Monday, January 26, 2009

Kitty Kat Knews...

So, Boris the Kat has acquainted himself with every room except for the third floor. There is a reason for that. The third floor is Henry Cat's domain. But more on that later.

Saturday morning, after my 6.1 mile run in the cold, we went to the Worcester Animal Rescue League to pick up Boris.

OMG. Is he CUTE or what? He looks like Henry Cat did when I first got her. Thin, Black and White, maniacally active.

When we first brought him home, Dingle Doggie was BESIDE HERSELF! When I say, "beside herself," I am talking shivering, shaking, whining, barking, back end half wagging the whole time. She was LIMPING. I swear I thought she had had a stroke. Turns out she was so excited she could not see straight. She couldn't even stand up! Now I know what the term "stroking out" means! Seriously!

So, we set up a second floor guest room with a makshift litter box, some water, and baby cat food. When we are not there to supervise, Boris the Kat stays there with the door shut. We tried the baby gate - first one, he went right through like it wasn't there. The second one was MESH. He jumped and stood on the top railing just to mock us. Yes. That is what he did. So, now we shut the door. The whole door. He hasn't figured out how to turn the door knob or slide under the 1-inch space at the bottom of the door. Not yet.

Henry Cat will have nothing to do with Boris Baby Kat. Nope. She has stayed on the third floor and refuses to come down. She is not even curious. I know she has HEARD Boris Baby Kat. How could you not? HE IS LOUD!!! GAH! Joseph brought her down a couple of times. She was all hissing and growling. It wasn't a territorial thing. It is the noise she makes when she is at the vet. It's more fear. I am not sure what's going on. She can't live on the third floor for the rest of her life. I mean, she HAS to come down at some point. Right now, we are managing to switch them off - Boris in the room, Henry in the house, Boris in the house, Henry on the third floor (this last one is NOT that hard - no barricade is needed).

And the Dingle Doggie is getting more exercise than she had gotten in a long time. She is SO HAPPY to be playing with a Baby Kitty. They are totally used to each other now. But Boris Baby continues to hiss when Cass gets a little rough. The dog is like Odie. Tongue hanging out, smiling, wagging her tale, as happy as can be, even when Boris Baby takes a swipe at her nose. Such a Dingle Dog! Now we are thinking maybe she needs a Baby Dingle. Seeing her with Boris Baby, it is obvious to us that it's the best thing we could have done for her.

And now that Boris Baby is in the house, I am realizing just hold OLD Henry Cat is. At 16 years old, she is a symbol of health. Still very mischevous and somewhat active (when she isn't sleeping all day, ahem) but compared to Boris Baby, she is slow, older, and fat. Amazing.

Boris Baby is a riot. Other than trying to climb under the stove (uh... HELLOOOOO), he runs around and chases nothing. I have no idea. Then he whines and you pick him up. He is soooo happy. 5 minutes later, he wants to be let down. Just repeat until he is put into his room for the night. It's like having a CHILD. Sort of.

We bought him some Baby Cat toys yesterday so now instead of chasing nothing, he chases the balls around. We know where he is because we HEAR the bell inside the ball. ALL OVER THE HOUSE!!! He carries the ball in his mouth like a dog carries a ball.

And he loves the shower. And sinks. And tubs. Almost fell into the toilet this morning. GAH!

And so, I am at work. Not a single meeting today. I just needed the rest!



Blogger Chris Hughes said...

Henry Cat will eventually come to grips with Boris Cat. It will take a couple of weeks. We went through this with our cats, Tag and Stumpy. Now I am not saying that Henry Cat will ever accept Boris cat. He will just ignore Boris (worst case) - meaning no hissing and freaking out. Potentially just the small hiss and the occasional pounce or paw swat upside the head.

7:16 PM  

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