Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Speaking of History...

History was made today. And we are recording the entire coverage. Why? Because I had to sit in meetings from 9am until 5pm today. The whole day.

Of course my 2-3pm person is AWOL - on some super duper project. I left a message. And my 3-4 got requested to be changed since she is busy dealing with some fallout-to-be based on some of my decisions affecting the group.

But having said that, we will watch the coverage on fast forward tonight.
And then from here on it, History will be made from this time going forward for at least the next 4 years.

I hope Congress doesn't get in the way with their petty politics and annoying distractions and self-aggrandizement.

And yesterday, President Obama did some community service. I hope that everyone gets the fact that the success of the country lies on ALL of us. And so do the failures. And that we must rely on one another to make good things happen and prevent the bad. I hope they do not think he will cure cancer. We just need a leader so that the rest of us can. Or at least can try. He will not bring miracles. But hopefully he will be able to pave the way and lay the foundations so that WE can.

I hope people get that.



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