Saturday, January 10, 2009

Note to self: Long Runs and Leg Work

Never ever do a long run the day after you do a heavy leg workout, especially less than 24 less after.
And if you do, do not plan on an "easy run."
And if you can't wait another day because a blizzard is due, choose the blizzard.

Today I ran 12 miles.
12.17 to be exact but since my footpod isn't calibrated, it's probably more around 11.5 miles.
Regardless, I am calling it 12.

Nice little headwind running west which made things more difficult.
I really didn't warm up much at all during the entire run. Maybe it was the wind, maybe it was the tempertature being in the mid-20's. What I wore was good - long jobs under thick running tights, a thick zip top underneath a very thick half zip, fleece socks and fleece mittens. The visor was ok but I am thinking that maybe it was too cold for just a visor and I should have worn a fleece hat, too. Before I started, I was afraid I had on too much but about half a mile in, the chill set in and I ran with a light coolness for all 12 miles.

My legs felt tight and my glutes from the lunges and the single leg deadlifts last night were noticeably unhappy. Things were just ok and I kept thinking that right around the corner, in another tenth of a mile, I'll get the happy euphoric feeling that I had last weekend, but it never happened.

I was able to hold my own until about mile 10 when I got noticeably tired. And then at Mile 11, I couldn't wait for the run to end.

Tomorrow I have 6 miles.
I am not sure how I feel about that.
I have about 10 things on my Weekend To Do list and I have done one thing - run.
Depending on how I feel in the morning, I might go really light and do some mild form of recovery instead.

The weight is still up. PFFFT.

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