Sunday, January 04, 2009

Out for the season

I am out and off the treadmill for the season.
I ran on the treadmill yesterday, shooting for 6 miles.
After 4.75 hot miles and a strong desire to poke my eyes out, I gave up.
Not even a movie could keep me entertained or interested.

So I knew that I could never do my scheduled 8 mile run indoors today.
I waited until the afternoon when we were back from Dim Sum at Chau Chow City with Amanda and Jenn, and after I had relaxed and digested enough of the tonnage I ate not to throw up, and after the temperature rose to about 39*. That was about... 3 o'clock. Yup.

That was cutting it close. I figured on about 2 hours for 8 miles. Yes. TWO HOURS. I am slow. And it's the first time I've run this type of distance since October, and my first run outside since about... oh... October... And my first run in the cold since about... oh... hmmm... last winter?... Hmmm... Well. No matter.

Let me just say that this was possibly the best run that I have had in recent memory. Okay. In long memory. Oh... since about... hmm... over a year?...

What I wore was perfect. Silk zip top under a thick half zip with a pair of thick running pants. "Thick" is relative of course, considering the thickest running gear probably is too thin for people who do not run.

Starting out was a little slow since I had a ball of dimsum in my belly - [note to self: you need longer than 2 hours to digest dimsum if you want to go for a run and not feel it.] But I soon warmed up and I felt really strong. My legs were just moving. And my posture was pretty good. At first I had a stitch in my side - probably from all the dimsum I had - but I managed it for the first half of the run - it went away during the second half but the dimsum ball was still there... ahem...

Anyway, I felt so good. I felt as if I could just keep going and going. And at one point I looked down while running up hill and my pace was about 8:30 and then 9:17... I just put my head down, flipped my sunglasses down over my eyes, and got into a trance and I kept speeding up.

I got home in about an hour and 25... not bad for the first run.
I think that the past year of weight training had a lot to do with this. First, my core is very strong. It has to be in order to deadlift 175 lbs. In fact, my core, back and legs have to be really strong. And I could really feel how strong I've become. Joseph says that my strength is really good because of all the lifting U've been doing, so I am already ahead of the game.

Joseph came home shortly after I did.. Turns out he had taken water, gatorade, and a jacket for me because the sun was setting and he was worried. He is so sweet. But he missed me. I told him it was because I was going much faster and he was looking for someone much more plodding. HAH!

So, I am taking my runs out on the road for the season.
And I am continuing my twice weekly sessions with Scary Trainer.
Now I just have to figure out what to wear during the 10* mornings during the week before work.



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