence, RI. We had to drive an hour but no traffic. Easy peasy. We parked in Lot B which is $18 a day and a 10 minute walk to the terminal. Easy on the plane. Easy off the plane. Walk to the train where it took us 24 minutes to get to Center City. A 4 block walk to the hotel. Wah-Lah. Nice. This is one of the cheapest, easiest, hassel free travel I've ever done.

Then onto the expo. I got some nice One More Mile shirt - a tank that says "In my dreams, I run like a Kenyan," and a short sleeve large one for lifting that says "I run for wine," and another long sleeve that says, "Find your happy pace." Happy happy.

And this time, I ended up asking for a small race shirt instead of medium at packet pickup. Of course it took about 10 minutes of hand-wringing to finally decide to go with small. I've got to start thinking like a small person.

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Friday, November 21, 2008

Prius is the new Volvo

Ok. Remember Volvo drivers? After driving behind them or beside them, you realize why they have Volvos. Because THEY CAN'T DRIVE!

Ever drive behind a Prius lately? They are tentative. Slow. You have no idea why they are driving so slowly on the highway. And why they stop and start so slowly in the city. You think they may change unexpectedly so with a pile of frustration and aggravation building up, you do not know whether to stay behind them or drive around them.

I finally have it figured out. They do not want to go over 50 because that means they change to gas from electric. And they do not want to stop or start too fast because it means they will get 93 miles to the gallon instead of 94.


But one thing I've noticed is that all the ones I've noticed are always ALONE in the cars. They do not carpool. Hellooooo! What a bunchahippocrits.


Horrifying thought...

It's almost time to redo my yearly goals.
And I haven't even started on the ones for this year!!!


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Just when you think you're out....

They manage to suck you back in.

Last night we went to a special function at The Women's Lunch Place. And you see, from here on it, every function will be different because Joseph is on one of the committees. And he is known by almost everyone! Pffft!

Anyway, the head honcho was there. A very nice and wonderful woman. I love her to death! She is awesome. So, we are standing there having a chit chat and she happens to mention something about charity numbers for the Boston Marathon. The one that I hate. The race that I will never do again. Yah. That one. So I looked over at Joseph and he sort of looks up at the ceiling and says, "oh, I forgot to mention that."

So... now I am going to be running TRIWNRA (The Race I Will Never Run Again) for The Women's Lunch Place. I will raise a minimum of $5000. GOOD LORD That is a LOT OF MONEY!!! ARG!!! And the WEATHER BETTER BE BETTER THAN THE LAST TIME I RAN!!! GAH!!!!

So... Joseph is going to help me. And all you friends o' mine... get ready for the email and solicitation. And get out your check books because I will be knocking on your door soon.

If you want to read about the Charity, you can go to the Womens Lunch Place Website.

It could be your mother, your sister, you aunt... it could be you...


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

100 Things About Me #6: Disorganization

I am a very disorganized person. As much as I would like to believe otherwise, if my head, arms and legs weren't already attached to my person, I'd be running around for half a day looking for them.

Every morning, I must walk 10 miles in the house before I leave for work, going to and fro, this room to that room back to this room looking for things and gathering stuff I need. You would think I would prepare myself the night before to make it easier on myself. But nooooo... Why, that would be too easy. Especially since I am not a morning person and the sheer act of just getting to my feet is a momentus undertaking.

Today was a case in point. Every day my calendar is a careful balance of fine calibration just to get everything done. And if one thing, no matter how tiny, is disrupted, the whole ship leans and threatens to go under.

So, tonight at midnight is the absolute deadline for making pension rollover choices and getting in the legal paperwork. I had about a month. I left it to the last minute. Why, you ask? Because, you dolt. Read the above. That's why. And so last week, I made my rollover picks in the system. The only thing left was the paperwork. Joseph had it notarized. And I was going to take it to work today and send it out. And you know what happened?


I realized this around 3pm when, with a sudden start, in the middle of happily typing away, I realized my mistake. And at 4pm I had an appointment for a haircut. And to make that appointment I had to leave work around 3:30pm. And the postmark had to be TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT!!

What to do what to do what to do???

