Friday, January 23, 2009

Second TWiST of the new routine

Last night was the second session of the 4 week rotation and the second workout of the week.

We did more emphasis on the upper body and upper hamstrings. The first work out on Monday was more about quads and lower hamstrings. Which mean that Tuesday morning, I had to bike instead of run and even then, biking, on a low gear, was difficult.

The second workout last night was different. Because of the upper hamstring usage I could run this morning. I was very comfortable and I managed 3.3 miles on the treadmill.

On the diet front, I am down only 2/10 of a pound but it's still going in the right direction. Now I am impatient to get may calories down by another 100 - to 1700. But I am at 1800 for four weeks. I have done a good job of keeping total calories below 1800 and my protein intake up to 120g. And the good news is that I am not tired even with the running in addition to the lifting!

Speaking of running, tomorrow I have 6 miles. I really want to go outside to run but we have to get a Boris Kitty from the Animal Shelter in Worcester which is about an hour away. So I guess I will be getting up early to do this.

The only thing else going on is my hip flexors are pulling on my ab muscles. My foot is better since I could run on it this morning but there is a low-grade pulling kind of pain down the right side below by belly button and down about 3 inches. And my upper thighs have a constant ache. I think I need to roll and stick tonight.

Sunday I have 15-16 miles on the schedule. It will take me a while and I have to go out early so I can finish in time to leave for Chinese class. It's going to be a cold on. Yikes!

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