Sunday, January 18, 2009

2009 Goals Restaurant #2: Doyle's Cafe in Jamaica Plain

The funny thing about going to this place is that I have gotten it mixed up with the Corrib. Seriously. I have no idea how I did that. But we finally went to Doyles in Jamaica Plain yesterday on our way to BMS Paper Supply which is a block up the road.

It's your typical Irish pub-local-eatery-grill with plank floors, booths and tables, signs and pictures and all sort of paraphenalia on the walls. The service was brisk and no-nonsense. Not your super friendly, lets-sit-and-chat kinda place but we were there to eat. You can tell they have a LOT of regulars.

The beer list was pretty good. Joseph had their own Doyle's Pickwick Ale which was darker than Guiness and had I known that I would have ordered a pint. I had the half and half, which is half Harp and Half Guiness. I usually just get a Guiness. They also had Murphy's, which is what I go for if a place has it. Usually, places have Guiness. So if there is another stout, I tend to go for the change. Anyway...

We had the clam chowder. Good grief, it was GOOD. It was thick and no nonsense. Clams, potatoes, cream, with the right amount of spices. Joseph ended up with a burger. Whatever. He said it was good. I ended up with their fresh fish cajun broiled on a bun with onion rings. GOOD GRIEF! The fish was so fresh it flaked onto my plate. It FLAKED! And the spices were only on one side of the fish so it was not overpowering at all. The Onion Rings were excellent. They were not "bread battered" - what I call it when you have a totally breaded ring that is OILY and you can pull out the onion in the middle of all that breading with the breading intact. Instead, it was FLOURED and CRISPY and parts of the flour had dropped off so you could see the onion underneath. It was so flavorful that I did not need any ketchup.

This was a really good place. I would definitely go back. They also sponsor the Doyle's Emerald Necklace Road Race which is a part of the New England Runner Pub Series. This year it's on April 5th according to their flyer which Joseph picked up at the restaurant. We have been meaning to do the Pub Series for years. Maybe this is the year.



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Why, oh why, do I read your blog first thing on a Tuesday morning? Somehow my yogurt and granola (which I love) doesn't seem as fulfilling when I read about onion rings and beer and fish (and I don't even like fish). You ALWAYS make me hungry with the restaurant posts!

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