There was NO way I was going to do both. The subway commute back home would take about 45 minutes if I left now... and it is now 3:10pm. Tick tick tick... GAH!!!

I called and canceled the hair appointment.
ME: I can't make it because I had an emergency come up.

SALON: Can you come later tonight, like 5:30?

ME: No. I have a function tonight.

SALON: Can you come tomorrow?

ME: No. I have something tomorrow night. Can I come...

SALON: How about Friday at 2pm?

ME: Uh... I have to WORK! How about...

SALON: Okay. How about Friday night?

ME: No. I have an appointment. What about.. .

SALON: Ok. What about Monday?

ME: [pause...thinking IF YOU JUST SHUT UP AND LET ME THE HELL FINISH THEN I CAN TELL YOU WHEN I CAN FREEKIN' MAKE IT!!!] Uh... no... I am out of town next week...

SALON: Okay. Then how...

ME: How about the week of the 8th in December.

SALON: That long?


SALON: [Pause...] Ok. How about the 10th.

ME: Why, that would be perfect.

So I made it home in the predicted 45 minutes, addressed the envelop, took it to the Post Office and overnight'ed it to make sure the postmark is dated today, got back on the train to go back into town, and meet Joseph for a function at the Women's Lunch Place, a charity we support.

The best part is that the Post Office Man was so nice and helped me with the overnighting process. And then Joseph met me in town and since he was running late, I got to wait at Copley Place to wait for him. He told me to go to Neiman Marcus but I ended up at Louis Vuitton and saw some nice shoes right when he IM'd me and said he was around the corner. Dang.

So maybe I'll be more organized going forward. And for New Years, I will resolve to actually not have every single day chock-a-block full. Either that or save a few days here and there to crawl up into a fetal position in a darkened room. For at least two days at time. Alone. Sometimes, being a dull average do-nothing person is very very attractive.

I know, of course, that that will never happen.


Note to self: Snapea Crisps

Never ever buy Snapea Crisps again.
It's too easy to eat the whole bag in one sitting.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I know... Poor Joseph...

So, I have been wracking my brain about how to get Joseph's gift to him on his birthday. You would think that was an easy thing to do. But it's not. Mainly because I never physically do any shopping if I can help it - no time to even breathe much less go to the store. And mostly because of when his birthday is, especially this year, which is a few days after Thanksgiving. Right smack dab in the middle of the holidays. And this year, we will be away. So, after a week and 2 days of trying to figure it out, the following exchange happened today:
ME: I know what I am going to get you but I am not going to order it now. I do not want it to be delivered while we are at John's [my brother in SC]. So. You will have to wait. And that is that.

Hunny Bunny: You crack me up.

ME: What? Why do I crack you up? I have been wracking my brain on how to do this but your birthday is on a SUNDAY and I can't make it work. Cannot. I do not own UPS.

Hunny Bunny: Hunny Bunny you don't need to get me anything.

ME: I know! GAH!!! You make me crazy!!! Just SHUT UP! I AM GOING TO GET YOU SOMETHING! I HAVE THE PERFECT GIFT!!! ARG!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nice, huh?
Yah. I thought so too.


Monday, November 17, 2008

Election Thoughts

First. I am a libertarian. That is important.

Lots of life happened between the election and now so I haven't been able to blog at all. Since the election, I've been thinking a lot of different things. And it's taken me a long time to write it all down. I've been working on this on paper and in my mind for days now.

First, I hope that our new president does not die an untimely death.
Please please please stay alive!

Second, his election made me prouder than ever to be an American. It showed me how far we have come to erase race from our consciousness. That when push comes to shove, and we all have to stand together, the American people can put it all aside and do just that.

The first thing that I think of when people talk about his race and how he is "black this" and "black that" is that he really isn't. Black, that is. He is gray. Both black and white and straddling the line, one leg in each camp, feeling all the pain and angst of both sides and not really belonging to either. I know that his story can be romanticized but come on, people. Call it what it is and let's get real.

