Thursday, January 29, 2009

Never mind... I found my post on Boris Baby

I do not understand how one little kitty cat can have so much energy. It's been almost a week. 5 days, actually, and Boris Baby is one big ball of energy. I have started to call him Taz for Tazmanian Devil, that whirling dervish of mayhem.

He basically chases the ball and then sleeps.
He cries to be pick up, and then he pushes off to be let down.
He climbs your leg to get into your lap. Only to use it as a stepping stone to the other chair to the table.
I am best friends with the squirt bottle. Really.
He is also very fluffy and loving. He closes his eyes and leans back when you scratch his neck or in between his ears.
His entertainment is also in the form of chasing his tail, shadows, phantoms moving under the bed covers, and basically just chasing whatever is in his imagination. And he has a terrific imagination.

I have been working at home for the last three day.
And I am utterly exhausted.
Even the Dingle Doggie is exhausted. She just lays about and uses her eyes to follow BOris Baby, rarely getting up any more.

I can't wait to go to work tomorrow so that I can rest!



Blogger deborah said...

heh, I know that *I* inspired that squirt bottle which is pretty much required equipment around here when dealing with Tig the lick monster who likes to get all in your face.

5:38 PM  

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