Thursday, February 05, 2009

Eating fit during vacation

I would have to say that the two biggest sabotages to eating well and eating fit (1) are your friends that surround you daily and (2) going on vacation.

I don't worry about my friends because most of them are out of state.
And those that live around me are lead equally busy and full lives so I don't see them that much. And when I do, they are also very fit and totally "get" that I only eat out and have cheat days on Saturdays. There are exceptions but since they are always "in training," they understand when I say that I am "in training" and food never really becomes an issue or a point of peer pressure. None of them care if I don't have that drink or leave that last bite. In fact, most of them are the opposite and they seem to eye the healthiness of what you eat as opposed to pressuring you to eat unhealthy. They total "get it."

However, vacations are a totally different thing.
They wreak havoc on your eating plan. You are not only out of your routine, but finding the foods you eat daily, especially at a hotel, is difficult at best.

So, I am doing my best and not eating myself into oblivion while I am here. I now have a tendency to decompose all my food. This morning I had Huevos Rancheros with my usual egg and 2 egg whites instead of 2 whole eggs. That saved about 60 cals. But then it had 2 corn tortillas, cheese, pico, guacamole, potato, refried beans. I'm going to log all that into Fitday. I ran 3 miles longer than usual as a result. It's not enough of a caloric burn but it's something more that's good for me.

We went to the spa bistro for lunch before our respective spa activities. The menu was very limited so I was pretty happy. Even then, I ended up with fish tacos and instead of broiled or grilled fish, it had a battered and fried fish. And it came with TWO tacos. Why two? Why not just one? I couldn't eat both so I gave one to Joseph.

I figure I'll be running at least 6 miles a day, maybe go for a couple of swims. And they have somewhat of an ok gym so I even contemplated some sort of lifting but that probably won't happen.

I am also trying to adopt a more "eat til you're not hungry, not until you're full" attitude. It's sort of hard but so far I've done ok compared to all the other vacations I've had.

I am in training
I am in training
I am in training...

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Blogger deborah said...

I agree with you on the friends thing. I am so glad that all of my friends are active people, I can't say that I really have any real enablers in my life. No excuses there! It's all on me.

7:04 PM  
Blogger J said...

Yah. It's the one thing that will make be unfriend someone THAT fast. Peer pressure on food??? Right. It is too fraught with issues. It's like trying to get your friends to enable you in your psychological issues. Or whatever.

11:45 PM  

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