As a biracial child, I highly doubt anything was romantic! I know that Barack Obama witnessed and felt first hand societal belligerance in the form of cruel childhood taunts and adult indifference. His "blackness" meant he was shunned from the whites. And his "whiteness" meant the blacks didn't accept him either. I can relate to this. Being Korean in a white society and being the token minority because they'd rather have a "smart Oriental" than a black or hispanic person. Belonging as a number but never quite belonging for real. Always aware of being one step in but mostly out. Subtle discrimination, in many ways, is more hurtful than the overt kind.

This experience makes you stronger, even though you know nothing but pain in the moment. So don't let those the false intellectuals tell you how great his experience was. It probably sucked big time. Just like it did for me.

And so, when he governs, I hope that Barack Obama remembers the past, his roots and where he comes from. And with that he will transcend race. He represents the American ideology of The Dream and The Opportunity that all immigrants and many others born into proverty, who made "something of themselves" achieve, with nothing but the sweat of their brow. I want him to represent every man.

And now that a "black man " has been elected to the highest office in the land, the race card will be hard to play by all the whiners of the victim-mentality group - not a single group of us is exempt from a history of slavery, repression, oppression and second-class citizenship. None of us. So shut up and let's move on with it.

I also thought it was more important that a black man be elected than a white woman. I am sick and tired of every issue being a white or black thing. Poor whites live in the inner city just like poor blacks. Let's just move on and address POVERTY. It is a human issue, not a black or white issue. Education is a human issue, health care is a human issue, the air we breathe and the food we eat is a human issue. Now is our chance to put our money where are mouth is - if Barack Obama does it right, we will no longer be able to blame partisan politics, race, my-history-is-worse-than-yours, my-experience-sucks-more-than-yours... if we don't succeed, we will only be left to blame ourselves.

Another reason I am glad he was elected has to do with his age. And the generation that he represents. Mine. My bother's. My sister's. And the generations coming up behind us. I am sick and tired of having Old White Men in Suits represent us. If not them, then it's Old White Women who Pretend to be Old White Men in Suits. This time, I have someone who knows how to use an iPod and an iPhone and surf the internet! He represents the consciousness of my generation and what is important to me.

This is a historic time in America. Every day we live going forward, history will be written. And Barack Obama was very conscious of that during his campaign. He behaved well, and above-it-all, and he acted with dignity and intelligence. He was a throwback to an era of the statesman. And with that, I hope and pray that he restores respect and dignity back to the White House. Turn it back into the hallowed place it once was from the playland of the Hollywood Rich and Famous it's become, the Lincoln Bedroom being bought and sold like some motel room to the higher briber... uh, bidder...

Barack Obama is a man who I would invite to dinner, with a wife that I could have an intelligent conversation with and who I could be friends with if she lived down the street from me (which could have been a real possiblity in Brookline). And whose children could have gone to the same school as mine.

He is real. He is today. And hopes and dreams of America loom before him - heavy weights to carry. I pray that he will grow stronger and his shoulders become broader, to bear the burden of an entire nation.

Good Luck, President-elect Obama.
I am rooting for you.
Don't ever forget where you came from.


Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Elections 2008

This morning, toward the end of my run, I exercised my right as a citizen of this country to voice my opinion. Which also gives me the right to whine and crab about the incumbents for the next four years.

As I stood in line, I saw old and young, white, black, yellow, Indians, Chinese, New Yorker transplants (who actually BROKE IN LINE! TYPICAL!) and Americans of all shapes and sizes and education levels, have their votes count. Equally. Under the law. With neither restraint nor fear nor desperation.

This is a year of Firsts. We not only have the oldest decrepit-est candidate, but we have a woman vice president candidate, and a black man. And also, for the first time in history, I voted socialist. As opposed to Fascist. Okay. I mean democrat and republican. Whatever. But there were no other viable candidates. I thought of writing in Ron Paul but I thought that a protest vote would get lost on people. At least, on the old lady who is going to count the darkened oval on my ballot. That is, IF she looks, notices, processes the information... and actually cares.

This year, I voted for Hope. Hope without Change is better than no hope, even if there is change. Without Hope all is lost. Hope lifts us up. With Hope, we can extricate ourselves from the swirling centrigual forces of the deep dark hole as we swirl in a toilet of partisan politics. With Hope, we can do almost anything. With Hope we can love one another, and believe in something.

