Sunday, February 08, 2009

Dinner at the Jackalope Trail

It's sort of like a level above Outback. A steak and rib place called the Jackalope on the Jackalope Trail. It opened about a month ago to supposedly great fanfare. And if it's so big, why doesn't it have it's own website? Hmmmm???? Anyway, it feels very Southwestern and a bit contrived - like is it in Texas? Australia? Of course the red checked napkins were a bit confusing. And this was in the "special" back room...

We started off with a single malt. I got the Glenmorangie and Joseph got the Macallan 18. They didn't have much in the way of a scotch selection.

We got a bottle of the Plumpjack Syrah and the very nice waitress who adopted us because our original waiter was in the weeds, brought us two difference glasses to try to see which was the best. And why wouldn't they order the right glasses instead of the ones from IKEA?

We decided against appetizers as we had stuffed ourselves at lunch. But there was nothing that jumped out at us. It may have been different had we been hungry though.

I ended up with the baby back ribs which came with cole slaw and a choice of either black beans or sweet potato puree. I also got a side of cheese jalapeno grits.

Joseph gat the petit filet which came with the grits, the grilled onions, spinach.

I'll just say that the best thing on the menu was the cole slaw. It had apricots, dried cranberries, golden raisins, a dash of carrots, cilantro and a pesto mayo. I'm going to have to experiment making this one. The next best thing was the cheddar jalapeno grits. The ribs were much meatier than any baby back ribs I've ever had - a bit odd but quite good. The bbq sauce was disappointing. Turns out their HOT was NOT. And it could have been that the kid in the back may have filled it with the wrong sauce. What is THAT all about? What happened to Quality Control!?!?

Joseph's steak was also very nice. The sweet potato puree that came with the ribs was a bit odd and I found myself wishing I'd gotten a double order of cole slaw. Oh well, live and learn for the next time.

We'll come here again now that we know what to expect, which isn't a whole lot but it's solid decent fare that will fill you up. And since they've been open only a month, we'll come just to see how they've evolved. I'm not sure that it's at the top of my list as a "regular" place, though.



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