At a local level, I voted to repeal the state income tax. GASP!!! BOOO!!! HISS!!!! I can hear it now. Just wait. First, the income tax was hotly and widely debated by the colonists who founded this country. The proponents said they needed the funds to fund the war against England. And that it would be repealed after debts had been paid off. And THAT, my friends, was the FIRST LIE of the FIRSt GOVERNMENT. Should have known... The opponents said that rights of the people to earn a wage would be infringed upon and to see how it was spent, along with the fear that once the government gets a bite of the forbidden fruit, we would be doomed to paying taxes forever. Well. I know who was right on that score. The state income tax is flawed. There are better ways to more fairly raise money. And without the government being our nursemaid, maybe we will start taking personal responsibility for ourselves, think for ourselves, and be more charitable toward each other. Maybe the career politicians will walk away and we will once again be fairly and intelligently governed by statesmen and stateswomen. Maybe those who can pay will pay and those who can't, won't. But all of it without stigma and only each person's fair share.

Raise the property tax. It can't go as high as the income tax. It goes directly to the towns and communities we live in. Raise the sales tax and tax everyone. If you need an expensive car, be prepared to pay for it. If you can only afford a used car that is a fraction of the cost, you won't pay as much tax. Those who can afford the luxuries will pay. What about food? Tax it. Maybe we exempt the basics - milk, meat, bread. Things that children need to grow. But not the potato chips and candy bars. Is it complicated? No. They already have the machines in the stores that know how to do this - add tax to house goods and no tax to food.
I voted yes on the Marijauna possession - to change the laws to give a fine, community education and drug use education. But it won't go into a 15-year old's criminal record and clog the courts with sheister lawyers trying to make a tawdry buck. Yes. Other things will have to be done. But seriously, when have you known an amendment or an action to go into being in a vanilla way? Right.

I also voted yes on saving the dogs. The people who are in the jobs are not exactly rocket scientists. They can find other jobs. To me it is NOT okay to use dogs for only 3 years (and then what?) so that someone can make a buck cleaning out the damn kennels. Seriously. These are not high intellect jobs. Most of these people will be able to find different work. But it's time for this society to start taking the high road and say "no" to cheap ways of making money where we exploit other beings who have no power. As a Buddhist, there is Right Way, the Right Job, the Right Money, etc. And I know that racing dogs is not the Right Anything.


That's it in a nutshell, I guess.
My politics are simple.
Small government.
Welfare for all (not the gimme-I'm-a-victim kindawelfare but care and nurturing of each other).
Personal responsibility.
Statemen who care and do the work of governing because it is a civic responsibility (instead of career politicians who can't do anything but shake hands for a living).
And Hope.
Everyone must have hope.
And all I know is, in the coming years, we are gonna need lots of it.


Eyes falling out

Not for nuthin' BUT....

3 hours of Chinese homework is making my eyes dry out and fall out of my head.
That was a TON of homework.

I will say that I am now all caught up on homework.
But I am STILL studying Chapter 6. Just started, in fact.

Imagine how much easier homework would be if my studying were caught up.

I am hoping to catch up a bit more this week.
With homework out of the way, I can start copying characters again.


Monday, November 03, 2008

I need another weekend... recover from my weekend.

I need a week to do nothing what I need to do.
I need to take a vacation day to do nothing.
I need a wife....

On Friday I worked from home - too much to do and too many interruptions at work. I spent the day making bread while I was working and then the stupid bread machine broke! The motor died! I know I only use it to knead the dough but still... I use the machine to knead the dough because I don't want to do it myself! It's a lot of work, all that kneading and throwing dough around, not to mention floury.

So Joseph had to finish the dough up for me. We ended up putting it overnight into the fridge because we were going to a friend's house at 8pm to keep her company. She was having 40 eighth graders over for a party - her daughter's friends. Uh....

It turned out to be fun. Anyway, we ended up getting home about 10:30-ish. Joseph wrapped up the bread dough and we called it a night.

Saturday, I ran my 15 miler. You gotta love Polar! They talked to me on Tuesday and it arrived on Friday! The new watch had not been calibrated but I was going to try it out of the box and see what happened. I managed 15 miles by the watch. I didn't get a chance to map the run to see how close it was.

So anyway, after a quick shower and a slice of bread for sustenance (really great post-run nutrition) we drove 50 minutes away to pick up Caroline, Joseph's niece who was coming for her overnight. The one we promised her about 2 years ago. Better late than never, I say.

She wanted to go have Chinese food for lunch so we decided to take her for dimsum. REAL chinese food. She hated it. First, I found out that she doesn't eat seafood. She also doesn't have a wide range of flavors she eats - she is a child of the white bread suburbs, I guess. When I was her age (12), I ate EVERYTHING! Anyway, we ended up getting her a bowl of white rice and wonton soup. Wouldn't you know the wonton had shrimp. At least she liked the broth.

We went straight from lunch to The Life Is Good store
and also visited the Boston Bean Company where Caroline and I both fell in love with all the little beans. I think they found two Bean collectors. We were so enthusiastic that they gave us a free special edition spoon racer!

Afterwards, we went home and changed, and then went to the Pru. We ended up at Williams Sonoma (where I bought a new Cusinart bread machine - not the same as my old one but it does the same things in about the same amount of time), Brookstone, Barnes and Noble. For dinner we went to the Top of Hub to show her the view. Thank GOODNESS that the bar menu had flatbread pizza which she really liked. And she also had Boston Cream Pie for dessert. Thank goodness for desserts!

We walked around a little more and ended up at home around 11pm. I was exhausted.

Sunday morning, we had breakfast, drove the 50 minutes again and dropped Caroline off with her father. Then it was off to Sunday Brunch at Abby's to meet her new beau-to-be (only if we liked him), Jesse. He was nice. Much better than The Other One. There were 10 people she had invited for the Interrogtion Brunch. Only it wasn't much of an interrogation because he was pretty normal. The question is, which side of "normal" is he?? The dull side? The boring side? The side that is predictable? Or the crazy, make you nutz, funny, strange side? We'll see. After the fourth date we will have a dinner and see if he is worth a fifth date. Ahem.

Afterwards, it was straight to Chinese class. An hour and a half of Chinese is hard when You haven't studied and you are exhausted. I should be used to it by now since that's pretty typical.

We made it home from Chinese and had about 30 minutes before we headed out to a Charity function around 4pm. They had some finger foods which we chowed on. And lots of wine. There was silent auction, too. In the closing minutes we lost the bids on a week in Maine and a large (very large) framed photo in black and white of a lightning storm over the harbor. But we did win the bid for 12 months of home-made cookies!

In the middle of the charity function, we got hungry for real food so we went across the lobby to the Cactus Club for dinner (be careful, the site has sound). I was surprised at the moderate amounts of cheese (instead of the usual molten globules of cheese, it was a moderate sprinkling), and the quality of the food.

After the auction, we went home and had about an hour before falling into bed utterly exhausted.

This morning, I was so tired that on the way into the shower, I slammed the shower door on my right hand. Now my hand is sore and bruised and has a small purple spot on the palm and a bigger swollen purplish spot on the top of my hand. If the door was a knife it would have separated my fingers from my hand right at the metacarpals! And let me tell you, it hurts like a mutha!

I am not a morning person to begin with and when I have had the life and energy sucked out of me, and I've had no time alone to regenerate, it's worse than just dropping things and falling down the stairs. I really do serious damage to myself.

I told Joseph that I know that I will die in the morning. Not at night. I know that it will be some stupid freak thing that happens in the morning because I had no time to myself, am exhausted, therefore unfocused and unhappy, and not alert because I'm not a morning person. And for the first time, I think, he was quiet and didn't have a retort back to me. Thank goodness because I was in no mood.

So... I am at work and I spent the whole damn morning trying to catch rest and catch up on personal things that I needed done. So basically, I am tired, pissed off, and sucked dry. I really hate my life right now. Really.

The following is a public service announcement.
"From here on in, I am doing only ONE THING on any given weekend that involves anyone other than Joseph. And if it is more than that, I am taking Monday off."
We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.